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Real Estate Attorney Recommendations?
Hi everyone!My wife and I are born and raised in Portland Oregon and just started our REI journey. This past August we acquired our first rental property and inherited long term tenants along with an existing lease.... View more
Looking to connect with RE investors in PORTLAND
I’m interested in investing in Multi family homes in Portland, And would like to connect with investors, agents, bankers, anyone who can help me grasp the whole process of becoming a successful RE investor. Any advice... View more
Portland Eviction Moratorium Experiences?
Since the start of COVID-19 has anyone had a difficult time understanding the eviction moratorium? For me personally, this moratorium has not impacted me too hard and I am curious how other investors/landlords are... View more
Do you prefer vacant or occupied multifamily in Portland now?
We're selling several residential multifamily properties in Portland from our portfolio and for clients. We've strategically decided to sell when a unit has come up vacant so that potential buyers can walk through.... View more
Areas to stay away from
Hello.  I'm a learning newbie in southern Maine and was looking at investing in a multifamily property outside of Portland.  Maybe Westbrook, Scarborough, Gorham, Falmouth, south portland.  Are there any towns or... View more
STR manager or management company in Portland OR?
Hi. We have a property in Portland that we are interested in renting out on Airbnb (30+ days). Can we get a recommendation for a person or company to manage us? New SFR for 30+ days STR in Portland OR.
New Construction in Gresham Oregon
I am interested to hear form GCs or investors who have worked with the City of Gresham on new construction. I was recently told the city is difficult to work with but don't have any other input to substantiate the... View more
Local Property Manager Needed.
Hi BP Community, I'm looking to see if anyone has a highly recommended tenant placement management or property manager to help find quality tenants?Thank you.
Portland, OR rental market - Am I naive?
I am looking to buy my first rental property - highly considering multi-family units. I just had a conversation with a real estate pro today. The vibe I got from my conversation this morning was that the Portland... View more
Portland RE attorney
Hi there - Does anyone have any recommendations for a Portland area RE attorney? Looking for someone to help us set up an LLC and provide council on deals. Thanks,Derek
Fee based financial planner in Portland area?
Hey friends, I've been on a quest to make connections with financial planners and have met a couple of good ones. I'm always on the lookout for folks I can confidently refer my clients to. With financial planners there... View more
highest LTV lenders cover Maine ?
after 2 months wasting time and had move out before i could refi with quicken loans they quoted me 60 LTV for my rehabbed 3 unit. seems low for 720 credit score and noi per month of $1300ARV is $195kput 35k into... View more
In Need of Tenant Placement in Portland/Old Orchard Beach
Hi All,I wanted to reach out and see if any property managers out there might have a client or clients looking for temporary furnished housing in the Portland areas?  
Moving to Portland, Maine 2019
We are planning our first trip to main February 19th to visit for 3 days. My question is I want to do real estate buy and hold and flipping is Maine capable of this? Now I know the same story that everyone says you can... View more
30% Federal Tax Credit for INstalling Solar Panels
I recently read an article that there is a 30 % Federal Tax Credit for installing Solar Panel. Does anyone know if this is also available on investement properties?
whats driving inflation
Rising Labor CostIncreased Government SpendingProlonged housing shortages all equal the main pressure pointsInflation is picking up and looks like it will increase over the next 18 monthsa half of a percentage point... View more
Investing in Portland Maine, and areas South for maximum ROI
I recently decided to look at investment properties in Southern Maine to Portland. The prices are much less then you find in pricey Massachusetts and the Rents are producing strong ROI's. Plus, State Landlord / Tenant... View more
multi family investing
Now is the time for anyone thinking about getting started in investing in multi unit housing....... I would strongly recommend to dive in. The principle behind Multi Family investing is growing stronger and stronger... View more
Seeking Atty in southern ME that specializes in condo conversion
Hi! I'm looking for an attorney in the Southern Maine area, specifically Kennebunk, that knows about town ordinance and condo conversions. Looking to turn a 2 family into 2 condos and sell each off in VR zone. Thanks!
Rental Agent or Property Manager/Tenant Placement.
HI BP Community.I am hoping to seek some help in finding a rental agent, property manager or even a tenant placement agency/agent that can help us fill a few units near the Portland Maine area.  We have some... View more
Rent control & other restrictions on Nov. ballot
Do you own in Portland, Maine? Do you live in Portland? Then you need to know about Question 1 on the ballot this November 7th. Question 1 is a citizens' initiative that will (among other things):-impose rent control... View more
Live-in duplex: worthit if it doesn't pencil out?
Hi everybody,I've been helping one of my family members look for an affordable SFH for a few months now but given how hot the Portland (and vicinities, i.e Salem) Real Estate market is, it's been a very challenging... View more
1st property - LLC
Sorry if this is already a topic somewhere but I want to purchase my first rental property but do it under an LLC. I currently have an LLC in Oregon but its unrelated to real estate. My question is can I obtain my... View more
Investing local vs Midwest
I'm interested in buy and hold properties, ideally with positive cashflow. I live in the Portland, OR area and have a tough time finding any properties that will positively  cashflow. I would prefer to invest locally... View more