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online meetup for network
Hello Savannah, I will soon be a Real Estate Agent in Savannah. I have been checking the market out from the sidelines for about an year now. I want to be a investor as well in the future. do we have any online meet... View more
Savannah Licensed Electrician
I am looking for a recommendation on a licensed electrician that can help me do a full rewire of my rental house! I am familiar with the trade but do not know everything to code and need some guidance. Thank you for... View more
Hold & Rent or sell in Savannah
Relocated to Savannah Ga from New England. We purchased a home on WIlmington Island, a very hot housing market area. It has very high liveability scores, high selling homes, and the best schools in the area. We did get... View more
Savannah market for rentals
Hello all, new here. We live in CA right not but here is my background : we are looking to retire in 2 years to go abroad (will be 60 and 53) and would like to buy a property to rent for revenue either in SC or GA 1/2... View more
Carport conversion in Savannah
Hey guys, I recently closed on a property in Savannah and got some plans drawn up for a 2 car port conversion to a garage and upstairs living space. Looking to see if there are any fair GCs contractors in the Savannah... View more
COVID-19 and the Savannah Market
Hey guys, I'm a landlord and agent in town and I wanted to invite everyone to a zoom call I'll be hosting this Tuesday the 7th about some analysis I did on how COVID-19 might affect the Savannah market.  Check out this... View more
Places to Network in Savannah
Hi all! I am trying to break into real-estate investing. I am at a place in life finally where I can devote the time needed to learn. I moved to Savannah from Boston area in 2017. Id like to begin my life long dream of... View more
Savannah Contractors for rennovation
Hello fellow Savannah investors- Up until now, I have focused on LT by-and-hold properties in the Savannah and Pooler areas. I recently purchased a house for rehab and am in need of a good general contractor. Any... View more
Any local hard money lenders?
I am looking to purchase a fixer upper house in a Savannah Downtown area. I am in need of Hard Money Lender who can help me with the process
New to Savannah, wanting to do BRRRR
I am new to real estate investing, I want to buy rental properties in Savannah area, what area around Savannah would have good rental market?
Best way to learn the Savannah market
Hello,     I'm a seasoned investor from the Denver area. I'll be in Savannah next week and looking to learn more about the market. Is there an active investor community? Are there good wholesalers in the area? Are... View more
Savannah vacation rental properties
We moved to the Savannah area (from Wilmington, NC) and wanted to buy a house/condo downtown to rent out and be able to use occasionally .  I recently found that the property has to have the Short Term rental... View more
The Savannah Market.
Does anyone invest in the Savannah Market? What are your current strategies? I recently started working with an investment group and we are doubling down in Savannah. I would love to network with like-minded... View more
Savannah Property Management
Good morning all. I will be buying a small MF in Savannah, GA in the next month or two. I plan on hacking one of the units for a short time while renting out the other(s) as well as any extra bedrooms in the unit I... View more
Savannah fourplex recommendations
Hi Savannah real estate investors, I'm a real estate attorney and investor based in Southern California with properties in several locations around the nation.  I like the potential future for the Savannah market and... View more
Savannah contractors/team members - oy vey!
HI Savannah peeps, is it just me or is finding good team members/contractors difficult in Savannah? It seems like everyone is out for a sunday drive and careless of the work they do. The few that are good are swamped... View more
Historic Tax Credit Application
Newbie here...I am in the process of rehabbing a quad plex.  I just learned about historic tax credits. Anyone have any experience good or bad  getting awarded this tax credit any advice on application process?TIA!
Keep Learning and Growing
Flew from Charleston to Boston to attend a real estate conference. Keep learning, keep pushing. I was reading a book about private money lending in the airport. Ben agreed with me! A quote about lending, investing, and... View more
Investor Friendly Realtor in Savannah
Looking for recommendations to network with an investor friendly realtor in Savannah with a specific focus on the Richmond Hill and/or Pooler areas.  I currently own a rental home in Richmond Hill and would like to add... View more
Commercial Insurance Needed
Good Afternoon BP REIs,Im looking for recommendations for Commercial Insurance Broker or Companies.  Please let me of any that you have positive dealings with.
Rental market in Savannah, GA
Hi there,I'm looking for some feedback on the rental market in Savannah, GA. I'm interested to find out whether there's much demand, and if so, what areas and property types are in bigger demand? According to... View more
Looking to invest in Savannah, GA
Hello everyone,I'm heading down to Savannah next week to check out the area. Can anyone tell me some zip codes in a "B" area that i can check out. Looking for a possible Duplex to Fourplex, would even consider up to 8... View more