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Wholesale Real Estate
As a new real estate investor, I wanna know if its possible to meet up with a Wholesale Real Estate Investor here on oahu. I have a tons of question?
Where can I meet local investors?
Hello BP, I am newly licensed agent in Hawaii. I have two investment rentals of my own so I know the business a bit. My only issue is, I don’t know how to find clients that are interested in investment properties. I... View more
studio/1BR rental property
Where is the place in Honolulu that's good for an investment property with studio/1BR using fee simple? I see Makaha tower is nice, what's the vacancy rate in there?
Management compnay ohau
Does anyone know of management companies on ohau. We have a place in kailua and want to check a few management options out. I looked into one but they seemed weird.
Need some legal advice
Hi guys I'm looking for recommendations to an attorney familiar with working with real estate investors. I've got some questions I want to ask and have some documents I'd like to get reviewed. As a general question,... View more
Cheap studios in Honolulu. What's the catch?
I was looking around at apartments in Honolulu today, and found a group of really cheap studios. They're all under $100k, and based on rental estimates would cashflow well. From what I've seen there are no HOA fees, so... View more
Should I sell OR should I rent it out?
Hello fellow BPers!I'm a complete novice to REI but I did buy a condo in 2012. I'm a little eager to jump head first into REI but I'm not sure if I should keep my condo OR if I should sell it and use the cash from the... View more
2018 Honolulu CPA recommendations
Hello Honolulu bigger pockets people,I'm in need of a good CPA on Oahu. Just as I'm expanding my real estate business my accountant is winding his accounting business down. He is amazing and he was referred by a friend... View more
Intro - looking to connect
I'll be around Honolulu until 1/16 and would love to connect with like minded FIRE / Real Estate people. Anyone up for something impromptu?
Wholesalers or partnerships?
Hi, Any local wholesalers on Oahu or folks looking to partner on a deal? What’s a typical cash on cash return for a fairly mutual deal? Thanks and aloha, Raffy
selling a rental property under a lease agreement.
Currently own a condo in Ewa Beach HI.  I want to sell in order to use the equity in other investment opportunities in my current location.  The condo in currently occupied.  I have tenants under a 12 month Lease... View more
Rental Property In Hawai.
Hi BPers.We will be visiting Hawaii for about 3 weeks in Jun-July 2018. while looking at number of website for vacation rentals like Vrbo etc there prices display a per night base and then on top there are local Taxes.... View more
looking and needing help
Hello I live on Oahu as a service member and would like to follow somebody’s footsteps/work with to learn how to invest and rent a property. Contact me please.
Buyers legal options for a Short sale
Can a seller seek legal resolution (short sale) if the seller has delayed signing the closing documents and has traveled out of the country?  Have also made arrangements for the seller to go to the U.S. Embassy to sign... View more
GET and TAT taxes
I am looking for to buy a property (condo) in Oahu. I am currently targeting Waikiki. Any recommendation as to other cities in Oahu?I read there are various taxes: GET and  Transient Tax. What is the percentage of the... View more
Recommendations for rental property CPA in Hawaii.
Hi I am new to this forum and would like to get more information on real estate investment here in Hawaii. Currently I have 1 property being rented out and I am renting out rooms in the place where i am living in. Do... View more
Land owner and home builder
HiWe are contemplating buying a plot of land and have a builder who wants to build a house, and sell it and split the profit. In this case ownership is two of us who have an LLC and other is solo and is a builder. So... View more
Calling all real estate investors in Hawaii
Hi BP Community in Hawaii,  Are there any real estate investors living in Hawaii available to meet for a cup of coffee to chat about investing in real estate in and out of Hawaii?  I'm interested in picking your brains... View more
Landlord moving to Oahu in August looking for advice
Hello!The BP community has been very helpful over my first few years of investing in Milwaukee so I am hoping I can get lucky again here. My girlfriend and I have 4 rental properties in WI and will be moving to Oahu... View more
Get-together for Hawaii Real Estate Investors!
Aloha Honolulu BP Fam,I know a lot of you have been asking for this... There is going to be a Jam Session for Hawaii real estate investors. No cost, no sales pitches, no upsell, just a networking and coaching session... View more
Newbie in Honolulu
Hey BP world,   I am a newbie looking to getting into flipping here in Hawaii, then doing this in Texas. Any tips of the trade are welcome!!! Hawaii market seems tight but I just started the game. I'm waiting on a... View more