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This forum is for real estate investors and professionals who are interested in networking and talking about the Vancouver, Washington real estate market.

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Any Investors Out There .....
Sunny Chopra Last post by Sunny Chopra, 7 days ago
Sunny Chopra Sunny Chopra 3 7 days Jump to last post
Lease Property (Prune Hill)
Christopher Jenkins Last post by Christopher Jenkins, 8 days ago
Christopher Jenkins Christopher Jenkins 0 8 days Jump to last post
Not to be confused with Vancouver BC...
Zack Banks Last post by Zack Banks, 3 months ago
Zack Banks Zack Banks 22 3 months Jump to last post
Granite Contractors or Suppliers
Jim Costa Last post by Jim Costa, 4 months ago
Jim Costa Jim Costa 1 4 months Jump to last post
Canadian buying multi family properties in the usa, good or bad?
Tommy Kuan Last post by Tommy Kuan, 9 months ago
Tommy Kuan Tommy Kuan 3 9 months Jump to last post
Rose Village is HOT right now, what's the next neighborhood
Steve Milford Last post by Steve Milford, 9 months ago
Steve Milford Steve Milford 2 9 months Jump to last post
Is anyone apart of CCRA?
Drew Mim Mack Last post by Drew Mim Mack, 10 months ago
Drew Mim Mack Drew Mim Mack 4 10 months Jump to last post
best entity to hold real estate in Canada
Chad Urbshott Last post by Chad Urbshott, about 1 year ago
Chad Urbshott Chad Urbshott 3 about 1 year Jump to last post