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New Real Estate Investor in Springfield, MA
Hi all,I’m looking to invest in the Springfield, MA market for my first investment property. I currently live in NYC so this will be out-of-state for me but I grew up in eastern Mass and went to college in western... View more
Investor looking to brrr
Hi everyone I hope this post is appropriateI’m looking to meet people who do brr in Massachusetts or ct and whole salers if your from the area please reach out. Looking to put together some deals 
Cap rate goal for Malden/Everett for first time buyer
Hi all, My name is Faris, I'm a marketing professional working at a 3D printing company in Somerville. I'm brand new to real estate investing, and plan on buying my first property so that I can stop paying rent. Goal... View more
Water sub metering in Massachusetts
Hello Fellow investorsI am going through getting the 3 family rehabbed in Springfield MA. The goal is to have it as a long term buy and hold cash flow property. It is in a class C neighborhood.There is major plumbing... View more
WMass/Greater Springfield MA/Hampden County
I’m looking to connect with people in the area and develop a broader circle of like minded individuals. Flippers/Rehabbers/Landlords/Wholesalers/Agents/Contractors/Lenders/Whoever...For as active an area as this is it... View more
I have a house under contract
The property is located in Springfield mass  Indian orchard Projected NumbersPurchase Price: $75,000Closing Costs on Purchase: Approx. $1,500Rehab Budget: $40,000Holding Costs: Approx. $2,500Total Project Cost:... View more
Do window brands make a big difference in a flip?
I am looking into quotes for a large custom made window. I am looking into Jeld Wen, American Craftsman 70 and Paradigm 8300. All are roughly the same price. Is it worth spending the extra cash on a more expensive window?
Buying a property that is split between two towns
Has anyone ever bought a multi-family that is split between two towns? Are there any nuances to this? I understand that the taxes would have to be split (not an even % either) but are there any other concerns?Thanks in... View more
Flip House in Wilbraham MA
I have a lead on a property in Wilbraham MA.  I'm looking for someone in that area to refer the seller to. I'm not looking for any compensation. I don't know anything about the property. All I know is the family wants... View more
Financing Question- Mortgage Too Small?
Hi BP, I'm looking to purchase 1 or 2 condos in the same building; however, the mortgage is probably not big enough to qualify for a loan through most banks/credit unions (under $50k per unit). The 2 condos together... View more
Western Mass / Holyoke Multi Family Investing
Hey All,I hope everyone is doing well. I'm a 21 year new investor and I'm looking to start of with multi family properties for cashflow. I currently live in Newton, MA and the prices around here are crazy for multi... View more
Economy is solidly advancing
I read a recent article by one of the very best Economist in the Real Estate Business that anticipated growth of 4 to 5 percent occurred in the second quarter. GDP will exceed 3% for the first time since 2005 and... View more
Lead Certs - Springfield MA
Hello BP,I am looking to purchase my first multi family house, one of the areas I'm considering is Springfield, MA.  So of coarse now I know lots of horrible information about... View more
30 % Federal Tax Credit for installing Solar Panels?
I recently read an article that there is a 30% federal tax credit for installing solar panels. Is this also for investment property? Does anyone out there know
whats driving inflation
Rising Labor Cost, increased government spending, and prolonged housing shortages are the main pressure points.Inflation is picking up and looks to increase over the next 18 monthsa mortgage rate jump from 4 to 4.5%... View more
Trying to connect with more investors in the Western Mass area.
I just wanted to take the time to reach out and say hello to other investors in the Western Mass area. I am an Investor/Agent in the area and am always looking to meet new investors and discuss everything that is REI.... View more
In search of Wholesalers
Good Morning,I am an investor in Springfield, MO that is always on the lookout for SFH to BRRRR, multi-family residential, and commercial real estate. I have been doing this long distance (military) for years, and it... View more
Property Manager Screening
Does anyone know a good property manager in Springfield MA? I am buying a 3 family home built in early 1900s. It is fully occupied with good cash flow. I am looking for a property manager who provides good service to... View more
Looking for fellow investors in Berkshires
Hi, I'm a beginning investor in the Berkshires and am looking to connect with other local investors. Anyone investing in this area interested to meet over a cup of coffee and talk shop?
Shared Well in Granby, MA. Board of Health Being Difficult
I own 2 adjacent parcels of land on one deed in Granby, each parcel with a single family home on it. Long term buy and holds. I want to do a shared well (private water supply), and everywhere I look on the Mass DEP... View more