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New Member Introduction
Hello everyone,I am new on these forums and I wanted to drop a post to introduce myself. My name is Craig. My wife and I own a single-family in the Creston Neighborhood which we have put A LOT of time into to make it... View more
BRRRR In Grand Rapids?
I'm looking to acquire a couple of rental properties and was wondering how Grand Rapids was for BRRRR investing these days? I'm out of state so would also need a good local support system in place. Is Grand Rapids... View more
Building a Real Estate Team
Does anyone have recommendations for property management, Real Estate CPA, and Real Estate Attorney in the Grand Rapids, MI area? If you have used a company and had a bad experience I would be interested to know why as... View more
BUILDER Recommendation - Economical Rental House
Hello!  This is probably a long shot, but does anyone have any recommendations for home builders that would take a small rental house on as a project?  Builder financing would be a plus.   I own a house in John Ball... View more
Estimating Insurance Costs - Best Practices
Hi everyone! I've started the research phase of my real estate investing journey over the last few weeks with the hopes of diving in soon. I'm hoping for some insight into insurance costs. I've been evaluating deals as... View more
Tax strategist in Kalamazoo or Grand Rapids?
I’m looking for an experienced, knowledgeable, proactive tax strategist in West Michigan that can help me be proactive in creating a tax strategy that minimizes what I’m giving to Uncle Sam and takes advantage of the... View more
Wholesaling Real Estate in Grand Rapids, Michigan
I am embarking on this journey to become financially free and I believe wholesale real estate is the first step in that process. It will be a tough process, but I am determined to see this journey through. Along the... View more
Contractor Recommendations Needed
Hello, Purchasing a duplex in the Madison Area of GR. Will need to make some repairs to the place and am looking for contractor referrals. Specifically will need contractor(s) who have expertise with (in no particular... View more
Section 8 in Metro Grand Rapids
Does anyone on here have Section 8 rentals in GR? I'm trying to figure out approx how much it pays here but not finding much.  Any info would be helpful, thanks!
Any Grand Rapids BRRR or flip investors open to catching up?
My wife and I started pursuing buy-and-hold MF homes 3 years ago in West MI. We're at 12 units between Grand Rapids, Grand Haven, and Muskegon. It's been going great but we'd like to transition to the BRRR strategy on... View more
Cash Flow Game - Grand Rapids - RPOA Conference - February 27-29?
Hi Everyone,  I am coming down for the RPOA Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan this year (February 27-29, 2020). I plan to bring my Cash Flow game with me and hope to find a couple people that wish to learn to play... View more
Wholesaling in Grand Rapids?
I have been interested in getting more involved in the Grand Rapids market for a while now. I grew up in GR and have friends/ family who invest across the Midwest. Since graduating HS in 2017 I have done everything... View more
Neighborhoods in Grand Rapids, MI?
Hello Everyone!I am going to walk through a home in Grand Rapids, MI. It is located in the Baxter neighborhood. I have lived in the Eastown and Heritage Hill neighborhoods for the past few years and I have not... View more
Looking for a Grand Rapids Investor
I'm trying to help out a past client who is looking for some contact info for investors in the Grand Rapids area. Any idea where to find some numbers?
Is my cash flow projection way off?
Hi all -- I'm trying to build out some kind of cash flow projection formula for analyzing properties. I'm looking in Grand Rapids/Holland/Muskegon/Kalamazoo MI. For simplicity's sake, assume a $100K property renting... View more
Preparing to list 3 adjacent multi unit properties
Hi everyone,  I'm getting ready to list 10 units that I currently own. Most of the remodeling is complete with the exception of units that have had long-term renters in them (which are still reasonable); some units are... View more
Wholesaler- looking to expand in to the West Michigan market -GR
Hi I'm a wholesaler in the Metro Detroit market at the moment looking to start wholesaling in the GR (Grand Rapids) area and to provide some great deals to investors . Ive closed deals and looking to expand within the... View more
Reccomendations for a Grand Rapids Certified Appliance Inspector
Hi All, I own a duplex in GR and need to renew my Certificate of Compliance for the rental. Before the duplex can be ceritified I need to have someone come out and inspect both water heaters and furnaces. Does anyone... View more
Calvin College Alum Investors
Hi All, I'm a 2016 Calvin College alumni living and working in Chicago. I've been looking into the Grand Rapids market and would love to connect with any Calvin College Alumni who are personally investing in the... View more
New Member Introduction
Hello world!   I am a new member looking to introduce myself and perhaps meet some local like minded folks. I am a 37 year old W-2 working professional. I live between Lansing and Grand Rapids Michigan. I am educating... View more
Refinance LLC-owned property
I'm looking for advice on how to refinance a single family home owned by an LLC. I purchased it in cash and am rehabbing it now; the estimated ARV is about $65k. The property is located in Kalamazoo, MI.Any advice... View more
Grand Rapids Investing
Hello,I am a new investor in the Grand Rapids area. I currently house hack a three bedroom condo in Grand Rapids I purchased in 2017. I am looking to pickup another property in 2019 but am constantly told to, "wait for... View more
New investor in Grand Rapids
Hello! I'm a GR native and recent GVSU grad looking to house hack my first deal this year. I've been listening to the BP podcasts, reading books, and meeting local agents, lenders, and investors for a few months now,... View more
BRRRRing in West Michigan
Hey, folks,I'm interested to hear if/where others are successfully BRRRRing in western MI. I grew up a little southeast from GR and now living on the west coast (summers here remind me a lot of MI... with the bonus of... View more