BiggerPockets Summer Reading List
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Best book to get my significant other started
What book inspired your other significant other to follow in your path to financial freedom? I have convinced my long term girlfriend to do a book swap with me and need to capitalize on this opportunity! She... View more
Have you read “The Color of Law”
This book argues that neighborhoods became racially segregated as a direct result of government policy (de jure, not de facto). It is written by Richard Rothstein. Real estate agents, lenders, appraisers, licensing... View more
Which book to read first?
I have a long list of books I am very interested in reading and For some of you who have read them can you help point me into a more focused direction and suggest which to read first or in what order. Some that I have... View more
Book Suggestions for Real Estate Investing Beginners?
Hi,I’m completely new to Real Estate Investing. I’ve been researching & (attempting) to learn about Real Estate investing in my off time over the last 2-3 months. I’m 23 years old and hoping to get some great book... View more
Set For Life - Scaleable Careers?
I recently finished (and loved) @Scott Trench 's Set For Life. One point that I wished to understood more about, and that was beyond the scope of the book, was switching to a scalable career. Scott defines a scalable... View more
Any good Magazine Subscriptions?
Any good Real Estate Investing or related magazine subscriptions out there that you have enjoyed? Anywhere from “general investing” to “how to better your business/workflow”...Thanks in advance!
What books do you recommend outside real estate investing?
I love reading. I try and balance my reading among different topics so I don't get bored. I typically read business related books, personal growth books, and fictional stories. But what books do you recommend that... View more
Best way(s) to listen to REI audio books
Hey all! I'm brand new here and looking to learn as much as possible. Speaking of learning, I'm not yet involved in my first deal but I am learning from a mentor (much more heavily come November) and reading as much as... View more
Equity Happens book - looking to borrow and return
I've just learned about this book from a pair of seasoned investors and became very interested to read it. However, since it's out of print, it's only offered for sale for hundreds of dollars. I'm just reaching out to... View more
I am 16 and am building my new reading list
Hello! I am 16 and building my wealth early. I have finished my old reading list in the last month and am looking for new books. I have started my new list this week and so far I’ve read;- bigger pockets book on... View more
REI Interest Post Grad in St. Louis County
Hello! I am a college student about to graduate in May, with a degree in Civil Engineering. While I love engineering, I have picked up a recent interest in Real Estate Investing. I am stationed in St. Louis and I would... View more
Review of "How to invest in real estate"
One of my goals that I set forth Monday the 12th was to read "How to invest in real estate and post a short summary. First, let me say that this book is by no means an all-encompassing, in-depth guide to every facet of... View more
Upping my reading game
I’m really trying to up my reading game. I’d like to read at least 1 to 2 books A month. However when I am reading self-help books or business books there seems to be a lot of fluff in them.Has anyone tried the Cliff... View more
Best books for realtors
My goal is to read 1 book every quarter. What are some great books to read to help my investor clients and to assist me in gaining knowledge and grow as a realtor?   In addition, I would prefer a digital copy instead... View more
Set for life link from chapter 4
@Scott Trench trying to find the link to the excel file discussed in chapter 4 with Joe as an example!  when I typed in the really long link it failed. I’m reading your book through audible purchase so it’s a little... View more
Who was the Sponsor ??
I recently listened to the podcast with J Scott and there was a sponsor on the show that provided cliff notes for books. I’m always on the road but want to read more and thought this could be a great resource for... View more
Best way to listen to BP audiobooks?
Hey everyone,I am having a hard time finding a good way to listen to the BP audiobooks that come in the Ultimate Packages on my iPhone while commuting in my car. Usually, I listen to my audiobooks through the Audible... View more
Good book recommendations for first time flippers?!
Hi! I’m getting ready to do my first flip. Hoping that this will eventually turn into my main source of income. Any recs on good books to read if I’m totally new to this?!
Looking for a full copy of the Richest Man In Babylon
Can anybody direct me to a location to buy/order the book, Richest Man in Babylon. I ordered from Amazon and basically got a pamphlet. I'd like the full book for my personal library.
Investing Books for Teenagers
Hey everyone, just a bit of background, I'm a full-time high school P.E. teacher/football coach, full-time musician, and working on my REI career so that can take the place of teaching eventually! In any case, I work... View more