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Northeast Ohio Hard Money Lenders
Josh McCants Last post by Josh McCants, about 12 hours ago
Josh McCants Josh McCants 9 about 12 hours Jump to last post
Looking for a good drywall sub in the Warren, OH area.
Jason Barrett Last post by Jason Barrett, 4 days ago
Jason Barrett Jason Barrett 0 4 days Jump to last post
Reviews for Turnkey Providers in Ohio - Columbus & Cincinnati
David Beckley Last post by David Beckley, 5 days ago
David Beckley David Beckley 12 5 days Jump to last post
Local ohio lenders willing to work with smaller loans?
Benjamin Piecenski Last post by Benjamin Piecenski, 10 days ago
Benjamin Piecenski Benjamin Piecenski 18 10 days Jump to last post
In need of management and subcontractors for Toledo Portfolio.
Adrian Ayub Last post by Adrian Ayub, 12 days ago
Adrian Ayub Adrian Ayub 7 12 days Jump to last post
BRRRR - Refi Rates Feedback
Nathan Slemmons Last post by Nathan Slemmons, 13 days ago
Nathan Slemmons Nathan Slemmons 10 13 days Jump to last post
Power/water for triplex common areas?
Aaron Hale Last post by Aaron Hale, 15 days ago
Aaron Hale Aaron Hale 6 15 days Jump to last post
Are land trusts recognized in Ohio?
John Bauer Last post by John Bauer, 24 days ago
John Bauer John Bauer 3 24 days Jump to last post
New local investor looking to make new connections.
Vikram Singh Last post by Vikram Singh, about 2 months ago
Vikram Singh Vikram Singh 11 about 2 months Jump to last post
West Cincinnati Rentals-- Is it working out for you?
Colleen Pelliccia lavin Last post by Colleen Pelliccia lavin, about 2 months ago
Colleen Pelliccia lavin Colleen Pelliccia lavin 9 about 2 months Jump to last post
Cleveland vs Cincinatti vs Columbus re MFH
Allyssa McCleery Last post by Allyssa McCleery, about 2 months ago
Allyssa McCleery Allyssa McCleery 15 about 2 months Jump to last post
Moving stateside in 1 year, Columbus or Cleveland to live/Invest?
Matthew Irish-Jones Last post by Matthew Irish-Jones, about 2 months ago
Matthew Irish-Jones Matthew Irish-Jones 14 about 2 months Jump to last post
Options to sell / liquidate residential portfolio
Brandon Sturgill Last post by Brandon Sturgill, 2 months ago
Brandon Sturgill Brandon Sturgill 12 2 months Jump to last post
Looking for Info on Lakewood, Ohio Neighborhood
Jeffrey Boyce Last post by Jeffrey Boyce, 2 months ago
Jeffrey Boyce Jeffrey Boyce 26 2 months Jump to last post
Property Manager suggestions....
David Terbeek Last post by David Terbeek, 2 months ago
David Terbeek David Terbeek 3 2 months Jump to last post
I need realtor in Maple Heights, Ohio...
Patty Gonzalez Last post by Patty Gonzalez, 2 months ago
Patty Gonzalez Patty Gonzalez 0 2 months Jump to last post
Columbus, OH - Costs of Managing Property
Robert Ellis Last post by Robert Ellis, 2 months ago
Robert Ellis Robert Ellis 14 2 months Jump to last post
My Realtor Keeps Bringing Up Wholesale Opportunities
Steven Holiday Last post by Steven Holiday, 3 months ago
Steven Holiday Steven Holiday 16 3 months Jump to last post
Contractor horror story
Priya Thomas Last post by Priya Thomas, 3 months ago
Priya Thomas Priya Thomas 4 3 months Jump to last post
Management in Cincinnati
Adam Blachnio Last post by Adam Blachnio, 3 months ago
Adam Blachnio Adam Blachnio 18 3 months Jump to last post
newbie looking for advice to start investing in central ohio
Niels Bjørn Toppenberg Last post by Niels Bjørn Toppenberg, 4 months ago
Niels Bjørn Toppenberg Niels Bjørn Toppenberg 1 4 months Jump to last post
FHA loan on 4 unit Multi-Family
Joshua Hively Last post by Joshua Hively, 4 months ago
Joshua Hively Joshua Hively 2 4 months Jump to last post
Lakewood, Ohio house hack
Andrew Bader Last post by Andrew Bader, 4 months ago
Andrew Bader Andrew Bader 9 4 months Jump to last post
Property manager in youngstown, oh
Craig Montesano Last post by Craig Montesano, 4 months ago
Craig Montesano Craig Montesano 18 4 months Jump to last post
King-Lincoln Bronzeville, Columbus Real Estate
David Yoder Last post by David Yoder, 4 months ago
David Yoder David Yoder 6 4 months Jump to last post

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