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Need a property manager but not really.
I manage a duplex in St Paul from different stateย myself and I like it this way. The only problem I have is every now and then I need someone, to check on the house. Someone who can stop by and let me know if gutters... View more
Who has experience building ADUs?
I have a 2 car garage next to a parking pad with another 2 spots. Plenty of room for a 4 car garage with an ~800 square foot apartment on top, right?ย Does anyone in the Twin Cities (St. Paul) area have any contractors... View more
St. Paul follows Minneapolis lead in limiting landlord rights
A little heads up from our local realtor associationย โ€œThe City Council on June 3 postponed a public hearing and vote on the SAFE Housing Tenant Protections, which would mandate several measures meant to protect tenants... View more
Looking for real estate meet up group Minneapolis-St. Paul area
Hi,ย I'm looking for more information about local realย estate meet up groups in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area to begin networking and to learn more about real estate. I'm new to real estate and have no experience in the... View more
Credit union or local bank financing for apartment building
Hello All,Looking for recommendations on local banks or credit unions for commercial apartment purchase financing. Any products out there with 85% LTV, 10 year balloon and 30 year amoritization? Thanks in advance.Bilal
[Help] Difference between Landlord 101 and license?
Hey!So I am wanting to make sure I am being proper, but the City of St. Paul's website is not clear on this. I need to make sure I've covered my bases with regards to being licensed, but I'm not sure if the Landlord... View more
Any recommendations for contractors in the St.Paul area?
I'm looking for a good contractor to do a gut rehab on a 2-unit in St.Paul. I currently live and work in Chicago but am from MN and frequently visit. Hoping to make a good connection so I can start ramping up the units.ย 
Real Estate Investment Planning In Saint Paul
Hello Everyone. Quick introduction, my name is Fong Lee as of now I am 24 years old. I am new to Real Estate Investing. I live in Saint Paul, Mn area. I have not done any deals yet but I do see potential in ownership... View more
South Saint Paul, MN
Any South Saint Paul residentsย in the house?ย Is it me or have theย prices for small multifamily propertiesย in South Saint Paulย higher than places like Frogtown, Dayton's Bluff, North End and definitely Payne Phalen. I... View more
Any Dayton's Bluff investors here? Just accepted an offer
Just accepted an offer on a duplex on Minnehaha Ave E in St. Paul. Looking to see if anyone else here has/is investing in that neighborhood. I would like to connect :)
Re-titling from personal to LLC, who's done it?
I chatted with someone who talked about how they moved the title from them to their LLC, and while reading about some of the options, I was curious if anyone here has done it. I looked at the warranty deed vs quitclaim... View more
Advice for looking at HUD Properties
Hello!Does anyone in the area have experience looking at HUD properties in the St.Paul area? Looked at a 4-plex, category 1 today, my first HUD home. Looking for advice on appropriate due-diligence needed and... View more
Looking for Granite Vendor, Good and affordable
Hello.I am looking to get my kitchen granite done. I used to get it done from home depot . I am wonder if anyone use somebody different that is good and affordably.ย Please share with me. Thanksย 
Zoning for B&B/Wedding Venue in St. Paul
I came across a house in my neighborhood that would be an excellent B&B or wedding venue, but I was not sure if it would be legal to operate such an entity based given it's current zoning (R4). Frankly, I'm a bit... View more
Estimating Duplex ARV in MSP Markets
Hi all!I have been playing with the numbers of a few rehab MFRs in the St. Paul area and am wondering what factors some of you prefer when estimating the ARV ($/sq.ft., comps, rent ratios, location, etc.). There's a... View more
Investor Friendly Real Estate Agent Search
Hi! I'm trying to find a good investor friendly real estate agent to help me with buy and holdย multi-family rentals in St Paul. Would some of you mind sharing any great recommendations or even just some insight... View more
St. Paul required inspections for non-owner occ. MFH
Hello! I want to be sure I have everything ready to go. We close on a duplex in St Paul on October 5th, and we want to be sure we hit the ground running. St. Paul's site isn't exactly explicit on everything you need,... View more
St Paul TISH Report Required Fixes?
Twin Cities Investors, am I required to fix all items called out on the Truth In Housing report? I have a property that can be a quick cosmetic turn. There are some plumbing issues that don't meet today's codes. I ... View more
Zoning different for duplex vs triplex?
Hello! We found an awesome duplex that we think has the potential to be turned into a triplex down the road. I've found that it is zoned RT1 per this:ย, it... View more
Anyone renting near Oakland Cemetery?
If you're a landlord in North End in St. Paul, I have some questions for you! I've been looking on Craigslist, but for anyone who is renting property around that area, are you finding good tenants? Do you have any... View more