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This forum is for real estate investors and professionals who are interested in networking and talking about the Springfield, Massachusetts real estate market.

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Western Mass / Holyoke Multi Family Investing
Dedric Polite Last post by Dedric Polite, 29 days ago
Dedric Polite Dedric Polite 22 29 days Jump to last post
Contractor Referral Needed for Southern MA Flip
Nick Bennett Last post by Nick Bennett, 2 months ago
Nick Bennett Nick Bennett 2 2 months Jump to last post
Water sub metering in Massachusetts
James Denon Last post by James Denon, 5 months ago
James Denon James Denon 12 5 months Jump to last post
Looking for aggressive real estate agent in Springfield Mass
Marc Murphy Last post by Marc Murphy, 9 months ago
Marc Murphy Marc Murphy 3 9 months Jump to last post
Financing Question- Mortgage Too Small?
Moshe H. Last post by Moshe H., 10 months ago
Moshe H. Moshe H. 2 10 months Jump to last post
Flip House in Wilbraham MA
Michael Miele Last post by Michael Miele, 11 months ago
Michael Miele Michael Miele 0 11 months Jump to last post
Property Manager Screening
Josh Kundrat Last post by Josh Kundrat, 12 months ago
Josh Kundrat Josh Kundrat 9 12 months Jump to last post
Looking for fellow investors in Berkshires
Brian Gallagher Last post by Brian Gallagher, about 1 year ago
Brian Gallagher Brian Gallagher 5 about 1 year Jump to last post
Bigger Pocets Meet up Groups
Bob Couture Last post by Bob Couture, over 1 year ago
Bob Couture Bob Couture 6 over 1 year Jump to last post
Shared Well in Granby, MA. Board of Health Being Difficult
Rick Santasiere Last post by Rick Santasiere, over 1 year ago
Rick Santasiere Rick Santasiere 1 over 1 year Jump to last post
Western Ma newbie
Steve Sapowsky Last post by Steve Sapowsky, over 1 year ago
Steve Sapowsky Steve Sapowsky 9 over 1 year Jump to last post