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My Grand Forks Real Estate Wholesale Deals
Hello,  Here is another wholesale deal I did recently that I wanted to share.  This one was more complex as the seller was particular about how they wanted to sell the property.  The seller called me about wanting to... View more
My Grand Forks Real Estate Wholesale Deals
Hello,I want to update on one of my recent wholesale deals. This one was a pretty simple wholesale deal. This property was a duplex up top, with a possibility for a fourplex as the basement units were framed but in... View more
Who's Investing In Williston ND?
Hello everyone! I wanted to find out who is currently investing in the Williston ND area? I am currently up here working in the oil industry and want to make the most of my time while I'm out here. I'd love to connect... View more
Wilmington, North Carolina Investors
Hi there, I am looking to connect with fellow active Wilmington, NC (New Hanover County) investors. Show yourselves and let's connect! Cheers.
North Dakota Financial Professionals *Real Estate Specialty*
I currently have 2 rental properties and am hoping to scale in the central North Dakota region over the next 5+ years.  Does anyone have any CPA/CFP/Legal recommendations who specialize or are knowledgeable about real... View more
North Dakota Fargo/Moorhead
This is probably a long shot, but are there any members near the Fargo/Moorhead area? I would love to find a experienced investor around this area that I could shadow and learn from.
Grand Forks, North Dakota Investors
I'm new to the Bigger Pockets community. I'm a CPA, and I am looking for Grand Forks, North Dakota area investors to connect with and build relationships with. 

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