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Montgomery, AL Property Manager Recommendation
Looking at getting into the Montgomery market prior to the end of the calendar year. Does anyone have a recommendation for a property manager in Montgomery? Thank you for your time and recommendations!
Looking to connect with other out-of-state investors in MGM
Hi BPers.  New year, new opportunities.  I am hoping to connect with out-of-state (OOS) investors who are investing in Montgomery, AL.  I am new to OOS investing.  Many of the threads are from a couple of years ago.  I... View more
Montgomery neighborhood and Referrals
Hello BPers, While I am exploring various OOS markets for rental investment, I came across few properties in Montgomery, which might produce good cash flow (1.5%). Any recommendations on the neighborhood? I saw them... View more
Real Estate Agent Course in Montgomery
Hello all, I'm moving to Montgomery this summer and plan on getting my agent's license.  I'm looking for any recommendations for schools in Montgomery or neighboring areas that you may have.  I appreciate your help and... View more
Montgomery neighborhood guide?
Hi all.  I'm wondering if anyone has come across a guide for Montgomery neighborhoods?  Something similar to the Birmingham one here on BP (see this link  I've searched but haven't... View more
Neighborhoods in Montgomery, AL
Hello,I'm looking into a multifamily property in southeast Montgomery, AL. Can someone give me an overview of where the different neighborhoods are and what I can expect for the general metrics (ie: vacancy, rents, cap... View more
Zipcode - 36109: Difficult to get the property rented?
I am looking to purchase a SFR in 36109 zip code and while researching a bit I found some houses on market for rent for 180 - 200 days. Anyone invested there or familiar with the area? Any PMs, who manage the property... View more
Average Cost of Roof Repair
Looking to get an idea for roof repairs in the Montgomery area. Shingle roof replacement cost for a 1500 sq ft house. Is using the house square footage a good way to estimate the roof sqft? What do roofers charge per... View more
Realtor/Lender Recommendation for Montgomery Alabama Investor
I'm relocating to Montgomery AL in 6 months. I'd like to purchase a rehab below market value in a B/C neighborhood that I will rehab, occupy and then rent out. My pre-rehab budget is ~$50K-$100K and I'm planning to use... View more
203K loan 1-2 unit property
Hello all,Me and my wife will be moving to Montgomery this June and will be looking to purchase a value add 1-2 unit property using a 203k loan.  To pregame a bit, we are looking for recommendations for familiar... View more
Potential First Investment-Montgomery,AL
I am looking at a 2bed/2dath townhouse across from Faulkner University. I think it would be good student housing and the numbers seem to work out very well, but I want to be sure I’m not missing something. I can... View more
Montgomery AL real estate investors club new location
Hey Montgomery Al and surrounding area investors, I spoke with one of the real estate investor club organizers for The Montgomery area recently and he wanted me to announce that they now meet at a new location, 120... View more
Looking for Property Managers and Turnkey Providers
Hi Everyone,    I invest in Birmingham market and I am looking for PM and TKP in Montgomery market.Please let me know if you can recommend anyone.Regards,Alpesh
Montgomery Alabama Market
Montgomery AL Home Price AppreciationThe Alabama Center for Real Estate created the following rankings based on median price appreciation in February 2019.1. Wiregrass Region - 29 percent2. Morgan County - 15... View more
Looking for a reliable pool repair/service company
I'm looking for a pool company that repairs and service pools in the Montgomery area. My PM referred a company and I have left messages over the past few days without any reply. I even filled their contact form on the... View more
Looking for Insurance Agent
Hi All - I'm in escrow right now on a Duplex just north of Montgomery. I'm looking for recommendations on insurance brokers or agencies in the area. Would anyone be able to share a contact? Thank you in advance!
Multifamily Deal in West End/Westgate Area
My business partner and I are looking at a potential mutli-family commercial property in the West End/Westgate area of Montgomery. It is off of Mobile Hwy across from Trentholm State Community College. Any thoughts on... View more
Need a local investor's take on a lead
Dear BP, I have a wholesale opportunity in the 36117 zip code. The owner has recently passed away and her sister has contacted me, needing to sell fast. What should I expect in terms of rent (3/2 1400 sqft 1998), what... View more
Contracting and Contsruction, Old Cloverdale
All, I just purchased in 36106/Old Cloverdale, and our home has a second story straight out of 1970. The main floor is great, and renovating the top into a modern loft-style hangout should help rent this home when we... View more
Montgomery, AL and Real Estate Investing
Looking for insight on the Montgomery, AL area for REI. I am new to real estate investing, and welcome any and all pointers regarding financing, assembling a team for property management and demo/repairs, and zip... View more
Property Manager recommendation in Montgomery, Alabama
Hello,Any advice on a good property manager would be really helpful. Looking for someone who manages SFR properties in the $850 - $1200 rent range. Huge plus if they also help with project management for small rehabs.I... View more
Need help buy a house to rent out.
Hello everyone! I need help buying my first rental property! I thought I would try here for some help, the worst someone can say is no.About the deal, I have someone all ready to move in. They want to do a rent to own... View more