Interest Rate Drops
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Could someone please interpret this article into transparent language. It seems like it's been written to hide something - ( Rising Treasury Yields Flash a Warning Sign Mohamed A.... View more
Anyone in the process of refinancing their mortgage?
I know all banks are swamped with new applications because of the lower interest rates, so I wanted to ask people here who are refinancing how long is the current processing time for a mortgage refinance?  And what is... View more
sacrifice cashflow for another rental property?
Since the interest rates dropped I decided to refinance my rental property into a 15 year mortgage which raised my mortgage $200. The mortgage now is $1200 and im receiving $1750 per month in rent. I just received the... View more
It's finally rates now starting with a ONE!
Just saw this ad today (I took out the lender's name) and couldn't believe it.  Anyone else ever think we'd see mortgage rates that started with a ONE?  Hard to believe.
Denied refinancing due to new self employment requirements
If anyone else has experienced this while trying to refinance, please let me know. With perfect credit, 6 figure cash reserves, and a 6 figure self employed income that wasn't affected by Covid, we were just denied... View more
Is now the best time?
Hi I'm looking to buy into some Califonia real estate. I've heard different narratives on this. Is now the actual best time to buy, and how are interest rates looking?
Fed's Interest Rate Cut
Amidst this pandemic, how do you think that the Fed’s interest rate cut affect mortgage rates? How can we benefit of the Fed’s interest rate cut? Are the loan approval requirements going down; will it be easier to... View more
Cash out refi rates today
We're in the last steps of a cash out refi on a rental. Waiting for appraisal to come back. How have rates been effected by the current situation? We are 5.1 on 30 year we locked in December. Should I push for a better... View more