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South Dakota Lease breaker?
My friends recent signed a lease for an apartment, then discovered that it was infested with cockroaches. The landlord never mentioned them before they signed, and has done next to nothing to deal with them. Apparently... View more
Newbie investor from South Dakota looking for IRA investing advic
Very new to real estate investing and bigger pockets. I have a roll over IRA I would like to invest in real estate and am looking for advice concerning penalties and tax implications associated with using an IRA.
Looking for local advise
Good morning Bigger Pockets,My husband and I have own rental properties in Riverton WY, a very small town.  We are wanting to branch out and are looking in the Rapid City SD market.  My family is from the area so that... View more
Wholesaling in South Dakota
Does anyone know where I could go to find out the legality of wholesaling properties in SD? I called the real estate commission and they said wholesaling is not legal in South Dakota without a real estate license? ... View more
Contract for deed
I've heard a lot about contract for deeds and I've been doing research on what it entails. From what I've read there are a lot of advantages and a few disadvantages. What I'd like to ask the biggerpockets community now... View more
Sioux Falls Real Estate Investment Club
Hey all, I'm starting a new Facebook Page to gather the troops in Sioux Falls, SD. I'm hoping to make a group a little less formal for us to casually chat about local real estate and investments. I've started the... View more

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