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Appraiser needed for condo in Glendale AZ
Hello,I have an 1 bed/1 ba condo located in Glendale, AZ area of 63rd Ave/Glendale. Need an appraisal done so I can buy out a partner. I would prefer to give the business to someone who is a member of Bigger Pockets.... View more
Glendale AZ Referrals
Hey Everyone,I am in the planning phase to start rehabbing condos and homes in the Glendale area. I was wondering if anyone here has any referrals for a general contractor or property manager. I really appreciate the... View more
Scale and Escape Summit
 Is anyone attending the Scale and Escape Summit in Glendale May 18-20?I'll be arriving on the 17th, mid morning, at the Renaissance Phoenix Glendale Hotel & Spa and would love to meetup with some advanced like... View more
local contractor suggestions
As of right now I have one property in Phoenix Arizona and was hoping to gather some suggestions from other landlords in the area of good contractors. I have a great electrician but when it comes to plumbing/roofers/... View more
Looking For Local Small MFR Investors Peoria, Glendale, Surprise
I am new to the Phoenix area but I am looking to set myself up to make my first small MFR purchase in the area mid next year. I'd love to connect with some of the local investors who have more experience in the west... View more
Looking for a GREAT General Contractor in Los Angeles County
Hello fellow Bigger Pockets people! Can any of you recommend a good GC in the Los Angeles area? I'm a wholesaler who frequently works with newbie rehabbers. Sometimes they have a GC already and sometimes they don't.... View more