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Interest rates are dropping - are you refinancing? This forum is the place to discuss how to maximize the benefits of a refinance to take advantage of these new, low rates.
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Is now the best time?
Andrew Wright Last post by Andrew Wright, about 1 month ago
Account Closed Account Closed 1 about 1 month Jump to last post
Denied refinancing due to new self employment requirements
Raymond J. Rodrigues Last post by Raymond J. Rodrigues, about 1 month ago
Raymond J. Rodrigues Raymond J. Rodrigues 4 about 1 month Jump to last post
Who's offering the best terms for investment cash out refinances?
Steve LeBlanc Last post by Steve LeBlanc, about 2 months ago
Steve LeBlanc Steve LeBlanc 8 about 2 months Jump to last post
Anyone in the process of refinancing their mortgage?
Rene Doyle Last post by Rene Doyle, 4 months ago
Rene Doyle Rene Doyle 13 4 months Jump to last post
1 & 3 Month US Treasury Yields Just Went Negative
Ralph Justiz Last post by Ralph Justiz, 5 months ago
Ralph Justiz Ralph Justiz 1 5 months Jump to last post
Fed's Interest Rate Cut
Russell Brazil Last post by Russell Brazil, 5 months ago
Russell Brazil Russell Brazil 3 5 months Jump to last post
Cash out refi rates today
Ramon Mota Last post by Ramon Mota, 5 months ago
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