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Looking for REI in South Bend, IN
Hello Biggerpockets! I am a 20 year old here in South Bend. I'm currently in the process of building my nest egg and getting my finances in line with my goals. Within the next year I plan on looking for a duplex... View more
First Time Investor South Bend Out of State
Looking for SFH or small Multi Fam properties in South Bend. I am out of state but have heard good things about the area. I would like to know small synopsis of what zip codes / areas are like (i.e. Students, young... View more
South Bend - Dwelling / Landlord Insurance policy agents?
Hello Fellow BP folks! Can anyone recommend a good agent for dwelling / landlord insurance policies for single family home rental properties?  I need one that can list the property manager as an additional insured or... View more
Mishawaka, IN - Good for BRRRR Investing?
Hello, everyone! I'm Jane and am new to BP. After saving up for the last few years, I am finally ready to purchase my first out-of-state investment property. I came across a few potential properties in Mishawaka, IN... View more
Buying my first BRRRR in South Bend
I close on my first BRRRR in a couple of weeks and it's in South Bend. I have a great realtor, a contractor, and property manager. What I'm lacking is the "refi" part. If the loan was going to be over $100K no problem.... View more
New Investors South Bend Seeking Recommendations
Hello everyone! We are new out of State investors in the South Bend, IN area. We are originally from Omaha, NE and our initial goal was to start investing there. The market there is currently crazy and after a year of... View more
In Search of SB Home for Group Home
I am in search of a 4 bedroom home in South Bend/Mishawaka to open a group home for Veterans with PTSD in. I am looking for a lease. If you have any leads please let me know. 
Land Contract ABC's -Help Please
Can anyone walk me through how land contracts work? Who holds title? How do you work out the monthly payment? If there is an initial down payment and a balloon how do you figure monthly payments? Also how is this drawn... View more
Looking for a SFH (and for an agent) in South Bend ,IN
Hi Everyone, My name is David, and I am new to real estate investing. I have decided to invest in South Bend IN. My plan is to start out by purchasing SFHs, in a C class (and above) areas with a budget of 80K cash(All... View more
Economic / Population Indicators South Bend - Good or Bad?
Hey everyone,Just thought I'd post in this group as I'm very curious as to what makes you all so confident in the economic indicators for South Bend. Its population has declined in the past twenty years (although has... View more
South Bend Wholesaling/Flipping Avg Profits
Can anyone tell me what the typical wholesaling fees are in South Bend/Elkhart area? Does $5000 to $10,000 sound normal for hear? Also, what are flippers making on deals in general? I know that in other parts of the... View more
Flying to South Bend next week and looking to network
Hi Everyone,I'm an active investor from Central California and have completed 100+ projects in my area over the last couple of years. I'm getting ready to start a new JV project which is going to bring me to South... View more
Hi, I have a painting contractor business,looking for new clients
I started a painting business 5 yrs ago, scad painting and Preservation, looking to for new clients in the area, tired of working for the middle man, looking to work directly with investors, I can provide roofers,... View more
Newbie South Bend Investor
Hello. My name is Jacky. I just want to introduce myself. I live in Indianapolis but decided to invest in South Bend, Indiana. I would like to network with investors and realtors.
South Bend, IN Looking to network
I am looking to get together with other investors in the South Bend, Indiana area. (South Bend, Mishawaka, Elkhart, Goshen) I am a new investor and would love to network and share ideas with other local investors. If... View more
New Member Introduction Looking to Network With Other Enthusiasts
Hey everyone! My name is Jerry. I live on Diamond Lake in Michigan and work in Elkhart. I'd love to meet up with investors and discuss strategies, niches, tips, etc! 
South Bend 2019 Outlook
Hello Investors!! First I want to wish everyone a merry chrismas and happy new year. I wanted to start a discussion about where you feel real estate prices are headed in 2019 in South Bend? What are you plans for... View more
Looking for Real Estate agent in south bend
Hi everyone, I normally buy properties from a wholesaler but I am looking for an investor friendly agent who specializes in South Bend area. I am looking for someone who can identify good rental income properties. any... View more
Looking for investor friendly RE agent in to get our REO sold
Hi All, we just foreclosed on a nice 3/1 SFR in South Bend and I'm looking for recommendations for an investor friendly/knowledgeable RE agent to work with us to list the home. Any recommendations are... View more