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Off Market properties in Columbus, Ohio
Hi guys,I'm looking to expand my deal flows in Columbus Ohio, and get some off market deals and offers.Can you please suggest me some ways, connections,  groups that I should join?Thanks in advance for your answers!
Columbus SFH - Grove City Real Estate recommendations
Hi Everyone,My wife has received an opportunity to work at Nationwide Children's in Columbus and will be starting in June. We currently live in Cincinnati and contemplating buying a SFH in Columbus prior to her start... View more
Investors and brokers in Columbus GA
Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Here in town through Sunday looking at some apartment buildings. Gonna be at Nonic for some beers in the evening if anyone wants to join and talk real estate, would be great to... View more
Real Estate Agent / Project Manager
Hi all,I moved to the Columbus area from Texas about two years ago. I still flip houses there remotely. The only way I have been able to make that happen is because I have a good friend who is my RE agent AND my rehab... View more
Recommendations for Property Manager in Columbus, GA
Looking to expand my rental portfolio into the Columbus, GA / Phoenix City, AL area. I want to start with some really good PM recommendations. Any help, as always, is highly appreciated.
built up a solid team
Hi All! I would love to get referrals for an exceptional Mortgage broker, Insurance Agent and Property Manager that operate in Columbus Ohio and have experience working with out of state investors.Stay safe!Omer  
Columbus Rent Collection - April Mid-Month UPDATE
As of today April 16th, we're at 94% of rent collected, which is very close to our average at this time of the month. This is for 400-something occupied units.Some other points to consider:-If you have a federally... View more
Buying a property with a Section 8 renter
Hi all,I am looking at a deal in 43206 ( Southen orchard/Driving Park) on a property with an S8 tenant. The tenant has been there for a long time ( since 2013). The property is priced below market but also the... View more
Investing in Columbus,Ohio
Dear All, I am a new investor in Columbus Ohio. Investing in SFH in a C class area and up. My strategy is to buy and hold. In the past several weeks, I have been studying the Souren Orchard + Driving Park areas. It... View more
Looking for my First Fix n Flip
I need some help BP  I am located in California and have a team ready in Columbus OH to complete my first fix n flip. Does anyone have a property to sell me? Im looking in Franklington OH or around Germanvillage area. 
Investing in Columbus,Ohio
Hi All, I would love to get a list of areas/zipcodes to explore/avoid in Columbus, Ohio.Looking to invest in SFH up to $150K, B/C class locations. Currently exploring North Linen, Southern Orchard and avoiding... View more
Section 8 experience in Columbus, OH?
Hi everybody! I'm not a new investor, but I'm new to Columbus. I'm researching Section 8. I'd love to talk to any investors, owners, or PMs who specialize in Section 8 units. My first question regards demand: how... View more
In Need of Columbus Contractors for Fix & Flips
Hello, I have been investing in the Columbus, OH market for 2 years.  I converted from simply "buy & hold" model to fix and flips as well about a year ago.  My current contractor is maxed out.  I would appreciate... View more
Columbus, Ohio - Columbia Gas' Insane Billing Practices
Hey fellow Columbus property owner/managers,I'm hoping someone can offer a solution to our issue. We're still relatively new (2.5 years, and it's part-time) to managing a residential property, so I am thinking "there... View more
Columbus, Ohio Multi-Family Market
Hey Guys, Took a look at Columbus, Ohio and like the population/ economic growth along with their Smart Columbus initiative, but am looking to hear more about the city and its neighborhoods. Any  thoughts on this... View more
Finding/investing in a duplex/condo/townhome in Columbus, Ohio ?
Hey guys,Currently live with family in the Columbus area and own a home. Long story short, my parent's are elderly and have some medical issues going on. We decided to move in together but unfortunately I've been... View more
How is the Columbus (GA) market?
I notice Columbus ga has market where you can still purchase properties 30-50k and that don’t need a full rehab. I was wondering how is market there ? Any investors invest there , how has your experience been? 
Columbus, GA Real Estate Investment Club
Anyone interested in starting a Columbus Real Estate Investment Club?  I see a few attempts have been made in the past but nothing seems to have stuck.  Doesn't have to be anything too serious to start, maybe a... View more
Looking for great carpenters in Columbus, GA
Hi Columbus community, I'm looking for some carpenter recommendations in Columbus for some soffit/fascia work I need done at a SFR rental. Anyone have someone you can suggest? Thank you!
Real Estate Meetups In Columbus Ohio
Happy Saturday guys! Hope everyone is having a great weekend. I was wondering what are you favorite real estate meetups around Columbus OH? I’m looking to attend one once a week!. All replies are appreciated.
Handyman Needed - Multiple Property Punch List
Looking for a Columbus-based handyman to complete an initial punch list of repairs/upgrades to a duplex and a single family. From there, looking to maintain the relationship for other properties on an on-going... View more