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Utah County Foreclosure Auction Questions
Hey BP Provo forum. I live in Saratoga Springs and I recently finished reading "Bidding To Buy". Would any of you be interested in getting together to discuss the book and/or the auction process here in Utah... View more
I'm looking to help rental property investors analyze your market
Hi all, I'm trying to get smarter on the Provo, UT rental market as I'm a new out-of-state investor. As part of this process, I'm planning on doing some research into potential properties and look into the high-level... View more
Looking for remote/local work in Utah.
Hello, I'm a student attending Brigham Young University majoring in Finance. I've recently fell in love with real estate and want to get more involved. I'm currently searching for any employment where I can apply this... View more
How strict is Provo City on definition of "accessory apartment?"
Greetings fellow BP friends. I have a few quick questions for any of you familiar with renting/landlording in Provo City, specifically relating to their rules on "accessory apartments." I went under contract this... View more
Provo - Orem Metro Area, Utah Multi-family Investing
I've recently moved to the Provo Area in Utah and am looking to connect with Investors, Brokers and Lenders. My goal is to acquire an 18+ unit complex within the next 12 months. I'm also willing to work with out of... View more
Lets start a Provo group!
Ive seen a couple of meetups in provo but nothing current.. Is anyone interested in starting a provo meet up?? Im BRAND NEW to real estate and im trying to add/receive as much value as I can as a REI.. I know there are... View more
Investing in BYU single and married student housing
I am very new to real estate investing and am looking to purchase my first property in a few months. I have three children currently attending or will be attending BYU and I like the idea of investing directly into... View more
Creative Financing in Utah County
Hi BP community!My husband and I are trying to pull together our first buy and hold rental property in Utah County. We are having a really hard time getting a conventional mortgage though because we are self employed... View more
New Provo City Zoning Ordinance
I have a five-bed, two bath unit in Provo that's currently rented to five singles. I just became aware of the new rental disclosure requirement which requires landlords to have all tenants sign a statement that only 3... View more
Investor meet and greet
@Brandon Rindlisbacher and I would like to start doing a local monthly meet and greet for investors of every level.Where: Marriott Hotel (101w 100n Provo, UT)  inside the lobbyWhen: 11/22/2016 5:30PM - 7:30PMWe will... View more
Looking for a handyman in a hurry for chimney, windows repair
My wife and I partnered with my brother and his wife on our first flip. We are under contract to sell, got back the FHA loan appraisal requirements and we are looking for a handyman in a hurry. We have a second home... View more
Good Buy? Getting Cold Feet!
Hi All,I am new to RE investing. We recently moved out of our first home in Lehi and bought two new properties in American Fork. One home is our primary residence (that we already live in) and the other is our first... View more
Pros and Cons of Investor Groups
Hi guys! I’m pretty new to the BP community and to real estate investing. So I’m excited to get to know some of you! I have a friend who is gathering a small team of people interested in buy and hold investing. On... View more
Recommended Local Credit Union
We live and work in Utah County and own a home and investment property in Utah County so looking for a local credit union or bank that would be good to partner with for future investment opportunities. We are currently... View more
Does anyone know of a good Real Estate agent in the area.
Hello and thank for taking the time to read my post. I am new to real estate. I rented out a house I used to live in and loved being a landlord. We sold the house though and want to get back into it. I am located in... View more
In need of Real Estate Agents in Utah County
Hey all,I am looking to purchase a duplex or SFH that I can get creative with (live in the basement, etc.) for househacking in Utah County. Currently looking at the Orem/Vineyard/Lehi/American Fork/Saratoga Springs... View more
Tax Pro in Utah County
Hello,I am looking for a tax pro in the Utah County area that has experience with real estate.  Who have you used and liked?Thanks for the help.
Multi-Family New Builds in Pleasant Grove, American Fork and Lehi
I was driving around Pleasant Grove, Utah and came across multi-family new builds in Pleasant Grove near the Oakwood Homes at South Point development. Is anyone aware of the development?In addition, is anyone aware of... View more
Flying in for a weekend visit; anyone free to meet up for a chat?
I live in Los Angeles but am flying in to Utah for a visit with my sister and brother-in-law, who want to partner with me on REI in the Provo/Orem/Payson area. Any local investors with experience available Saturday... View more
Capital Gains w/ Cosigner
Ok, so we are just about to sell our single family w/ legal accessory that we bought less than a year ago, and I'm researching how capital gains is going to work. I have a cosigner on the loan who is in the highest... View more
Rental Zoning? Suggestions appreciated.
Hey, First forum post so thanks ahead of time for taking time to read it. I'm currently an owner of a home that is located outside of the Provo allotted rental "zoning" space. I'm looking to 'house hack' and live in... View more
BYU Student Market, Singles and Married Students
I am very new to real estate investing and am looking to purchase my first property in a few months. I have three children currently attending or will be attending BYU and I like the idea of investing directly into... View more
Looking for a contractor
We have an older rental home that we would like to update some before selling.  Would someone be able to recommend a contractor to us?  Maybe even someone that could give us some guidance as to what work would be worth... View more
Local place in Downtown to have meetups
We are in the process of renovating the historic (built in 1900) Taylor Brothers furniture building for housing RE/MAX Equity, FIG (Fourplex Investment Group), First Colony Mortgage, and Provo Land & Title along... View more