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Real Estate / Tax attorney recommendations needed (new flipper)
Hi everyone, New investor here, taking action and embarking on flip 1 (thanks to Bigger Pockets). I have been fortunate enough to have networked my way onto a small team (4 of us total) of experienced... View more
Rent By Room Strategy in Long Beach
I plan to owner-occupy a single-family property and use the rent by the room strategy to rent out each bedroom. For anyone using this strategy in Long Beach, how is your experience? I am also having trouble finding the... View more
Long beach CA multifamily
Hi my fellow BP peeps! My family just recently moved to Long Beach CA a couple of months ago. I am experienced investor with investment properties in NC. I am currently looking for multi family properties which are... View more
Long Beach Real Estate Attorneys Recommendations
Anyone have a good recommendation on a RE attorney in (or intimately familiar with) LB? Looking for counsel on tenant relations, specifically no-fault evictions.
Newish Investor with AirBnB and VRBO Experience
Hello BP fam! I'm a SAHM and have been a vacation rental landlady in SoCal since 2012, with experience using VRBO and AirBnb. My portfolio is tiny but my reviews have been near-perfect since I started 6 years ago... View more
Long Beach Roofer recommendation?
Hello fellow Long Beach landlords!I have a SFR in Long Beach with a great set of tenants. I had my ups and downs with the remodel last summer and over the winter had a roof leak that caused some minor drywall damage. ... View more
Residential Assisted Living
Hey BP,Anyone from the Long Beach area doing Residential Assisted Living?  I'm looking into it and would love someone to bounce ideas off of.Thanks,Kyle
Casual Real Estate Meet Up's In Long Beach CA
Hello Everyone,  I am in the process of closing on my home in Long Beach, CA. I wanted to reach out to see if there are any casual real estate meet up's going on in the area. Looking to meet and make new... View more
Agent in the Long Beach Area?
Do any of the owners on this forum have a recommendation for a local real estate agent? I'd prefer someone with experience with 1031s and 5+ units. Thanks.
Long Beach Investor Roll Call
I love that BP has started sub-forum categories. It'll make networking with other local professionals that much easier. I want to encourage all Long Beach flippers, landlords, wholesalers, brokers, contractors,... View more
Long Beach Multifamily Lending Products
Hi all. As multifamily investors here in SoCal we've been recently inspired by episode 288 of the podcast to start looking around for better lending products in the area. The guests on that podcast had mentioned... View more
New to BiggerPockets! Looking for Long Beach REI Help
Hello all,My name is Daniel Walker. I am here to reach out to all Long Beach investors. I am seeking to build my network and meet new investors. Long Beach is where I was born and raised, and it is also where I would... View more
wholesaling in california
Hey fam, I just wanted to know is wholesaling hard or am I just doing it wrong. I'm from California, and I wholesale in the los angeles county area ex. Long beach, Los Angeles etc. I cannot seem to find ANY motivated... View more
Meetup for Newer Investors In/Around Long Beach
Hey, my name is Shaun Pruett. I've been in the REI game for just over a year. I've been reading, learning, networking, attending training seminars, being mentored, door knocking, cold-calling property owners, driving... View more
Safe areas in Long Beach for a rental property
Hi, I'm looking to buy a rental property in Long Beach. We plan to live in it for 1-2 years then rent it out. I am not familiar with the area in terms of neighborhoods and was hoping to get some insight into which... View more
Looking for Investor Associations
Hi BPI was speaking with a client (I am a commercial developer as well as consultant for commercial and residential properties) about local investor groups and was wondering if there are any clubs or meetups in Long... View more
Illegal Rental Unit in Long Beach
I own a 4-unit building in Long Beach (with an illegal unit in the back).  When we bought this building, the illegal unit was rented, and we continued to rent it after we bought it until we received a Notice from the... View more
Buy & Hold or BRRRR around Long Beach (south of circle)
Hey all,Was curious how the rental market generally looks around the Long Beach area. I'm a noob scoping things out in LA/OC. I'm interested in Buy & Hold and BRRRR particularly for duplexes or multiplexes and was... View more
Years of experience but still very "green"
Hello all. I am a real estate agent and a licensed general contractor. Although I have both licenses for some time now and have done many jobs in construction, I have only done only 2 real estate transactions. As a... View more