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House Hacking in Orange County, CA
Hello BP! Im having some trouble with House Hacking here in Orange County. I am currently looking for a duplex, and have been pre-approved for $250,000. However there is no Duplex for that amount of money anywhere in... View more
In Southern California First Time Investing, I need Partner?
Hi all, In 2019-2020 I have helped investors identify properties, analyze and write offers. Some were flips, some were BRRRR. I was actually meant to be a partner on my last deal (a flip) but they ended up changing my... View more
Is Lake Elsinore a good place to buy?
I'm starting to look at possible homes to buy as my first rental property. I'm new to real estate investing, so wondering if someone could look at the home in the below link and see if you think it's a good buy or... View more
Handyman / Contractor for Remodeling.
Hi Real Estate Investors - I own a property that needs some repairs in preparation for the next tenant including:Landscaping - kill weeds and plant new lawnChange Windows & ScreensInstall BaseboardsChange Cracked... View more
Orange County Real Estate Market
We are looking to invest in Multiple Units properties in Orange county. Does somebody has any information on the Real Estate market condition in the county as well as the Rental market. What is the prediction for the... View more
Townhouse in Newport Coast vs. SFR in Laguna Niguel
You won the lottery. You have to pickup either a 1600 sqft townhouse in Newport Coast or a 2200 sqft SFR in Laguna Niguel. No photo, no further details. They guarantee you both are appraised $1M and you have to pick... View more
Advantages of using a Business Bank Account
What are the advantages of using a Business Bank Account for your rental property's holdings? Are there any? I understand that you have to have an FEIN to open a Business Bank Account, but do you have to have your... View more
Need a recommendation for lenders that work with ADU's
Hello, My husband and I are looking to buy a SFH in SOCAL with a big lot (>7,000 sq ft.) to build ADU unit in the back yard and we would live in the SFH. Does any one in this forum could recommend any Lenders that... View more
is the earthquake insurance worth the investment?
is the earthquake insurance worth the investment? a lot of pros tell me because of high deductibles there is no point to buy the earthquake insurance at all. what is your opinion?
Rental property in Orange County, CA
Hi all, hope you are doing well during these crazy times! Would love to learn from all you experts on Bigger Pockets-- I'm thinking of starting to invest in rental property in Orange County, California. Any thoughts on... View more
ADU in a Gated SFH Community - Huntington Beach
I own an about 3,000 s.f. house in a gated SFH community in Huntington Beach, CA, and am considering building an ADU of about 900 s.f. on the same lot. Based on my preliminary research, it appears as though I should... View more
How to find great real estate agent & lender in orange county?
Hi, we're looking to buy a home for ourselves and maybe a duplex so we can house hack. Is there a methodology we can use to find great agents? I'd think the best way is find agents who are really really busy, how can... View more
Commercial Property Inspector
Hello everybody! I am currently under contract for an industrial property in Cypress for 67,000 sqft. Was hoping if someone can suggest a commercial property inspector. Thank you!
OC Condo for long-term rental?
Hi everyone, Would appreciate any insights. I currently live and rent in Costa Mesa. I think for work related purposes the potential for relocation is high in the next 1-3 years, but having lived in SoCal for 7+... View more
Irvine condo - renovations and improvements before selling?
Hi all,We are planning to move to south county soon and after we  plan to rent out our condo in Irvine for a shorter term lease before we go to sell. I think we would likely just do some minor renovation (maybe paint... View more
Laguna Niguel Mirador community?
Hey all,Looking for feedback/info on the Mirador community in Laguna Niguel - anyone currently or previously live there? I stumbled across a review of someone complaining about the community on Yelp from November last... View more
Tenants Vacancy, Missed Mortgage Payments
Hi, new to BP and real estate investing. I have around 50K to invest in. I live in Orange County, CA and plan on investing here. Ive looked into Mulitplex, SFH, and Condos. Im looking for fixer uppers in the area to... View more
Selling in Orange County/Rancho Santa Margarita
Slowdown or bubble right now?We took our condo off the rental market and put it up for sale some 75 days or so ago, adjusted the price twice, and haven't gotten a single serious nibble. We're about to put it up for... View more
90-100% LTV HELOC for an owner-occupied duplex
Hi everyone, I have a duplex that I am currently occupying one unit. If you know any credit unions or banks offer 90-100% LTV HELOC for an owner occupied duplex, please share with me. I'll really appreciate it.
Orange County (Cypress, CA) Mobile Home
Hi Everyone! I'm an new investor considering investing in mobile homes in Orange County, specifically Cypress, CA. I currently live in the Bay Area and this would be my first property. Does anyone have any experiences... View more
Recommendations for a property inspector
Looking for recommendations for a property inspector for Orange County, CA (specifically Anaheim).Additionally, what are some things to look for in a good property inspector?Thanks in advance!
Rental property lender Orange County
Does anyone know a lender that can do 80% LTV on non-owner occupied properties in Orange County, CA? I'm looking to refinance a SFH rental and consolidate a 1st and 2nd into one loan. Thanks!
Investment in. Orange County
Hello, we have $300,000 saved to play with. My husband and I don't know what to do. We live in Orange County, CA. We are currently renting a 2bd and need to move to a 3bd because of the new baby. Right now our rent is... View more