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The BiggerPockets Summer Reading List forum is the place to further discuss individual books on the summer reading list, ask questions of the authors, and add tips you've learned through your experiences.
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What books do you recommend outside real estate investing?
Matthew Irish-Jones Last post by Matthew Irish-Jones, 4 days ago
Matthew Irish-Jones Matthew Irish-Jones 40 4 days Jump to last post
Is there a Famous 4 book list?
Chris Grogan Last post by Chris Grogan, 7 days ago
Chris Grogan Chris Grogan 0 7 days Jump to last post
Audible of BP Store - The Book On Rental Property Investing
Brian Tran Last post by Brian Tran, 7 days ago
Brian Tran Brian Tran 0 7 days Jump to last post
Lost article on ‘How much to update your rental home’
Anthony Angotti Last post by Anthony Angotti, 8 days ago
Anthony Angotti Anthony Angotti 1 8 days Jump to last post
Out os state multifamily
Jose Luis De Anda Last post by Jose Luis De Anda, 10 days ago
Jose Luis De Anda Jose Luis De Anda 0 10 days Jump to last post
Books mentioned in "Cash Flow Quadrant"
Ravi Kiran Mandha Last post by Ravi Kiran Mandha, 13 days ago
Ravi Kiran Mandha Ravi Kiran Mandha 4 13 days Jump to last post
Set for Life by Scott Trench
Tim Bulens Last post by Tim Bulens, 14 days ago
Tim Bulens Tim Bulens 9 14 days Jump to last post
More like the ABZ's - Review of the ABCs of Real Estate Investing
Heather Hemmingmoore Last post by Heather Hemmingmoore, 16 days ago
Heather Hemmingmoore Heather Hemmingmoore 0 16 days Jump to last post
E Book For The Book On Managing Rental Properties
Chad Monroe Last post by Chad Monroe, 17 days ago
Chad Monroe Chad Monroe 1 17 days Jump to last post
Famous 4 Data Real Estate Related Book
Aaron Coon Last post by Aaron Coon, about 1 month ago
Aaron Coon Aaron Coon 3 about 1 month Jump to last post

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