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Looking for opinions on a STR in Manhattan
I'm interested in a property for sale that is currently an AirBnb in the Manhattan, KS area and am looking for opinions from anyone with experience in these areas. If you would either comment that I can DM you or DM me... View more
Kansas - Attorney & CPA Recommendations
New to BP. I am curious if anyone has suggestions about a good real estate attorney and CPA firms. Legal advice needs : LLC jointly owned by three partners / offer docs / county or city specific lease docs. ... View more
Wichita Kansas Investors
All Wichita investors,I came to the realization that I have not lived in Wichita for nearly 10 years. What changes do you see happening? what are the problem neighborhoods? what is something that is going on in the... View more
Investments in Leavenworth KS.
hello all BP. I am looking at expanding my range of investment and I have been looking at the Leavenworth KS area. can anyone tell me your thoughts on the local market ? I would love to talk with you. if in KC. KS. or... View more
Kansas City home prices continue to skyrocket
The data below is from the Kansas City Regional Association of Realtors for Jackson County MO. It shows median home prices were up a whopping 19.9% in September year on year, with closed sales up 24.5%. Inventory is... View more
Property Manager in KC
Hey all! I’m looking for a great property manager in the KC area! They must responsive, punctual, clearly lay it fees, communicate with me if something goes wrong with collecting rent and their solutions, laying out... View more
Manhattan, KS Real Estate
Lets talk some Manhattan, KS Real Estate. I noticed the enrolment for K State is down, I have seen this from the vacancies in Aggieville and many students vacated after Covid-19 in March. I also see that this is... View more
Wichita Kansas Investors
Fellow Investors, I haven’t lived in Wichita for 6-7 years but a friend of mine mentioned that Wichita rental market is great for cash flow. I live out of state and own lot of properties here but I did graduate from... View more
Find Kansas City Brokerage
Hi. I'm moving to Kansas City. I've been a Realtor for 20 years. I will only be buying investment and selling properties for existing clients. Training, marketing, etc aren't needed. I need a good low fee brokerage.... View more
Property Scouting and Bird-dogging
Hello! Anyone in the Kansas City Area (Raytown, Independence, Grandview or Gladstone) available to bird-dog/ scout some properties for me? I'm looking for someone able to attend viewings, take photos and videos of... View more
Let's Network Kansas City, Kansas !
Hello KC investors, wholesalers and cash buyers! We are coming into KCK to visit family for the upcoming holiday and I'd like to see if anyone would be interested in meeting up to do some networking. We will be in town... View more
General Contractor/ Handyman: Kansas City, MO
Hello Everyone! Hope you all are safe and well! I'm looking to still make purchases in the Kansas City area, by the end of the year. As part of working on building my team in the area as an Out Of State Investor, I am... View more
Out Of State Investor: Kansas City, Missouri
Hello everyone! My name is Tonye Jack, and I am from Long Island, New York. I don't have much real estate investment experience, but I have a solid construction background, as Residential Construction Project... View more
Kansas JTWROS Title Deed
I am working with a family in Kansas that owns a house together with an aging parent.  The house was titled and recorded as JTWROS as intended and required by the mortgage banker.  The aging parent unilaterally had an... View more
Multi family set backs to add units?
I have 2 houses zoned multi and just bought the 2 next door. 19000 sq ft land, enough to add on but code says one side doesnt have required set back so is nonconforming.  Anyone have any ideas how I can get around... View more
What cap rates are you getting?
I'm curious what cap rates people are getting on recent-ish acquisitions in the area for buy-and-hold rentals. How'd you do it? Turn-key? Rehab'd? Multi-unit or single family? Off-market listing? Thanks for sharing!
Filing your LLC annual report in Kansas
I have recently put my rental property into an LLC and my lawyer is suggesting I have them file my annual report to make sure everything is done correctly and timely. I have briefly looked into the steps involved in... View more
Investment opportunities in Salina
It seems most activity on the site for Kansas stems from around Wichita and Kansas City, with little discussion of Salina. I live in Salina and am curious if there is much outside interest in real estate... View more
Lawrence KS vs. Kansas City
Currently own one single family rental near the University of Kansas and am beginning to look for my second deal (preferably multi-family). I'm torn between continuing to buy in the Lawrence area or transitioning focus... View more
Real Estate Taxes Jackson County Missouri
Jackson County Missouri tax assessments went out and some property owners saw huge increases - were talking CRAZY HUGE SPIKES for some.  The deadline to appeal was June 24th, but it may not be too late as it seems... View more
Property management in KS MO
HI there! I am an out of state investor, just about to get my first SFH :)I would greatly appreciate PM recommendation. The 2 most important things to me are trustworthiness and great service experience working with... View more
kansas vs indy investing
I’ve been talking to people in the Indianapolis market. Some are saying Kansas has better returns (cash on cash and cash flow).Is there anybody here that invests or analyze both Indianapolis and Kansas market that can... View more
crawl space foundation cracks - recommendation for a pro?
Hi everyone!Just started my inspection period for a SFH in Raytown (my first time!) .I found out that there are crawl space cracks damage :(I am looking for a professional engineer to estimate the damage/repair costs.-... View more

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