Foreigners Buying in the USA
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Have you guys submitted an offer on a home before looking at it ?
I'm in the process in buying my first property. Got about 16k saved doing fha. I'm finding a few decent deals that I like but I think looking at every one is time consuming. I just want to know if its a good idea to... View more
Blueprint for New Overseas Investors
Hi All! I wanted to spell out all the steps I went through in order to be functional as a real investor via a US company in America. I thought this list might be helpful for others who aren’t quite sure where to... View more
International Investors raise your hand
Hi All, I would love to hear if there are any international investors that have created an LLC, researched and bought property all remotely? (all from A-Z ) without flying (now with covid this isn't really ideal). But... View more
New foreign investor making a start in the US
Hello Bigger Pockets, I am an expat looking to start investing in the US, I've been listening to bigger pockets for some time now and I feel like i am just about ready to buy my first property. I have my deposit and... View more
Conventional 30y loans to foreigners, do they exist?
Hi, Has anyone of you, foreign investors, managed to refinance and get reasonable interest rates on conventional 30-years loans without credit score?We're not asking for specific lenders referrals, but would like to... View more
Getting a US Credit Score from Overseas - New Tip
Hello lovely people! I want to share a tip for any other foreign investors that I have just found out about.  If you are based in Canada, UK or Australia, it's possible to convert your local credit history into a US... View more
Canadian’s Experience Investing in Maui
Hello Folks,I wonder if there is anyone in the forums that can share their experiences purchasing a condo property in Maui for short term rentals? How did you evaluate the deal?Did you use AirDNA or similar to gauge... View more
How much do you pay in taxes on your rental income?
Hi everybody, I would be very interested to know how much foreign investors pay in taxes on their rental income, using an LLC. I understand that this way you can elect to connect the income to the US company you have... View more
Looking For F1/H1B Visa REI Advice
Hi all. I've become fascinated with real estate the last couple of months or so and have been devouring BP content. Really excited and want to get my feet wet with assembling a team and closing my first deal. I'm... View more
taxation on passive rental income?
Hi all, I am a Canadian living in US on a TN visa. I own the home I live in and am thinking about buying another 1-2 homes for passive income, utilizing a management agency. I am trying to research the tax implications... View more
H1B Visa Holder Doing Real Estate Investment
I'm currently a H1B visa (Temporary Worker) holder working full time in the states, trying to start my real estate investment. My current employer is sponsoring my green card application, but the whole process will... View more
Out of Country Investing?
Out of state investing seem to be very hard, out of country is it a mission impossible?Send your tips!- Would you invest?If yes, where and in what kind of property would you invest?- Turnkey or not?- Rehab or “ready”?... View more
HELOC needed (and really wanted!)
HI BP! Since I don't have a credit score yet it's really difficult for me to get any loan that is not from HML. Does anyone has an experiance with getting an HELOC without any credit on their exiting properties (bought... View more
HELOC is needed - I need help...
HI BP! I'm an OOC REI and since I don't have a credit score yet it's really difficult for me to get any loan that is not from HML. Does anyone has an experiance with getting an HELOC without any credit on their exiting... View more
Investing in the USA (I'm from Israel)
What do you thing about investing in USA while I'm from another country? Do I have extra tax or banks having a hard time? And can I use my banks in my country and use the money in USA? I guess it's newbie question but... View more
property in detroit
hi, I posted before as I bought a property through a company and paid too much for it, then paid for rehab as company had gone bust.  Now I have rented out once which was not successful and have paid a lot in taxes and... View more
Asset protection: LLC or Business Trust?
I have recently seen a post about forming a business trust to protect your assets, I thought that everybody was going for an LLC. I am still not sure what the differences are, and, most importantly, if I should set up... View more
Advice for starter (passive income)
Hey everyone! I’m 18 years old and looking forward to make my first move in real estate. I’ve been reading and gathering information since December 2019 (when I found about Bigger Pockets) and the potential in real... View more
Foreign National Mortgages - Ohio
Hello! I am a real estate investor from Denmark who is looking to build a cash flowing portfolio of real estate in Cleveland. Last year I bought the first turnkey property through my Ohio based LLC.I am looking for... View more
A good place to buy property to flip
Hi guys! Nice to meet you! My name ia Shai and I'm a foreign investor in Pittsburgh PA. We bought our first rental in June 2020 and it's going really well for now and we are in the process of purchasing our next... View more