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Why Do You Invest in Tennessee? (Testimonial for BP!)
BiggerPockets! I work at BP and I'm working on building a landing page for Tennessee and the cities of Chattanooga, Knoxville, and Memphis. Would anyone be willing to share why you choose to invest in any of these... View more
house move to empty lot
So, while i took a huge project as a newbi i am struggling a bit but hey, its getting done... now for the mean time  i am thinking of 2nd project. I met someone that moves houses to empty lots. As long as plumbing and... View more
Where to invest in Tennessee?
I am a broker in Texas and own rentals in the Houston area, but it has been years since I've come across a really attractive deal. I've heard a lot of good things about Tennessee, but I am not familiar at all with that... View more
New to Tennessee/ Nashville
Hello all,Novice investor here, but I've been looking to take the next step in my real estate investing career and need some advice on the new market area I am moving to. I am moving to an area in middle Tennessee and... View more
Anyone currently investing in Knoxville?
Hi BP, I'm an out-of-state investor from Denver exploring TN markets. It seems like Nashville and Middle TN get most of the attention, but I have business connections in Knoxville and am wondering what the investing... View more
Shelbyville TN property manager recommendations?
Hey BP,does anyone have any experiences with any property mangers that service Shelbyville TN that they can recommend? Or for that matter, any you'd absolutely avoid?Thanks for any insight! 
ISO Investor Friendly Title and Escrow Companies in Middle TN
Who has a title/escrow resource they are willing to share that is friendly to investors? Looking for a company that understands and will close on things like double closings, assignments and even subject to type deals.... View more
Good cabin cleaners in Galinburg or Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
Hi Everyone, I am looking for a good, reliable cleaner for my vacation rental cabin in Gatlinburg, TN. I tried MCM, Moonshine, and Diamond Touch but none are available. It seems quite hard to find a good cleaner these... View more
Real estate lawyer recommendation
Hi All,Looking for a lawyer recommendation who specializes in commercial real estate transactions and also assist with title search/transfer and entity formation in the Tri City area of TN. Thanks in Advance!
Any luck on FONCE exemption for franchise and excise tax of 6.5%
Figured more Tennessee investors would be here to help out.I'm trying to see if anyone as the owner of rental real estate property in their LLC has had luck in getting the FONCE exemption ? Basically I'm looking to buy... View more
Land near the Smoky Mountains TN/NC
Any suggestions on where to purchase land near the smokey mountains. Looking to build a cabin and make it a vacation rental. 20acre-60acre. Thanks.
Real estate investing
New to investing recently bought a property which isn’t renovated yet but in the process. Looking to gain more information and build relationships as well. First property is in Springfield Tn like 45mins from... View more
Nashville Real Estate
Hey How Are You I Am New To Real Estate In Nashville And I Am Starting Off As An Wholesaler . Looking to network with a few investors and Wholesalers. Also looking for people who could help me out , people I can call... View more
New to Middle Tennessee
I am moving to the Tullahoma/Manchester area along I-24. Looking for a way to begin a portfolio there and generate rental income. What are your thoughts of the area?
Looking for first rental purchase
HI! My name is Kellen. I live in Nolensville and grew up in Franklin, TN. I am beginning the search for my first property to buy and rent out. My goal is to have 5 properties in the next 5 years in Middle TN. I am open... View more
Looking for a Duplex - Fourplex near Downtown Nashville
My friend KJ is moving to Nashville this fall for a PhD program at Vanderbilt and I am looking for a Duplex or Fourplex that we can buy together. He would live in one unit and manage the others. Any help locating a... View more
Internet Services near Dollywood in Sevierville
Does anyone have any idea what internet service is available near Hidden Springs Resort?  I am striking out so far with Comcast, AT&T and Spectrum.  Most cabins in the area offer internet and wifi.  May need to... View more
New to STR in Sevierville TN
So we are new to all of this, going to hopefully close on cabin in Hidden Springs next month.  It is already doing well on AirBnb, so we decided we will do the same. Do we have to register the cabin or ourselves with... View more
Duplex in Memphis Deal or no deal?
Saw this duplex on the MLS Purchase price: $59,900Down payment: $11,980Annual Debt: $2875 (@6%)Rent : $1010 (fully occupied)Expenses: $4638 (10% PM ; 5% each for vacancy, repairs & Capex + insurance &... View more
Tiny Homes Tennessee
Any Realtors had people search for tiny homes and not the mobile one. Permanent structures. I'm wanting to build one and maybe eventually building a tiny home subdivision/community. Was wondering if Nashville or the... View more
Eviction Process for TN
Can anyone explain the eviction process for TN to me, or point me to book, or website with the information?  I would like detailed understanding that includes how many days one needs to be late on rent, wording for the... View more
FedEx Express Looks to fill 500 positions - This Weekend!
https://www.bizjournals.com/memphis/news/2020/03/11/fedex-express-looks-to-fill-500-positions-this.html?ana=TRUEANTHEMFB_MB&utm_campaign=trueAnthem%3A+Trending+Content&utm_medium=trueAnthem&utm_source=faceb... View more

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