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June Homes and other Corporate Rental Companies
Hi All! - I had interest from a company called June Homes in leasing our Somerville, MA 4 bed, and then subleasing it out to people relocating to the Boston area. I believe they rent each bedroom separately.  They... View more
Looking for an architect in Somerville
Hey looking for an architect who works in Somerville. Preferably someone who knows their way through the Somerville zoning department. Lots of big changes to Somerville zoning but would love to talk to someone who has... View more
How to tap into equity on a property held by an LLC
I have a single family rental that I am trying to do the brrrr strategy with. I have the property under an LLC which seems to have complicated the Refinance part to pull out some of my equity so I can do the repeat... View more
Extracting Extra Value from Rental Property
Hi BP community! Looking for some insight on my current rental property in Cambridge, MA.It is a Duplex (Up-down). Currently, we have an empty basement and shed. Do landlords in this market charge for storage space?... View more
Need help - removing Mirror Walls
Hi BPP,Looking for some assistance here in Cambridge, MA. How would you suggest removing these mirrored walls in family room & bathroom? Pictures are attached below.Thanks for your feedback and help!
Where to buy in MA???
So many things that clog my brain. Perhaps biggest is where to buy. Doing lots of research, currently live in milton area, moving to Southie in the fall. I am new to this and very excited. Obviously Milton,... View more
Contractor Recommendation Medford/Summerville, MA
I am in the planning stages of a Triplex condo conversion in the Medford/Sommerville area.  Any general contractor recommendations would be appreciated.  Please let me know why you are recommending the contractor and... View more
To refurbish basement or not
Fellow submarine officer and I luckily got stationed in Boston together at the same time. We bought a 2-family in Somerville equidistant from both Davis and Porter squares. We are both independently remodeling our... View more
Cambridge, MA makes it easier to rent ADUs
For any Cambridge / Boston area investors who didn't see this news from about six weeks ago...'new rules in Cambridge will make it far easier for owners of one- and two-family homes to convert basements into the... View more