Job Loss/Company Closings
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Tenant lost job due to Corona layoff
First tenant called today with a Corona virus related lay-off. She worked for a service that placed nursing and medical personnel in nursing homes and related businesses. Apparently they all cut off outside vendors... View more
Sue State of Michigan for Suspension of Evictions
Just curious if anyone else out here in Michigan is considering suing the State of Michigan and Governor Whitmer for the suspension of the eviction process? It's an obvious violation of the Takings Clause. Just seeing... View more
seeking opportunity in Real Estate
Hi, I'm a procurement professional with strong business acumen and over 15 years’ experience driving capital and tenant improvement projects seeking to transition into Property Management. Master’s Degree in... View more
In Search of Denver Real Estate Brokerage
My name is Jason, I'm in search of a small to mid-size brokerage in the Denver area. It would have to be an investor agent friendly brokerage. I've been with my current brokerage for just over 12 months and looking to... View more
College Student Looking for Real Estate Internship
Hello! I just finished up my junior year and am looking for a summer internship (can work into the school year as well). I'm 20 years old and am also saving up to eventually invest as well. Willing to work paid or... View more
student rentals amid coronavirus
Student rentals bring along with them different challenges a whole different crisis during this pandemic. Nearly all academic institutions have gone online and therefore students who had signed one year leases have... View more
Virginia CPA Recommendation
Hello BP community! Does anyone have a CPA recommendation for federal and Virginia taxes? We have a small portfolio of six units along with our two W2s. Historically we have completed the taxes ourselves with turbo... View more
Business Broker in SoCal
I live in San Diego and am interested in speaking with some of the business brokers in SoCal. I really think there is going to be a lot of businesses changing hands over the next year or two, and I want to be in that... View more
Pounding noise shaking walls will this cause damage?
I have a tenant who is making lots of noise from an upstairs unit. Either they walk day and night and it pounds the floor more than others or they have a treadmill.Will this cause damage? If there is a clause for this... View more
Coronavirus and May Rents
Though many of us have collected rents in April, now that May 1st is rolling around and a lot has happened in April (with stimulus checks, the SBA PPP program, EIDL, unemployment etc) and also all sorts of information... View more
RE Managers Handing down sizing of staff and expenses?
With a recession looming and sizing a lean organization..How are you'all handling the situation! Like what are you keen on downsizing, reducing costs, canceling contracts..Are you looking at pay cuts, asking for a... View more
Trump suspends evictions thru end of April
I've heard no evictions til end of April. The news story said HUD is suspending evictions and foreclosures - no info on private party restrictions. One of my property managers is telling me 'federal guidelines' aren't... View more
Corona virus pandemic Tenants Losing Jobs
All, I was wondering how other Apartment owners are getting ready for Corona Virus pandemic and good tenants that are losing their jobs. We have several C class apartments and most of our tenants work in the service... View more
Negotiating With Tenants Affected by COVID-19
Given that its a matter of time before some or all of us will experience a late/missed rent, I wanted to go over the best strategy for dealing with tenants, that is reasonable, flexible, and allows for optimal rent... View more
Which Areas Will Recover Financially From the Virus First?
I think Texas will be the first market to recover from the financial impact of the virus. Texas is a jobs Tiger. Then in no particular order, Utah, Montana, No. and So, Dakota and Idaho (because they are not as... View more
Purchasing Real Estate with an out of state LLC
Does anyone know the repercussions of purchasing a property in Ohio, with an Arizona LLC? I would purchase the property with my AZ LLC, then refinance after six months in my name, releasing title out of the LLC.I know,... View more
Indianapolis landlord told tenants to sell cars and borrow money
if they can't pay their rent or face aggressive removal.  I know most of us landlords are not like this and in fact are willing to work with tenants who are impacted by the virus shutdowns, but the media will surely... View more
COVID-19 How we are helping our tenants
Hi Everyone, As a landlord for many years, we have had to deal with many situation. We have currently develop this relief structure for a tenants moving forward. We also are able to use this format for our coastal... View more
Brandon Turner Nails it on the COVID-19 Rent Due Advice
Brandon provides excellent advice in his video “Are Your Tenants Unable To Pay Rent Due To Coronavirus? Here's What To Do!” In particular, his Emergency Rent Deferral Plan... View more
End of year property purchases
If you buy and renovate a property in December 2019 but don't start leasing it until the following January, can you take any write offs on your 2019 taxes or do you have to add those December expenses to your basis and... View more
Michigan Small Business - relief for holding costs
There seems to be a lot of moving parts in regards to information that is out there. I was hoping someone could clarify options or lack there of. I have an fixNflip that was just completed last month in downtown... View more
What does Virginia call Tax Sales?
Hello BP Family.I am an investor in Ohio but I became interested in tax sales in Virginia, especially in the Hampton Roads area.  I used to lived there many years ago and I still have ties to the town.Sales in Ohio are... View more
Buying a home while starting a full time commission job?
Hello, I hope everyone is staying healthy during this pandemic. As someone who had been saving up for a downpayment and was recently laid off due to the coronavirus. I’m wondering if anyone has advice on how to... View more
Is investment capital drying up because of COVID-19?
Earlier this month, I put together another big apartment turnaround project with great returns. When I went to raise money this last week, everyone was reluctant invest because of uncertainty surrounding the economy.... View more