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Is anyone looking (or already owns) for a SFH specifically for rent by the room house hacking?If so, what are your criteria?  What are you looking for in this kind of property and where in town are you looking? Just... View more
Help selecting between 3 Property Mangers please
I'm looking for a Property Manager to manage newer 3/2 SFH in Cimarron Hills. Realtor gave me three recommendations: Empower Realty Team, Crystal Pines Property Management and Brinkleys Property Solutions. Honestly,... View more
Looking For Hoarder House/Full Rehab in Colorado Springs
Hello all. I'm moving back down to Colorado Springs from CSU Fort Collins at the end of the year and I'm looking for a hoarder house to fix up and move into. I've already flipped two hoarder houses so the mess isn't... View more
Building a Team in Colorado Springs & Pueblo - Join me!
I am building a team in Colorado Springs. We are a few months into our start-up and ready to take the next step. While we are not able to support full-time employees yet...we ARE looking to grow/train some part-time... View more
Colorado Springs Market Update -- Where are the homes??!!
Thought I'd drop a quick update on the Colorado Springs real estate market. The story is sounding pretty ho-hum at this point. Low inventory, high demand, price increases, you know the drill. Two big numbers from the... View more
How Hard is Rezoning Land in Colorado Springs?
Hello Bigger Pockets Community, looking for some help advice on a potential 1031 deal. Getting down to the wire on the identification deadline and came across an off market deal for 10 + acres in Colorado Springs. It's... View more
Hello! I'm getting closer to purchasing a potential single family that I would like to house hack and BRRRR. I still have alot to learn, and would like to connect with investors in town who are doing this. Looking... View more
Colorado Springs: The next Portland???
As a Denver urban dweller, I have been accused of condescending to Colorado Springs. Well, no more! I should apparently eat my words because ... Colorado Springs has the highest rate of millennial migration of any city... View more
Looking to Hang My License in Colorado Springs
I have a good relationship with a commercial realty company that is interested in referring business to me as I have taken care of their clients in the past when working for someone else. Without being too long-winded... View more
SFH in Colorado Springs
I am looking at Colorado Springs, CO for SFH to invest (doable than Denver for my budget). The max for my search would be 250K, 3+ bedrooms, min 1 BA or 1.5.. I see the inventory popping up on Zillow, Redfin, etc but... View more
Need an accountant in Colorado Springs
I’m currently looking to replace my family’s accountant in Colorado Springs and I’d like to take this opportunity to find someone who is knowledgeable in real estate investing, responsive to their clients, and is... View more
Colorado Springs Hard Money Lender
Hello all, I'm reaching out to see if anyone has a recommendation for a local hard money lender in Colorado Springs or a close by city--Denver, Pueblo, etc. Thank you! Mason
Looking for reasonable insurance co. for 4plex in Springs area
My insurance is jumping in price again this year, so I'm looking for a reasonably priced insurance company for a 4plex in Fountain, CO.  Any recommendations?
New to the Colorado Springs Market - Wanted to say Hi!
Hey everyone, just wanted to finally make my first post after lurking for some time :). Thanks to a fortunate situation of being able to work from home, My wife and I took advantage and finally invested in our very... View more
Colorado Springs is the hottest market in the U.S. ... again just listed Colorado Springs as the hottest market in the United States ... for the third consecutive month. We're certainly feeling it as agents. Erin and I are seeing our buyers compete against multiple... View more
Searching 4 Commercial RE agent in Loveland, Longmont, Boulder CO
Hi all!I hope everyone is doing incredibly well. We're looking for an experienced commercial real estate broker in the front range in Colorado to work with on finding an industrial space for our industrial hemp... View more
Colorado Springs bans *some* STRs
It finally happened. Colorado Springs passed a law banning some Airbnb/short-term rentals last week. So, what do you need to know?What's banned?all new non-owner occupied short term rentals in R-1 or PUD zoningany new... View more
Help with advice in the Colorado Springs area
I live in California, but the market out here is getting so expense we're considering other places and Colorado Springs keeps popping up. Anyone live there and willing to provide some advice on what neighborhoods are... View more
Attorney will take case in coloraso western slope
A couple of things i will need to do. I will need to setup a LLC and transfer a new construction from my name to the LLC once it's completed. The other ones is that since i hired incompetent PM, i will need to talk to... View more
in search of Airbnb cleaners in COS
Does anyone have a company or persons they use for Airbnb, short term rental services in Colorado Springs? we are looking for reliable cleaners to clean a unit we are putting in service. 
looking for someone to validate my offer
I am working directly with a seller, I am looking at bouncing my offer off someone who knows the local area. someone who could pull a CMA or comps. I am new to the area with the military.I can PM you the offer or... View more
New wholesaler in colorado springs
Hello, I am brand new to real estate investing. As I research I have come to the conclusion that wholesaling would be the best place to start. I live in colorado springs and found a couple properties that seem... View more