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Rate to Pay Property Managers
I have 15 units (and counting) across a small handful of properties in New Hampshire. What is a reasonable rate to expect for property management? Both monthly rate and lease up fee?   
Local Bank Financing
Hi Everyone, The mortgage guy I've worked with on two primary residence purchases is saying Fannie requires 25% down for an investment property. And the lender wants to see 3-6 months reserves which is understandable.... View more
New to real estate out of New Hampshire
Like I said in the title I'm new, I have friends that have got into real estate and have been doing well so I have decided to start the first steps of starting the real estate journey.  I have been looking all over the... View more
Thoughts on Laconia, NH & northern NH?
Hey Granite Staters,I'm considering investing in the Laconia area, and possibly up in the Whites as well. What are your thoughts on investing in the area in general for STR, LTR, filling units, the economy and... View more
New to investing and wondering about financing options
Hey everybody!Brand new to the forum and also a brand new investor. Just bought my first buy and hold property in Dover, NH last September 2020 and really had no intention of continuing to invest beyond that. My... View more
To-do List for New Landlords in New Hampshire?
So I recently closed on a 3-br MF in Manchester, NH, and became a landlord. And oh boy, there's so much work to do. As a new landlord, I have a few questions. Hope you guys could help!1. Lease Agreement I am still... View more
Recommendations for Seacoast NH area attorney
Hello all, Happy New Year! Looking for an attorney / lawyer that is well versed in landlord / lease law. Located in the Seacoast area a plus, but anywhere in NH works since things are mostly done over the phone /... View more
Purchasing new property in Trust - New Hampshire
Hey all - Does anyone know of an attorney who can work with us in New Hampshire to set up a trust? Has anyone done this before? What was the process like? Tips for us? Should this all be done before closing? Thanks in... View more
Land for New Hampshire Tiny House On Wheels Short-Term Rentals
I’m a new investor and am looking for land in New Hampshire to set up Short-Term Rentals using Tiny Houses On Wheels. The Tiny Houses on Wheels I’d be using would be classified as RVs and have RVIA certification.Who in... View more
Looking into Berlin NH
Does anyone have any info on the rental market in Berlin NH? There are a lot of properties for sale there and I am wondering if it is worth looking into.  I was thinking of calling the chamber of commerce to see if... View more
NH General Contracting Advise
My wife and I are new to BP and currently learning to become investors in NH. We purchased our first home in Nashua, NH as our primary residence which needs a lot of work. We wanted to do a rehab on it to build more... View more
New Hampshire Investor
Hey BP,Hope all are staying safe. I was hoping to see if there is any BP meets ups to meet the RE community. With COVID, I understand if it is not happening. Just bought my first fixer upper home in Nashua, NH after... View more
Building In New Hampshire
Hi! I'm looking to build a cabin in New Hampshire with a couple buddies, we're looking for land and an idea for costs on putting a cabin on it. If anyone out there has experience in this, i'd love to talk to... View more
Projections on Markets in Manchester and Rochester NH or Others
I am looking at buying investment property in Manchester or Rochester, NH, and they are much lower cost than where I am (DC), and I hear they are expected to grow significantly. Does anyone have information about... View more
Looking for a Brokerage Firm in MA/NH
Hello! I finally bit the bullet and got my real estate license and am now looking for a brokerage to hang my hat with. I just received my MA license and am getting ready to take the test in NH. I will definitely be... View more
Looking for a CPA in New Hampshire
Hey New Hampshire Crowd!   I just moved to NH from Philly a couple months ago.  Wife and I are back in her hometown of Lyndeborough/Wilton and I'm looking for a CPA.  Willing to travel 1hr+ if required for the right... View more
Need investor friendly title/escrow company in New Hampshire
Hey everyone!  I'm hoping someone can help me with a reference to an investor friendly title/escrow company in New Hampshire.  I am wholesaling vacant land and as such, I have multiple properties I need to close.  I'm... View more
Hi all! I have a duplex in Rochester NH (25 min from Portsmouth). I'm having a lot of trouble finding good contractors for some projects I need to accomplish - any other NH investors on here care to give referrals? I... View more
Seeking New Hampshire Multifamily investing advice!
I am thinking of investing in a multifamily 20+ units in New Hampshire.  Looking to network with other investors with experience in that market. How are landlord tenant laws (How long and how much does it take to evict... View more
What is the best town in NH to buy a lakefront rental property?
I live in MA and I am considering buying a lake property in NH. Ideally I would rent it out most of the busy season, but would take a week trip with my family as well. Also any strategies on how to buy it would be... View more
Reasonable Entry: Interior vs Exterior?
Do NH landlord tenant laws surrounding reasonable notice of entry apply to exterior as well as interior? For instance, what if a landlord wants to water some flowers around the exterior of the property (a duplex) or... View more
Appraising Rehabs in NH
Hey everyone,I was wondering if anyone knows what appraisers focus on when appraising a 2-4 unit home here in NH. What renovations would give me the most bang for my buck? Adding square footage? Fixing up the... View more
Tax Considerations for Limited Partnership w/ Seller
I am in talks with a multi-family owner who would like to sell me his property, but stay on as a 20% owner as I re-position it over a 2-year period. This raises some tax questions for me. This property is in New... View more
To Renew Lease or Not - COVID-19
I have two tenants that currently occupy one of my units at the moment. For background, the couple is in their late 20s. Both work in restaurants, and have been out of jobs since late March/early April. They made one... View more
New Hampshire Hard Money Lending
Hello, I'm interested in starting to practice Hard/Private Money Lending in the southern New Hampshire area. I'm trying to put feelers out for some more information and guidance on how to get started . I've been doing... View more

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