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This forum is for real estate investors and professionals who are interested in networking and talking about the Huntsville, Alabama real estate market.

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Need guidance on 1st rental property near UAH Campus
John White Last post by John White, about 5 hours ago
John White John White 1 about 5 hours Jump to last post
Best place in Huntsville to invest and good RE agent?
Scott Anderson Last post by Scott Anderson, about 8 hours ago
Scott Anderson Scott Anderson 11 about 8 hours Jump to last post
Chapman Heights - How is this neighborhood
Stacey Marsh Last post by Stacey Marsh, about 9 hours ago
Stacey Marsh Stacey Marsh 0 about 9 hours Jump to last post
Headed to Huntsville this week, anyone want to meet up?
Joseph Todd Last post by Joseph Todd, 1 day ago
Joseph Todd Joseph Todd 0 1 day Jump to last post
Huntsville Alabama Path of Progress
Brian Reynolds Last post by Brian Reynolds, 12 days ago
Brian Reynolds Brian Reynolds 16 12 days Jump to last post
Seeking Huntsville-area PM or Large-ish Investor for School Assn.
Brian Levredge Last post by Brian Levredge, 15 days ago
Brian Levredge Brian Levredge 3 15 days Jump to last post
Need guidance on financing in Huntsville
Jay Helms Last post by Jay Helms, 16 days ago
Jay Helms Jay Helms 2 16 days Jump to last post
Huntsville Deal Finding Discussion
Kashyap Trivedi Last post by Kashyap Trivedi, 17 days ago
Kashyap Trivedi Kashyap Trivedi 28 17 days Jump to last post
Brand new investor looking to connect with other investors
Anthony Palmiotto Last post by Anthony Palmiotto, 20 days ago
Anthony Palmiotto Anthony Palmiotto 14 20 days Jump to last post
Can this word be used in a business name in Alabama?
Elizabeth Wilson Last post by Elizabeth Wilson, 24 days ago
Elizabeth Wilson Elizabeth Wilson 1 24 days Jump to last post
Seeking Property Manager in Huntsville
Andrew R. Last post by Andrew R., 29 days ago
Andrew R. Andrew R. 12 29 days Jump to last post
Is Huntsville, AL revitalizing?
Eddie Trumble Last post by Eddie Trumble, about 1 month ago
Eddie Trumble Eddie Trumble 8 about 1 month Jump to last post
LF good property manager in Huntsville (have a money pit house)
Brandon B. Last post by Brandon B., about 2 months ago
Brandon B. Brandon B. 16 about 2 months Jump to last post
Investor friendly Attorney & Title Company NEEDED!
Dedric Polite Last post by Dedric Polite, 5 months ago
Dedric Polite Dedric Polite 0 5 months Jump to last post
How to obtain a Proctor or Monitor when going to school online?
Danielle Spears Last post by Danielle Spears, 7 months ago
Danielle Spears Danielle Spears 2 7 months Jump to last post
BRRRR ("fix and rent") in Huntsville area
Mel Leishman Last post by Mel Leishman, 12 months ago
Mel Leishman Mel Leishman 4 12 months Jump to last post
In search of a good inspector
Allison Cole Last post by Allison Cole, about 1 year ago
Allison Cole Allison Cole 2 about 1 year Jump to last post
Looking for contacts in Northern Alabama/Southern Tennessee
Zachary C. Last post by Zachary C., about 1 year ago
Zachary C. Zachary C. 1 about 1 year Jump to last post