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Greetings everyone, wanna be investor here!
I have been a lurker for a while and finally decided to post. I am in Cheyenne and looking to start my real estate journey.  My wife is nervous about it all and would feel most comfortable with a multifamily already... View more
Wyoming dynasty trust
So I recently learned that some states don't have any income tax. Which made me look up Wyoming and if they were taxed on rental income. While looking I came across something called a dynasty trust it said you could... View more
Foreclosed Motel in Riverton Wy
Their Is a Foreclosed Newly remodeled hotel in Riverton Wy was days in.  It was foreclosed over not having a sprinkler system installed and will need to be installed to get operational.  I am looking for interested... View more
Douglas Wyoming real estate investing.
My name is Zack Gerhardt and I currently own a couple of rentals and am looking to expand my portfolio. I work in the oil and gas industry and have been transferred to Douglas. In the couple weeks of researching the... View more
Rental Condo in Jackson/Victor/Driggs
Hi Everyone!I just wanted to stop in and say Hi! I've been reading the forums non-stop trying to gather all the knowledge I can before we jump into the STR market in either Jackson Hole or across the line in Idaho. ... View more
Transferr property into LLC
I am purchasing a 4 unit apartment building in my hometown in Wyoming. I am using Guild Mortgage, from which I heard of on one of the podcasts, and we have a branch in my town. I was going to purchase this property... View more
Wyoming Real estate license
My sister is interested in getting her real estate license so while she is dealing with some issues I told her I would do some research for her and try to present her with a step by step plan. So far what I found is... View more
Replace carpet or install waterproof vinyl plank flooring?
I will be moving out of my Saddle Ridge Twinhome at the beginning of June and renting it out. My dogs have pooped and peed on the carpet, and a cat has pooped on the carpet too. I have a carpet cleaner that I use, but... View more
Mobile homes Wyoming
Hello, my name is Hunter Werbelow. I am very new to the investing community and am currently in the learning stages on how to invest. I am very interested in mobile homes and what they have to offer as far as fix and... View more
Western Wyoming Properties
Are there any investors in the western Wyoming looking for properties? I am not trying to advertise as the rules with bigger pockets state not to, but just looking for people in that area I can work with. I know of... View more
I want to thank @Michelle Y. and @Cheryl Packham , as well as Forest and George for meeting with me in Cheyenne on June 2, 2016 for what was my first REI meeting. While small it was very fun and informative. Everyone... View more

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