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Commercial Real Estate in Northern Nevada
Any commercial investors here from Northern Nevada? Are you buying thru the pandemic? Are you selling? What's your 10,000-foot view of the commercial real estate market in this area? Specifically, Carson City,... View more
Best Course for Nevada Real Estate License
I am very interested in entering the world of real estate investing but first I would like to get my Nevada Real Estate Agent License. Can someone recommend a good online course?
Any one in Vegas actively trying to grow
I realize I am in a different situation from most here, still looking for my first investment, but is anyone in vegas actively trying to grow?  I know this market is a turbulent one right now, the post Covid-19 rebound... View more
Finder's Fee / Commission
I recently found a home in the Reno/Tahoe area for an investor who does many flips. The ARV would be about $750k to $800k. The most the investor is willing to pay on the property is $548,000. The deal offered to me is... View more
Looking for my team Vegas are
This is all for the Las Vegas area. I'm about two months from hopefully starting in on this crazy investment journey.  I am seeing Multi-family properties that appeal to me (just found one that is "perfect" in what I... View more
Really starting to dislike seeing certain words in listings
Just a for fun posting here.Spending time while everyone is in lock down (my job is considered "essential") looking at listings.  Doing so I have really come to hate a few words.  those words are: remodeled, refreshed,... View more
Do you own an investment property in Las Vegas, Nevada?
Hey BP family. I just wanted to give my two cents on the knock on effects of this very unique public health crisis on my local economy. I am a residential realtor here in Las Vegas & I have had multiple... View more
Who's interested in having a Reno meet up?
lets make a Reno meet up. I'm new to real estate investing and would like to meet like-minded and connected people in this area(Reno), I cant be the only one.
Reno/northern Nevada multifamily investment opportunities
I’m looking at Reno for investment opportunities and love to hear from local investors if it’s still possible to find cash flow properties(4+plexes)or am I completely miss the boat? What about development... View more
Las Vegas Multifamily
Aloha!I'm a small investor from Maui, Hawaii, but like a lot of aspects about Las Vegas/Henderson and am interested in picking up a multifamily property out there. I'd love to connect with the right people who have an... View more
Carson City Nevada Marketplace for Multifamily
How does BP nation feel about the market in Carson City? I'm currently evaluating a well-located mobile home park in the metro area. How has the multifamily market expanded there the past few years? The rental market... View more
Nevada Corporate lawyer recommendation.
Hello all.I am looking for a recommendation for a Corporate lawyer who is Lic in Nevada. We have a corporation, registered in NV. We currently have a free and clear property in trust within FL. We need to consult with... View more
Thoughts on the Future of the North
Out-of-state investor interested in hearing what the local folks think will be the effect of development on the North Strip - Resorts World  and the Drew come most immediately to mind - on nearby high rise condos... View more
Anyone BRRRRing in Reno/Sparks area?
I currently live in Sacramento CA and have been looking at potential BRRRRs across the country and I don't know why I've never considered just across the mountains. Is anyone successfully BRRRRing, Wholesaling,... View more
HELOC for Las Vegas Properties
Hello,I having a hard time finding a financial institution to do a HELOC using couple properties in Las Vegas. Any suggestions on investor friendly institutions would be greatly appreciate.Carlos P.
1st Rental Property in Reno, NV - Looking for Advice!
My wife and I are looking into Reno to start investing in rental properties. We are in the market for a trusted and recommended real estate agent who specializes in investment properties, a contractor for any future... View more
Considering purchase Pahrump NV, use for AirBnB
Hello,Can I get a referral to a Realtor in Pahrump and any thoughts or advice?My Mother lives there and would run the AirBnB activity, she says they have a lot of activity for Death Valley tourism.
Reno, NV Lender Recommendations
In 2011 I bought a condo (Fannie Mae foreclosure) in Northwest Reno, NV (Robb Drive off of I-80). I lived in it for a couple of years, then moved away and turned it into a rental. It's been a great appreciation ride... View more
Tree, shrub, drip system maintenance
Hello, I moved to Arizona, and was looking to see if anyone has a recommendation of a person or company to do some basic, fairly small scale yard maintenance. Just drove by my rental in Las Vegas, and it looks like... View more
New real estate investor/flipper
Hi, I’m just getting started in real estate investing and came across Flipster, software for flipping/wholesaling. Has anyone used this? Does anyone recommend it?
Northern Nevada Wholesaling
Hello Northern Nevada!I wanted to start a discussion board for those interested in or already wholesaling in Northern Nevada. Introduce yourself to get started! For beginners, I'm a real estate wholesaler in the Reno... View more
Connecting in Northern Nevada
My wife and I have decided to take the plunge and pursue real estate as an investment and income source. We are in the early stages of purchasing our first Tri-plex and if all goes smoothly will be owners of our first... View more
Utah/Arizona or Nevada Qualified Allocation Plan
Hello Community,Do any developers on here have experience going through any recent or historical Utah, Arizona or Nevada QAP's (qualified allocation plans) for residential rental buildings?If not, does anyone have any... View more
State of NV, NRS on property management for your own property
I have had people say that you do not need a real estate license to self manage your own fourplex in Nevada. I believe that, however if you put said foiurplex into an LLC, is it the same... or do you then need a real... View more
Client looking to invest in LV
Hey there Nevada Investors! I'm working with a client based out of Indianapolis that is interested in the Las Vegas market for obvious reasons.  Ideally they're interested in a small turn key opportunity that would... View more

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