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Quebec Rent Raise in Multiplex
Hi GuysSeems like the Quebec posts have dried up.  With COVID-19 overwhelming us I guess there is not much in terms of meet ups going.  I would be happy to host a virtual meet up for Greater Montreal Area folks -... View more
Seller Financing in Quebec
Hi BP!  Looking for fellow Real Estate Investors that have been able to go through the acquisition of a property with seller financing in Qc.   I've read up on VTB, vendor take back mortgage, but am unsure if there is... View more
Property Management in the Montrea area
Hello BP! Looking to contract out this part of my business and am looking for any suggestions for a property management company in the greater Montreal area.  Buildings in questions are all less than 4 units... View more
Quebec forum activity
Hi guys,It looks like quebec forum is very inactive. Is anyone out there doing deals in quebec these days? how is the cashflow working for you? I want start doing "buy and hold" in the greater montreal area. What are... View more
Looking for a fiscalist / tax expert in Montreal
Hello BP Community!  I'm looking for any input/recommendations from the community for a fiscalist in the Montreal Area.  I need help with putting in place a structure to help me deal with income taxes and maximize my... View more
Property Management companies in the Montreal area
Good morning BP forum! As the title says, I am looking for information on property management companies in the Great Montreal Area.  I am looking to hire that out in the coming months and would appreciate any insights... View more
Finding off-market properties (Montreal/Laval)
Hello everyone,I am situated in Montreal and looking to buy my first property.Having read several posts by other BP members in Quebec it would seem that most properties on the MLS are ill-suited for returning a... View more
Is wholesaling legal in Quebec?
I want to get into RE wholesaling in Quebec. Is it legal in this province? What contracts would I need? Are there more popular strategies that work in Quebec that you like? Thanks!
Leveraging direct-mail marketing as a first time investor
Hello everyone, I have a double question for the other investors/wholesalers in Quebec. (especially Montreal/Laval) Here is a bit of background, my partner and I have been looking for our first property (single-family)... View more
Razvan G - New investor in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Hello BP Forums, I am very excited to be a member of this wonderful and helpful community. I am a new investor who is looking to make his first real estate deal. I am interested in House Hacking, BRRRR Strategy and... View more
Montreal Real Estate Jobs (Should I become an agent?)
Hello everyone!I am making a move to Montreal from Florida. I am a recent undergraduate from the University of South Florida, graduating from the Honors College with two bachelors. I have experience mostly in web... View more
Quebec Down payment Laws
Hey everyoneI am in the process of purchasing a 4 plex in the Montreal area and would like some information. We are looking to put down 10% as a down payment and have my partner occupy one of the units. In order to... View more
Meet ups in the Greater Montreal area
Hey everyone! I'm a new investor from Montreal. I just discovered bigger pockets and it's awesome. Do you know about any meetups in the area? I look forward to meet you all, cheers
Vous êtes investisseur immobilier SANS argent?
Nous recherchons activement des investisseurs québécois pour du Buy&Flip et du BRRRR.-Nous trouvons les propriétés-Nous fournissons la mise de fonds-Nous payons les coûts reliés à la rénovation-Nous payons les... View more
Experience with Immobilier sans tracas?
Hi,I talked to a guy from "Immobilier sans tracas" (this is in Montreal). They are looking for passive financial partners, and are promising a really high return on investment. When explained it all makes sense, but... View more
US Citizens Investing in Residential Rentals?
Hi all!My husband and I are starting out on our long-term plan to relocate to Montreal in a few years. Since the dollar is so strong now, we figure it's a good time to perhaps invest in a property and generate some... View more
BiggerPockets Analysis Tools apply for Canadian market?
Good evening,I'm a new member: just signed up today.  What a wealth of information!! I've been looking for this for a long time.  I currently reside in Montreal, Quebec. BiggerPockets Analysis Tools also apply to the... View more
CIIQ event in Montreal tomorrow (March 7)
Hi everyone,I was wondering if anyone is planning on going to tomorrow's event by the Club d'investisseurs Immobiliers in Montreal (at Hotel Evo). I'll be going, and will grab a bite nearby around 5:00pm if anyone is... View more
Top 5 Book Keeping Software vs. Top 5 Property Management Softwar
Hi everyone, I am seeking your opinion about the most efficient software brands that can be used for book keeping and other software brands that are know for property management. This would be  for 3 or 4 units to... View more
How to Obtain Credit Card for Small Business
Good day, I recently opened a business bank account and mention to the banker that I would like to obtain a business credit card in order to avoid using my personal credit card for online business expenses. The agent... View more
Investing in an inherited property
Bonjour compatriotes d'investisment Immobilier! A potential(ly great) opportunity just presented itself to me through a friend. Her neighbour unfortunately passed away from a long battle with cancer today. Death is... View more
Looking for a real estate agent specializing in Buy and Hold- MTL
Hello BP, I'm currently looking for a real estate agent to do business with in the Greater Montreal area, I'm looking for a buy and hold investment property so would preferably like to work with someone who specializes... View more
The 2% and 50% Rules
It seems impossible to me to find deals that will follow the 2% or 50% rules in the Montreal region.  Is it just me or the numbers should be different in our market ?  What are the rules that work for you?