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Low Down Conventional Mortgage Lenders?
Howdy y'all,My wife and I are new to the area and we have a goal to buy our first investment property (multi-family) within the next few months. We are starting to look for lenders, and I'm wondering if anyone has any... View more
Arkansas Summary: What properties did you buy in 2020?
Earlier this week I posted What properties did you buy in 2020? in the Fayetteville sub-forum. It ended up getting a lot of replies from investors across the US, which is awesome. But I liked the replies about... View more
Client seeking PM in North Central Arkansas
I have a client who's looking to sit back and enjoy the passive income from his investments. He has a portfolio of USDA Rural Housing developments in North Central, AR, and the compliance work/management is taking up... View more
First Time Investor in NWA
Hey BP! My wife and I are excited to be under contract on our first investment property. As two Razorbacks living in Dallas, we started looking locally, but found the market particularly difficult down here to meet our... View more
LLC Owned Arkansas Investment Property - Taxes & Fees
Relatively recently, I purchased a rental property in another state. After the purchase, I found out that the entity structure I want to set up would trigger taxes that, if I keep the house in my own name, I will not... View more
BRRRR-friendly Lenders in Bentonville, Rogers, Northwest Arkansas
Hey all, I've been investing remotely in NWA for about 13 years.  Currently sitting at 30 units in the area.  So, I finally splurged and became a Pro member, so I can actually use theses forums in the way they are... View more
What formulas do appraisers in Arkansas use?
I'm reading David Greene's BRRRR book, and he notes: First off, it’s important to recognize that appraisers in different areas use different formulas to determine the values of single-family homes. They are all still... View more
How to research liens in Arkansas tax sale properties
I've been buying small tax lots in Arkansas from the Commissioner of State Lands website. (COSL) One of the things that has me stumped is how to research for liens BEFORE I buy the property. I know there are grass... View more
Arkansas rental properties?
Hello. Do you know about Arkansas rental properties? Single family homes to rent. Looking at Bentonville, Fayetteville, Bella Vista, Rogers, Centerton areas. Any insight is appreciated!
Referrals to Commercial Agents/Wholesalers in Little Rock, AR?
Hey BP - My partner and I are looking for referrals to brokers who primarily sell 20-70 unit multifamily properties in Little Rock, AR. We are investors based in Boston, MA that are looking to continue growing our out... View more
Arkansas Appraisal Question
Hi everyone, We ave rehabbed our second property and are about to refinance. We are currently living in it but plan to Airbnb or long term lease this property later this year. This is a 3/2 ranch with an attached 2 car... View more
Property Management in Northwest Arkansas
Hi all, my family plans to move out of Bentonville, AR in the next few months, and we'd like to rent out our house. Does anyone have recommendations for a solid property management company with reasonable price? Thank... View more
Looking into the NW Arkansas market
I Currently invest in SW Missouri and am looking to expand into the Bellavista and Bentonville Markets. I am interested in single and Multifamily Properties. If there are any active investors in the are I'd love to... View more
Why is Arkansas Real Estate so cheap?
Hi all, I've been looking into warmer states to start investing in, and one of the spots I've taken into interest is Arkansas. I started doing a little market research and found that It's overall a pretty cheap place... View more
Question on Arkansas Wholesaling
So first of all, let me say I am a new investor and this is my first post on BP. I am currently in the strategic planning stage at the moment as I look for which options best fit my needs and abilities. I am located in... View more
REI Northwest Arkansas
I've been looking for a REI club in NW Arkansas. The only one I could find I emailed but never got a response. I'm interested it networking with others in RE because I'm just starting out. I'd really like to find a... View more
Pine Bluff Arkansas | How bad?
Quick question for the Arkansas folks. I've stumbled upon a fantastic deal in Pine Bluff, AR. At least it would be a fantastic deal if it was in any other city. My biggest hangup is the city itself. Really high crime,... View more
Looking for Home Inspector in Little Rock area
I'm OOS investor looking for a recommendation for a good home inspector for a SFH purchase in the coming weeks. If you know or worked with a good home inspector, please let me know.Thanks,Dale
Hot Springs Arkansas Investment Climate
Hello Ladies and Gentlemen.  I am searching for someone who is familiar with, has contact with investors in, or is an investment focused realtor in Hot Springs Arkansas.I'd like to have a preliminary discussion on... View more
Looking for Contractors in NWA
Looking for recommendations for general contractor in Northwest Arkansas (Springdale, Fayetteville area) for moderately small job. Thanks
Little Rock Arkansas Tax Auction Investment
Hello all, I recently bought a house at the Little Rock Arkansas (Pulaski County) tax lien auction in Little Rock. I live out of state and am working on getting a remodel plan in place and then to rent it out. I am... View more

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