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Sell or Hold in Oregon
With the current pending legislation on the docket to declare all property in Oregon no longer private at the whim of the Governor's emergency declaration, should I hold my properties or sell and move to another state... View more
How to evict a tenant starting January 1st in Oregon?
Tenant hasn't paid rent. I tried reaching out to them, but they seem unresponsive. They told me they'd pay it a week late, and I still haven't received the payment. I tried reaching out to them again, and they haven't... View more
Struggles in Refinancing in Hillsboro OR
With such a great job demand and soaring property prices in Hillsboro OR, I am surprised I have spent months and months together to look for a bank or lender who can re-fi our 5 plex and duplex. Both have great cash... View more
Any REI groups on the Oregon Coast?
Hey Everyone,Are there any good Real Estate Investor associations on the Oregon Coast? Anyone want to start one with me?Thanks!Alex Hake
What counts as qualifying Repair and Renovation to end tenancy?
According to SB608 A landlord can terminate a tenancy to make renovations where the unit will be unfit for occupancy during the rehab. Has anyone used this to bring rents to market rate, and get around the rent control... View more
gotchas in Oregon coast for short-term rentals
I'm looking into getting a vacation/short-term rental property on the Oregon coast. Currently looking at Coos Bay, but also open to other suggestions.My main question is what gotchas are there to consider for an... View more
Oregon Purchase and Sales Agreement
Hello team -I'm going to be listing my personal house up for sale by owner and was looking for a PSA to utilize. Wanted to see if anyone here had one? Or knew of where to get one?  Looking to sell then split the... View more
WA state lenders that do 75% LTV Refinances?
Are any WA or OR lenders doing refinances over 70% LTV now? Any tips on finding them? I've had several say they tightened standards down to 60% - 70%.
REIA or meet-up group in Central Oregon
I am a newbie in Madras, OR, and just purchased my first duplex. Even though we have previously rented out two of our primary residents, with a whole host of ups and downs, going through this process has been totally... View more
Newport Oregon/ Lincoln County Oregon - anyone here?
Hello,I am an RE investor new to the Newport, Oregon area. I would love to meet other RE investors in the area. Is there a meet up group? Would anyone be interested in a coffee? a beer? I am based in Newport but I am... View more
Agents in Oregon - Househack Brainstorm
Hello Oregon BP,I am an agent in the Salem surrounding cities and tend to get a lot of house hacking clients. The issue is that not many agents do these in the and they all think the process is easier than it actually... View more
Oregon flipping laws
I have clients who are in contract on a short sale that they were planning on using the BRRR method on. After going through inspections and looking at comps, they are thinking it might end up being better for them just... View more
Portland, OR - Sell or rent out house?
Hello, My wife and I live in Portland. We are going to be buying a new home in the next few months. We have owned the home we live in for 3.5 years. I'd like to keep it as a rental property. We will either be moving to... View more
Commercial friendly banks or credit unions in Oregon? 3M-10M?
Hello Team BP.First of all I want to thank everyone who contributes to this forum.  I have not found another site that celebrates, supports and encourages the members to this degree.  This is where I go to reinforce... View more
Hotel Condo deal with the sea view
We wanted to purchase an investment property in Lincoln City, Oregon. The property is Hotel/Inn and Sale price is 179,000. How can I find out the vacancy rate of the room occupancy?
Who is still buying residential plexes in Portland, Oregon?
I'm trying to get a sense of the market right now since there are a lot of factors going on with COVID, low interest rates, underwriting changes, and local landlord-tenant law. Who is still active in the residential... View more
Looking to connect with investors in Bend, Oregon
Hi all, I am from Portland, Oregon, but I am looking to invest in the Bend, Oregon market. I'm looking into doing a house hack over there! Would love to connect and meet other investors in the area. Thanks so much.
Equity Trust custodian account
Hi, I am new to posting on BP, but have been a fan for years. I am now ready to get started learning about investing in real estate, using my self directed IRA account. I already have an account through a company... View more
Composite Decking - questions/information/experiences
Hello, I have a rental property (SFR) in a good area in Portland Metro area in Oregon. The deck is up for repair and there's much damage, therefore I am considering getting the deck replaced. Based on my research... View more
Good markets in Southern Oregon?
I'm looking at picking up a property in Southern Oregon. Currently looking at Medford, Grants Pass, Reedsport and Klamath Falls.Medford seems to be pretty weak on cashflow, where Klamath and Reedsport have some good... View more
Southern Oregon meet up
Hi Everyone!I'm looking to see if there is an existing meet up for investors in Southern Oregon area. If not, I'd like to start up and say hello to some new people. My wife and I are new investors this year, and have a... View more
Rental property maintenance costs : share your experiences
I have a SFR in Hillsboro area. The property is being managed by a property management company. For the most part, I am satisfied with their management: they have placed high-quality tenants who have paid rent on time,... View more
Real Estate Financial Advisor / Strategist
Does anyone know if such a person as a real estate financial advisor/strategist exists? I am specifically looking for an expert in Portland, OR. 

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