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Question about COVID Eviction Rules in Montana
I'm a landlord in Montana and have a lease coming up for renewal on 5/31. I'm actually hoping to move into the house myself, but I'm worried the tenants will not want to leave. Does anyone know whether I'd be able to... View more
Wanted to introduce myself
Hey all! I just wanted to introduce myself. Ive been diving deep into the bigger pockets podcast and really enjoy the content and feel I can be beneficial to others and would like to grow my network with other... View more
Bozeman Local meet up
We had a great meeting, so helpful to bounce ideas and hear thoughts on market conditions from actual investors. Took temps, had hand sanitizer, almost social distanced... 
Non-renewal, month to month in Montana
Greetings BP, I have a month-to-month tenant in rural Montana that is getting nasty about me on Facebook after I properly served a no reason 30-day notice to not renew her month-to-month lease. (When she asked my... View more
Who's had success using the Landglide App?
Hey Montana Investors,Has anyone used the free LandGlide App to find owners of properties in rural Montana? I've been using it when I'm driving for dollars and it seems to provide some deep data. Names, addresses,... View more
Connections in Montana
Wondering if anyone else from Montana is active on here! Who are you? Where are you from? I noticed this forum had no posts so I wanted to start one.I'm looking for some connections and always like "local" people, or... View more
Montana Real Estate Investing - Rookie
Hello All, I am a new member to the BiggerPockets community here and have been diving into any REI material I can get my hands on, wondering how I have been so naive not seeing all of the potential opportunity and... View more
Maintenance Reserve ??
Hi all, what is the typical maintenance reserve you set aside when analyzing a deal or maintained in the bank account? I believe I read somewhere 30% of the gross monthly rent but it seems fairly high.  I would like... View more
Business probability in Rural investing
I am new and have been researching real estate investing and am very excited about starting. My question is: Can you put together a successful real estate business in a rural Montana area and what are best strategies?... View more
Bozeman, MT Market Questions
Hi all - Does anyone invest in Bozeman, MT that has some tips on the market? Our daughter plans to attend college there, so we're in the process of determining if it makes sense to purchase some type of property... View more
Property Management in Butte, Montana
Hi BP community!I'm looking for referrals and/or advice on property management companies that operate in Butte, Montana.  My partner's and I are looking to purchase multi-family property there for long term rentals. ... View more
Bozeman local meet up
Hey Bozeman gang, if  you have Bozeman or Montana as a keyword alert, can you tell me if you got a notification of the event I just posted for our May meet up.  I am curious how visible these events are, events seem to... View more
Do you/ have you owned land with cabins, to make monthly cash?
I am interested in putting 20% down on some land that has 2 small cabins on it. I was thinking I might be able to add another one of those "rent to own" shed/cabins they are selling out here. The land is 8.5 acres near... View more
Bozeman meet up is next Tuesday
Our next Bozeman Montana meet up is Tuesday February 5 at Keller Williams 6-8pm.  We will be hearing from Dan Fortune an experienced real estate investor.  Join us if you can.  
Missoula Meet Up Feb 20 @ 5:30
Hi Everyone in Missoula Montana and surrounding.  As promised we have picked a date for our first real estate investor meet up.  It will be held on February 20th at 5:30.  The address is 3102 West Broadway Suite A.  I... View more
Primary Residence Turned Rental
In 2012 I bought a house in a small rural town in Northern Montana where I was working at the time. The house served as my primary residence up until last October when I moved out of state for another job. I listed the... View more
Need a Great Falls Realtor
Hi All,I know it is short notice but I need a realtor in Great Falls who can work with me right away. I need to 1031 with the clock starting at the end of July. We have been looking closer to home but nothing cash... View more
Flat Fee MLS Listings
Have any of you used a Flat Fee MLS LIsting Service in the Bozeman or Gallatin County area? I'm interested in using this strategy rather than hiring a seller agent; but, I'm having a hard time finding a flat fee... View more

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