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Advice on selling farmland with a ranch house?
So I might have made my first contract.Problem is, the house is situated on 18+ acres so even if I can negotiate a fair price for it, I'd have to tie my own money into it for earnest and look for a buyer. Thing is, I'm... View more
Looking for Advice on Manchester, CT
Hi Y'all,I am 29 and married.  My husband and I both have regular W2 jobs.  I work as a Nurse Practitioner, he works as a manager of sustainability for a large company.  We've grew up in southeastern CT and recently... View more
Financing CT investments
Hi. I am looking to invest in CT, primarily Waterbury and New Britain areas looking for 2-3 family properties in the $150-200k range. What sort of bank financing is available in these areas? What is the maximum... View more
Any Tolland County groups?
Hey all, I'm new to this so forgive me if my terminology isn't great. We are looking for our first investment property in the Tolland County area, especially in/close to Vernon (where we live). I'd like to talk to... View more
Building in West Haven, CT
Hi All,Happy Holidays! Recently I've purchased a single family in West Haven, CT with a five car garage on the same plot of land. We are looking to convert three of the oversized garages to a multifamily residence.... View more
Referrals for real estate agents in Connecticut
Hi, I’m new to RE investing and am looking for any referrals for really good investor-focused real estate agents that in areas from Bridgeport/Stratford to New Haven County.  Specifically, I am looking for... View more
Can you small claims tenant for rent who has NOT been evicted?
Eviction moratorium, Connecticut.  Wanna know if it precludes suing a tenant in small claims for unpaid rent, who has NOT yet been evicted?  Of course we cannot file eviction yet, because of the eviction moratorium.
Two Family for a first investment
I am interested in investing in a multifamily in the Norwich area. I am wondering if its a mistake to A: select a town with such high taxes, and B: selecting a duplex instead of saving a bit more and purchasing a three... View more
New Britain, Connecticut are the deals gone?
Here we go with a fun challenge- I think New Britain has appreciated so much that duplexes that are not owner-occupied are just not worth it. This town, which is made of mostly rental properties has grown so much in... View more
Hey Guys, currently I'm looking at multi family properties with my agent and we are in the process of doing walk throughs and showings! What should I be looking for when doing a walk through of these properties. I've... View more
Estimating rehab costs
Hello,I am looking to do a BRRRR deal in Connecticut and looking to see how you guys approach estimating rehab costs on a property. I have come across a few BRRRR deals and have tried estimating the rehab costs myself,... View more
Looking to Invest in Connecticut
Hello everyone, I am 23 years old. I graduated as a civil engineer last year, but I am currently in graduate school. I would like to use at least 25K-30K for an investment property. My credit score is 790. I see a lot... View more
Are there any advantages of buying a house going through probate?
The House of Your Dreams Is In Probate You finally found the house of your dreams, and you find out that it's technically available, but it's in probate. Should you give up or try to buy your house? There are actually... View more
Connecticut Brain Dump
Calling all Connecticut Investors / Residents, I am starting a CT brain dump forum here on BP. Idea of this is to have all CT investors, agents, lenders, accountants, attorneys etc. drop any CT knowledge they... View more
Looking for more educational courses!
I own 1 rental property in Connecticut and I am looking to expand my knowledge so I can continue on and eventually invest in more rental properties. I need some guidance on where to get started and steps to take to get... View more
Looking for CT Handyman/Contractor
Hello everyone! I am currently under contract for my first house hack in the New Haven County area, Wallingford specifically. I am looking for any references for any handyman or contractors in the area. I want to have... View more
Investing in the city of hartford.
Hello All,    I wanted to hear from current landlords that own property in the city of hartford. What parts of hartford do you invest in? What do you collect for rent for 1, 2, 3, and 4 bedroom units/sfh in the area of... View more
How to raise rent in Bridgeport
Hey everyone!!I did it !! Pulled the trigger on my first deal!! Its very exciting and stressful at the same time lolSo heres my situation that I need help on. I'm buying a Duplex in the Black Rock Area . Ill be living... View more
investing outside of your local area
hi! i’m curious and hoping someone has some insight: what does everyone do when they’re investing outside of their typical investing area? whether it’s buying out of state, or just buying outside of your normal... View more
Is it worth it to get a HIC License in CT?
Happy Sunday all, I'm going to start a renovation soon and if it goes well it may be something that I'd want to do more of. I want to manage the project myself for the experience, I have a background in construction... View more
Closing Attorney Recommendations in Connecticut
Hello, I am new to real estate, curious about wholesaling and am currently just doing my due diligence. It is my understanding that Connecticut is an attorney closing state, and that a title company only will not work.... View more
Duplex Tax Loopholes
My wife and I are closing on an owner occupied duplex later this month - tenant is already in unit B. The home is in great shape, but bathroom and kitchen are outdated. We want to maximize deductions and are looking... View more

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