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Newbie looking to connect with others in Norwalk/Fairfield
Hi Everyone,My wife and I are looking to house hack 2-4 family in Norwalk/Fairfield in the sub $400k range.  Would love to connect with others.  We are getting ready to sell our current home in Princeton Jct, NJ and... View more
Looking For Good Real Estate Attorney in Ct shelton area
Whats up BP.... Im looking for a good  real estate attorney who specializes  in real estate investing and has experience doing subject too existing finance deals... Any recomendations? Im in the shelton CT... View more
Fairfield County based newbie!
Hey BP, New to Real estate but have been on the fence for over a year now. Currently work a door to door marketing job and have compiled and extensive list of distressed or seemingly abandoned properties in my last 6... View more
Finally a Forum Dedicated to Norwalk!!
Hey CT Investors,I'm not sure if you have had a chance to check out the Location Sub Forums but now there is a new Section just for us to post location specific forum posts. If you subscribe to the forum you will get... View more