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Investor-friendly agents in Boston
Ready to get serious about investing in Boston? Connect with investor-friendly agents who can help you land your next deal. As local experts, they know the Boston market inside and out and can evaluate properties from... View more
Pre Qualified vs. Pre Approved
Happy Friday everyone. It's a beautiful day to discover the difference between get qualified and approved. The first step to acquiring your first investment property is to understand how much you can afford for said... View more
Building 3F in Charlestown with parking
Hello! I am currently looking at 1,815 sq ft plot of land in Charlestown that is zoned as a 3F. It is an adjacent lot to a 3F that I am looking to renovate & live in. I was interested in using some of the land... View more
Massachusetts Investors Virtual Meet Up
Hi Everyone,I was wondering if any my Massachusetts/ New England investors would be interested in a virtual meetup? If all goes well we can make it a monthly/bi-monthly event. I'm a new investor, but I have been... View more
What % of NOI do you use for estimating expenses?
Goodmorning BP.  I'd like to hear your general rule of thumb for estimating expenses on a MF properties after it's stabilized in the Boston area. Of course everyone has their own formula for what they're looking for... View more
3 Tips for Choosing a Realtor for Your House Hack
Hi everyone. Here are what I believe to be the most important qualities of an exceptional realtor for your first house hack. 1. Running NumbersAt a bare minimum, it's important find a realtor that generally understands... View more
Water in Dorchester Basement
Fellow New England property owners, I have a property in Dorchester that frequently gets water in the basement when it rains. It's a combination I think of where it sits on the slope of a hill and I also think it's... View more
I would like to go to a home Inspection or current rehab project
Hello All!I know this is a random request, but everything I have learned so far has been from my laptop or a book. I will soon become a real estate agent. While waiting for my exam date I want to learn about the common... View more
Calculating Lot Sizes
Hi everyone!I am trying to obtain a property through wholesaling. It comes with an extra lot and I am not sure how to calculate the value for that. The area around is pretty developed, so I am not able to a comparison.... View more
Using a Gift to Pull Off Househack
Learnt some interesting stuff today. For using an on 3&4 unit MF, you cannot use a gift as cash reserves. I believe you need at least 3 months of cash reserves (at least according to 1 lender). BUT! You can use the... View more
Example of Househack #'s I Almost Put An Offer On
How I Run the Numbers on a House Hack Good morning my sweet people. This is a real example of a property that I checked out with a client - and I believe it provides insight into how the numbers can look on these... View more
Seeking guidance on how to market a few off-market 3 families
I have a problem. I have multiple off-market 3-family listings in the dorchester area. They all have extremely strong rent rolls and are in good condition, but they are not for the typical "value-add" investor who is... View more
Investment Property Refi in Boston, MA - Seeking Lender Referral
Happy Friday BP folks - Does anyone have any local (to Boston) banks that are currently doing investment property re-fi for a mult-family at 80% LTV? Ideally, I'm looking to get a referral to someone at East Boston... View more
Single Family vs. Multi Family
House Hacking: Single Family vs. Multi Family Goodmorning my sweet people. I hope you enjoyed your weekend. I wouldn't say Monday is my favorite day of the week, but it's certainly up there. Most of the days feel... View more
Boston Real Estate Outlook
Hello BP! For the folks who invest in the Northeast, more specifically Boston, how do you feel about the outlook for 2021? Do you expect any dip in the prices of multis or apartments?  My theory is people are looking... View more
Why I Will Literally Never Stop Buying Rentals
3 Reasons I'll be Acquiring Rental Properties 4 Life There are a few things in life I am willing to bet on. Here are 3 of them: The pope is Catholic. The sun will rise tomorrow. I will never stop acquiring real... View more
Clarity w/ Masshousing Loans
Was reading more into Masshousing Conventional Loans this morning...there are definitely some favorable aspects to this type of loan. Some things that it provides:- low-and no-down payment - downpayment loan of 5% or... View more
Vinyl Plank Flooring Brands
Hi BP Community,Have a SFH, 2 bed 1 bath, that I am looking to install Luxury Vinyl Planking. Its only about 600 sqft of total space I need the flooring for (living room is refinished hardwood). Which brand do you... View more
Countertops in Section 8 Rental near Boston
Hi BP Community,I am working on rehabbing my first rental investment, SFH with 2 bed and 1 bath , that I plan to rent out for section 8 tenants in a small town near cape cod. It is a C/C+ town, but I am in a B... View more
Looking to find Boston networking groups
Hello!  I am looking to network with more Boston investors and I was wondering if you guys knew of any of these groups in particular. I am grateful for any suggestions you may have. Thanks!
Owner Occupied HELOC
Hi! I have a quick question related to lending and HELOCs to tap into equity. I will be refinancing my duplex in Salem, MA (north of Boston) in the next few months to lower the rate and potentially pull some money out.... View more
What do fellow Boston Investors think of this address?
I am considering purchasing just south of Mass Ave in the South End. Those of you who know the area know it is a warzone line. But when will it gentrify I guess is the question? Anyone think it could be a good play for... View more
Boston, Massachusetts commercial cash out/refi rate/terms?
Anyone having luck finding favorable rate/terms for commercial cash out/refi lately? Any help, greatly appreciated! I'm hoping to find a lender going to 75% LTV w/ decent terms and w/o pulling properties out of LLC's.