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Best place to list rental listing?
Hi everyone! We have an Anchorage townhome available for rent March 2021. We currently have it listed on zillow, trulia, craigslist, Are there other sites you recommend? In 2019, when we rented this... View more
Anchorage makert, time to buy my first investment or wait?
I am looking to purchase my first BRRRR of a fourplex or duplex I can combined with a house hack. I already have per-approval and cash on in hand for rehabbing however, I am hesitant buy in this market and I am having... View more
Muni's New COVID Mandates
“The Municipality is pursuing all enforcement options, including informing and educating businesses in violation of the Emergency Order as well as issuing fines and Stop Work Orders." I want to keep a level head here... View more
Should we reduce rent if tenants sign extended lease?
Our Anchorage-based single family home tenants' lease is up in May 2020. They have indicated they are going to save up for a down payment on a new house and would like to rent two more years. Yay! They have asked if... View more
4-plexes in mountain view.
I am just beginning my journey in real estate and am looking to buy a fourplex and live in one unit. I see in Mountain View there are many 4-plexes for sale in the $350k range. Plenty of them look updated with new... View more
Looking into the Anchorage Market
Hi,I am looking at potentially getting into some multifamily investing with a friend that lives up in Anchorage. I was wondering if any local investors could share some insight on their opinion of the market there in... View more
Alaska real estate customs info.
Hi all, I'm looking at doing a FSBO in Eagle River. My question is about escrow, in AK what is the custom for who picks the escrow company? Seller or buyer? What about appraisal? Is it typical for seller to pay still?... View more
Insurance brokers in Anchorage?
Hey everyone, I'm considering using an insurance broker to shop for better insurance options.  I'm currently using USAA.  I'm wondering what folks' opinions are as to whether a broker is worth it and if so, if anyone... View more
Looking To Learn
Hi y'all,I've been looking to get in to REI for a little over a year now but I'm just starting to really dive in to books and forums to really try to get a handle on things before jumping in. I'm hoping that by Dec... View more
Real Estate Investing Panel
Hey everybody! Just wanted to send an invitation to our upcoming real estate investing panel. We have put together a panel of many different professionals in all areas of real estate for you to meet and learn from as... View more
Electrician contacts in Anchorage?
I am having some electrolysis plumbing issues in my building (4-plex off Boniface) and it's becoming pretty costly with the damage it's causing. I have a plumber whom I've been working with and he continues to bail me... View more
Hi All! Anyone out there own any rentals in East Fairview? Particularly a newer build? Just wondering how well they rent and if a new building gets the rental rates (and market value) it should (compared to other areas... View more
Good PM in Anchorage?
Hello Anchorage area Investors,My in-laws have a 15 unit rental property here in town and it's more than they want to deal with when it comes to managing their property. They're having a hell of a time finding a... View more