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Recommendations For Small Commercial Loan
Hello, I'm interested in a small apartment building that is over 4 units putting me into the land of commercial lending. However the price is less than 200k which I think may limit my financing options. I've started to... View more
Independence MO, "dealbreakers" for prospective tenants?
Hello all.I recently purchased and fixed up a SFH in Independence (64055 zip, South of 78, just west of 291). It's a 3bd/1ba, been listed for a few weeks now, some activity on the listings but not many applications... View more
Kansas City home prices are rising fast — faster than Dallas, Den
From the beginning of Allison Hadley’s search for a home this spring, Johnson County houses were flying off the market. Hadley, 33, grew up in Overland Park and wanted to move back from Durham, North Carolina, to... View more
Contractor in Kansas City Northland
Hello, I'm looking for a GC or a handyman in the Kansas City northland area.  I'm looking to build my portfolio with small single family homes, duplexes or townhomes and need a "go to guy" for whatever the property... View more
Inspection Advice for Home in Raytown, MO (KC) 64133
I am looking to make my first rental home purchase, and I just got the inspection back for this 2 bed/1 bath home that I have under contract. The home is about 70 years old so I was expecting a rough report, but the... View more
Contractors in the Kansas City area
Hello Kansas City investors!I am a new investor in the area looking to buy my first property. I currently have a property in mind that would fit under the BRRRR method and am looking for good contractors that I could... View more
Plumbing disaster in Kansas City area
The plumber that fixed our plumbing disaster (around the base of a toilet) recommended I reach out to a carpenter to check for wood-rot. The water damage is within the walls and likely the subfloor. Do I look for a... View more
Who should pay for yard cleaning?
Hi all, Wanted to consult with you, since this situation frustrating me: My PM cleaned the yard's on my expense (100$). To her words: "The neighbors next door moved out and had tons of crap on the front of the lawn and... View more
Kansas City - Brookside rental prices
Question for any landlords with property in the KCMO Brookside/Waldo area. We are getting ready to rent out our house when we move in a couple of weeks, and I'm trying to get a feel for what the right rental price... View more
Looking for contractor in North Kansas City
I am buying a property in North Kansas City and am looking for a contractor in the area. There is not a ton of work a handyman would be perfect.  Referrals would be appreciated!  
DIY Purchase Contract and Lease Contract for Lease Option?
I'm not using a Realtor to lease option one of my houses in KCMO. Can anyone point me in the direction of forms for Purchase Agreement, Disclosures, Seller Finance Addendum, and Lease? 
Landscaping for multi-family in Kansas City, MO
I own several small-medium sized multi-family buildings in mid-town Kansas City, MO. I’m looking for a landscaping company that can do routine mowing and minimal additional landscaping work, such as trimming, mulching,... View more
General Contractor Kansas City
Hi All, I’m looking for recommendations for a general contractor in Kansas City to fix up a few small multi family rentals. Some context, I am working on a package deal for three duplexes in South Kansas City in 64131... View more
Contractor/Handyman in KC Area
Hey guys! I'm a new investor in the KC area and I'm on the search for a contractor. Most of the people I've spoken to either weren't willing to give out their contractor info or haven't came across one worth... View more
How do I get past 10 home mortgages to build my portfolio?
Hello All,I am an out of state investor in the Kansas City Market. I currently hold 10 doors in the area that i acquired in the last 10 months. A couple of duplexes, and the remaining SFR's. All of them are rented... View more
Is Gardner, KS good for rentals?
I got a wholesale offer in Gardner, KS.  $99k for 1200 sf 3 bd 2 ba.  Built-in 1990. ARV is 160-180k before COVID by Zillow. What do you think about this area? Is it good for rentals?
Good cash out refi lender for investment property in New York?
So I've been shopping around a bit but a lot of lender can't help with this one. I bought a duplex for cash in Binghamton New York over a year ago. Worth 80 to 90k right now. I want to do a cash out refi to fund my... View more
New Out-of-state Investor in Kansas City
Good morning Biggerpockets fam! My name is Michele and I am from Los Angeles, CA. I have been researching Kansas City, MO since the beginning of the year and have decided to make my first out-of-state purchase in... View more
corona rent delayed two month
HI All! As an out of investor wanted to get some perspective from your wisdom: I've got occupied SFH, and my Tenant is not paying: I got 250$/1090$ for May and 600$/1090$ for June. My Tenant got fired on April 27th... View more
No rent because of Corona, what to do?
HI All! As an out of investor wanted to get some perspective from your wisdom: I've got occupied SFH, and my Tenant is not paying: I got 250$/1090$ for May and 150$/1090$ for June. My Tenant got fired on April 27th... View more
General Contractor/ Handyman: Kansas City, MO
Hello Everyone! Hope you all are safe and well! I'm looking to still make purchases in the Kansas City area, by the end of the year. As part of working on building my team in the area as an Out Of State Investor, I am... View more
Newer KC investor saying hello!
Hi all, I am a fairly green investor in the KC area. I do have one rental so far that I purchased as a turnkey, but I am not venturing over into the world of BRRRR.I'd love to hear from other agents, contractors,... View more