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Cleaning Services for my Rental Property?
Hey everyone - I have a tenant moving out of my Batavia rental property and the cleaner I used last year is no longer in business. Does anyone have any recommendations to pass along? The unit is not overly large, has... View more
Naperville, Plainfield & Aurora
I am trying to get a better understanding of owning properties in Naperville, Plainfield and Aurora, IL. If you own properties in these towns, please let me know the following for each towns:- do i need rental license?... View more
Thoughts on 60505 / S Union Ave neighborhood?
I'm an out-of-state investor considering a rental property in this area, and I'm wondering if any locals in this forum have strong positive or negative opinions on its potential as a farm area.  Is it a war zone?  Is... View more
Recommendation for CPA near fox valley area
Does anyone have a recommendation for a great real estate focused CPA in the fox valley area?   keywords: aurora, batavia, elgin, naperville, geneva, st. charles
Do I need to provide background check results to rejected tenant?
Hi all, I ran a criminal background check on a tenant applicant.  Due to his criminal history, I rejected him.  He is requesting a copy of this report.  Is there a law in Illinois/Aurora that requires me to provide... View more
What is the local CAP rate in Aurora IL
Hi All,looking to invest in some apartment buildings on Aurora's North side just south of the outlet malls. Can anyone tell me what the CAP rate is on properties in the area?
East & West Aurora school districts
Probably a silly question, but I'm kind of just really getting started in my real estate investing journey: I'm wondering, for the folks who have invested in the areas that roll up to either East or West Aurora HS,... View more
Downtown Aurora Rental Properties
I've been looking at downtown Aurora lately for rental properties, and there are definitely opportunities.  However, I see the school districts are not the best, and that has been scaring me away.  Does anyone have... View more
Landlord Lease Addendum Due at Registration and Inspection
Anyone notice that you must submit ALL Aurora, IL landlord addendums to Property Standards at time of registration and at the inspection of rental property?  This is a new change from Property Standards adding... View more
Joliet IL - I'm looking for a tenant selection service
I'm in the process of buying an investment property in Joliet, IL. 3 bd, 2.5 ba with an estimated rent of $1,625/mo. I will be ready to rent it in August. I'm looking for a recommendation for a tenant... View more
Anyone Investing in Student Housing Near Aurora University?
Off and on I've looked at properties near AU.   I see there are 2-3 properties over there someone is clearly renting to students.I'm wondering your thoughts on this (whether or not you actually are investing in student... View more
Aurora-Naperville: GC Recommendations???
I'm a new RE investor and am putting my team together. I'd welcome any recommendations/suggestions on any General Contractors in the Chicagoland area (Aurora-Naperville IL) for rehab work.
Househacking in Naperville, Aurora, Oswego, or Montgomery
I am looking to purchase a small multi-family property in Naperville, Aurora, Oswego, or Montgomery in order to househack.One unit would need at least 3 bedrooms w/ preferrably 1300+ sq/ft.Any help finding a similar... View more
Gas meter installation
I have a property in Oswego, IL on which the gas meter has been removed. The gas company (NiCor) has told me that it may take 2 weeks to assess the job and then an additional 4 weeks to get the work done. The... View more
Real Estate Licensing
I have heard it both ways for Not get your real estate license because you are held to a higher standard, more disclosures, etc. And Get you license. You have access to MLS yourself, training regarding... View more
New Investor needs a Rental Analysis Calculator
Hi everybody,I am a new investor, and following @Brandon Turner's plan of analyzing 3 deals per day. However, I don't believe that I have the correct template or calculators. I am trying to analyze Single Family Homes... View more