Huge RE Networking Summit! SF Bay 8/27 & 8/28/16 - 20 BP Greats!

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  • 08/27/16 08:00AM
  • Oakland Scottish Rite. 1547 Lakeside Dr, Oakland, CA
  • $295

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Don’t miss this opportunity to network with these BP greats, LOTS of time for Questions & Answers, and networking with hundreds of other investors!! It’s the only time you’re going to see all these people in one place in your LIFETIME!!! Aug 27 & 28, 2016 in the SF Bay Area! Mark your calendar and get your ticket!!

Here are the CONFIRMED SPEAKERS from all over the country and a taste of their expertise:

Nav Athwal, CEO RealtyShares, Crowdfunding. San Francisco, CA

@Brian Burke , Syndications, Multifamily, Flipping. Santa Rosa, CA

@Jon Klaus , Developer, Flipping. Garland, TX

@Joel Owens , Commercial RE Investor. Retail, Net Leases.

@Jay Hinrichs , Developer, Private Lending, Everything! Lake Oswego, OR

@Michael Quarles , Marketing & Negotiation. Bakersfield, CA

@Dawn Anastasi , Peer-to-Peer Lending, Out of State Investing, Property Management. Milwaukee, WI

@Bryan Hancock , Crowdfunder, Developer. Round Rock, TX

@Ben Leybovich , Syndications, Multifamily. Lima, OH

@Chris Clothier , Turnkey, Out of State Investing, Property Management. Memphis, TN

@Brie Schmidt , Turnkey, Out of State Investing, Property Management. Chicago, IL

@Jeff Greenberg , Self-Storage, Mobile Home Parks. CA

@Serge S. , Multifamily, Notes, Everything! Gilbert, AZ

@Dave Van Horn , Note Investor/Buyer/Seller. Newton Square, PA

@Lynn Currie , Developer, Construction. Austin, TX

@Bill Exeter , 1031 Exchange Expert. San Diego, CA

@Rick H. , Probate and Title Expert. Carbon Canyon, CA

@Jerry Puckett , Marketing & Negotiation. Fort Worth, TX

@Engelo Rumora , "The Real Estate Dingo." Turnkey, Out of State Investing, Property Mgmt. Toledo, OH / Australia

@David Krulac , HUD, Commercial Real Estate, Tax Sales, Everything! Mechanicburg, PA

@Al Williamson , Furnished & Corporate Rentals. Sacramento, CA

@Elizabeth Colegrove , Remote Property Management & Furnished Rentals.  Seattle,  WA

Last Summit I organized in the SF Bay Area

Topics will cover everything from syndication structuring, crowdfunding, out of state investing, furnished and corporate rentals, note investing, marketing and negotiation, construction and development, 1031 exchanges and tax savings, remote management of property, multifamily investing, fix and flip, and more!! Most importantly, there will be plenty of time for Questions and Answers to pick the brains of the speakers. And lots of time to network with speakers and other investors! Disclosure: This is NOT a Bigger Pockets event. It is organized by me, J Martin, and has no affiliation with Bigger Pockets.

The event will be roughly 8AM – 5PM on Saturday and Sunday, 8/27 & 8/28/16.
I’m also tentatively planning a Friday night happy hour and Saturday Night Speaker Reception/Dinner. The happy hour will probably be open, and the dinner will cost something extra besides the regular ticket price. Tickets will be $295/person for the 2-day event, but pre-sale tickets will be only $245.

2016 Venue: Oakland Scottish Rite, on beautiful Lake Merritt.

Are you coming out?
Who else would you like to see speaking at the event?
What topics are you most interested in?
Do you know someone else who might want to come? (Tag them!!)

I also want to give a big shoutout to @Daniel Hernandez, Al Williamson, and Elizabeth Colgrove for all their upcoming help organizing!! ;)

Wow that venue looks awesome... can't wait

Thanks for the invite mate,

I'm super PUMPED and ready to blow the roof of the building :)

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the event.


Wow, @J. Martin , just when I thought you couldn't top the awesome event from looks like you are doing it!  Looking forward to the event and meeting everyone.

Originally posted by @Jay Hinrichs :

Wow that venue looks awesome... can't wait

5+ years ago mate I was a little grasshopper reading every word you typed on the Aussie forum like the bible and now you get to watch me on stage hehe

My fedora is off to you mate and thanks for the years of guidance.

I'm looking forward to seeing all the speakers, AND, I am one!

I can't be sure, but I think there is a very real risk this could turn into a public nuisance...And it will all be Burke's fault if it does! 

That is a pretty impressive group of people you have involved.

I'm excited to be invited out again!  Can't wait!

Sounds great! 

@Lena Sieu   You and Mike should come!

Thanks for inviting me @J. Martin

Our crowdfunding venture has come a long way in the last 2 years and I have some cool material that I can share along with war stories both in crowdfunding and in our development projects.  

J Scott and Will Barnard would be great people to have out as well.  Maybe we can provide the needed peer pressure ;-)

@J. Martin   Nav Athwal lives right there he would be a good one for talking about crowdfunding since his platform looks like one that will make it over the long run.  just a thought.

Wow, This is a great event, I hope I can arrange things to get there!

It's going to be an awesome time!!! So lucky to have all these speakers in one place at one time!!!

@Brie Schmidt , @Jay Hinrichs ,  @Bryan Hancock ,  @Engelo Rumora , @Ben Leybovich ,  @David Krulac , @Elizabeth Colegrove , thanks so much for coming out to share! Can you all tag a few of your friends or other folks in your area that you think may want to come out as an attendee or to speak..? 

Engelo Rumora, that's awesome you've been following Jay so long and now the two of you will be on stage at the Summit ;)

Bryan Hancock,
"@J Scott and @Will Barnard would be great people to have out as well. Maybe we can provide the needed peer pressure ;-) "

> I wish @J Scott and @Will Barnard could join us also, but they have some plans they are wrapped up with for that weekend. If anything changes, happy to write them in at the last minute.. Same with @Karen Margrave if anything changes.. 

Brian Burke, 
"Wow, @J. Martin , just when I thought you couldn't top the awesome event from looks like you are doing it! Looking forward to the event and meeting everyone."

> Thanks Brian!! Definitely going to top it this time!

Jay Hinrichs,
"Wow that venue looks awesome... can't wait"

>  It's going to kick a$$ Jay!!! I have some side rooms we can present in also, an big foyer, and an enormous balcony that fits about 75 people looking out over beautiful Lake Merritt. The hotels are closeby, and will be easier to get to than the last time.

And check out the view from the balcony just outside the theater ;)

@J. Martin its like old home week as you know my first HML company was on 12th and Franklin just up the street from this.. but things have changed since the late 80s :)

what ever happened to checking out and traveling the world??

Originally posted by @Amit M. :

what ever happened to checking out and traveling the world??

I had to get a kiss from Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf before I left!!! :-*

The US is part of the world!! lol I LOVE Highway 1!!! :)

I hung around a little longer than I thought to throw a surprise party for an awesome person I enjoy spending time with...

helped organize a volunteering event (where I got my kiss ;)

My nephew's 1st bday in Phoenix..!

and am now officially on the road! Driving further down Hwy 1 tomorrow, (not quite @Ben Leybovich 's Tesla. But I wanted a convertible ;)

then traveling East. Will hit SE Asia in the winter when the weather is nicer ;)

(Oh yeah, and launched 4 more furnished rental units, expanded into Silicon Valley, got 20 phenomenal speakers for the Summit, secured venue, rented out almost all my furnished apartments for the summer, spoke at my first storytelling event, and had some time to hang out and have a blast with friends! ;)

(so is traveling!!!)

I had to check the dates of the event. Luckily it wasn't in July as I have 4 family members with birthdays that month................. : )

I confirmed with J Martin I will be there to do speaking on commercial real estate with a specific emphasis on NNN - STNL ( single tenant buildings) retail investing and MTNL (strip centers) retail investing along with development for that sector.

See everyone there. 

Hi all. I'm really looking forward to meeting and sharing with you fellow BPer's! 

It'll be nice to finally put a face with some of you who haven't uploaded a picture or have something other than your face shot.

I've been thinking about a few topics that no one ever talks about publicly. I won't divulge yet, so you'll just have to sign up to find out!

I went to Bill Tan's Los Angeles and Asian REIA last night in Arcadia. Heard my friend Lin He speak. Great group.

For those who know and love "Fixer" Jay DeCima, he's doing a (3) Day event in Santa Ana beginning Friday May 13th. I will be there and unless you are betting that Jsy keeps speaking until his 100th birthday, (doubtful) I'd go. I'll be in the back row with Mike Cantu and the rest of the crew.

I think the biggest challenge is fitting a program into the allotted time as we can all talk for days on real estate.

I was thinking format is a brief biography and then state no questions will be answered during the presentation so that afterwords can have a Q & A.

I used to think asking questions during the presentation was best but found out that questions that many had would be answered at some time during the presentation and those that weren't would be addressed in the Q & A afterwords. If you didn't do it that way you wouldn't finish the presentation on time and also someone would go off topic or go into a really in depth question that would have to be answered in the Q & A or the meet and greet.

I will be practicing the presentation ahead of time to get it down in the time given. 

@J. Martin - Thanks for taking this on again!  This is a huge production to coordinate and plan so much appreciated.  I'm sure you have the program down just like you did last time and will put on a helluva program for everyone attending.

Looking forward to seeing you ~ seeing all of the speakers from 2 years ago who I loved meeting and sharing with ~ and meeting the new speakers and all of the attendees.


Some attendees from last time included @Johnson H , @Minh Le , @David C. , @Arlen Chou , @Kathryn M. and @Kathleen L. (who were SO helpful!!!! :) , @Troy Fisher sher, @Assaf Furman , @Alan Malicse , @Ganesh S. , @Ralph E, @Bill Bockwoldt , @Chris Music , @Baltazar Camacho , @Tiffany Plovie , @Yuliany W. , , @Omi C. , @Thad Miller , @Sergey Tkachev , @Anja Wehrmann , @Eleanor V. , @Sean Cronan , @Erin A. , @Jeff Pollack , @Shiloe B. , @Danny Shepstone, @Jonna Weber ..

Can you share your experience? (and tag a friend or 3?) And can you make it back this time?!?

So whether you’re in the Bay Area: San Francisco , Oakland , Berkeley , Alameda County , Contra Costa County , Solano County , Richmond, Marin, Santa Rosa, Walnut Creek , Fremont , Palo Alto, Mountain View, San Jose, Sunnyvale, Redwood City, Hayward, Milpitas, Santa Cruz, Gilroy, Morgan Hill, Salinas

Los Angeles, Hollywood, Long Beach, Santa Barbara, Lompoc, Woodland Hills, Santa Monica, Oxnard, Calabasas, Culver City, Inglewood, Marina Del Ray, Redondo Beach, San Diego

..or up in Northern California..

Sacramento, Yuba City, Woodland, Davis, Elk Grove, Rancho Cordova, Arden, Clarksburg, Davis, Rocklin, Roseville, Folsom, Fair Oaks, Gold River, Rosemont, Vineyard, Vacaville, El Dorado Hills, Auburn, Tahoe, Chico

Modesto, Stockton, Fresno, Bakersfield, Visalia, Lancaster,

We also had some folks from New York City, Austin, Dallas, Seattle, Chicago, and many more!!

@J. Martin the operative words were "checking out"...not shameless self promotion ;-) Heh heh!

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