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Effects of a COVID recession on the Kansas City Economy
My goal is to hit $10,000/mo in cash flow in the next 5 years and I am looking at the greater Kansas City area to start building my rental portfolio. Before shifting my focus from the more expensive markets in Oregon,... View more
Series LLC and business bank accounts in Missouri
Hi everyone,I am an out of state investor in the Kansas City area (Missouri side). I am using a Series LLC structure and am having some trouble finding a KC bank that I can use to open a business checking account (and... View more
Kansas City Mo STR - Legal Advice
I am looking for a law firm or lawyer that is well versed in the STR application process for Kansas City, MO. This includes the annual STR rental application, annual business licenses requirement, and KCMO complainant... View more
Has anyone used Only Choice Property Management
Im looking at working with Only Choice PM and wanted to hear from others that may have used them in the past. Please let me know what you think of them and if you would recommend them. RegardsJeffJeff Betschart
Insurance Agent Recommendations
Hi All,Does anyone have any insurance agents that they work with in the area that you recommend? I am looking to get quotes on a 2/1 or 3/1 SFH in the Independence market.Thank you,Tim
Kansas City, MO Lenders / Property Managers Recommendations
Hi All,Relatively new to the forums here (but not to the podcasts / books!) and love the support from the community. New to investing in BRRR's the Kansa City, MO space with my business partner and would love some... View more
Insurance Brokers (Flood)
Hi BP! Any good insurance brokers (especially flood) recommendations in the KC area? Looking at a multifamily near a flood zone, current flood insurance is around $7k a year according to the seller... wanted to double... View more
OOS Investor Looking For Analyzer Check
Hi All, I am an aspiring OOS investor from San Diego, looking at the Independence Market for SFH. I have created a deal analyzer on google sheets and was hoping someone could look it over to see if I have it correct. ... View more
How to find projected property tax in Kansas City
Hello everybody. I'm fairly new to Bigger Pockets and real estate in general. I am looking at buying my first rental property, out of state, through a turnkey company in Kansas City soon. After I get a little more... View more
Looking to connect.. Kansas City, Oct 27th - 28th
Hello BP. My wife and I will be traveling to Kansas City, MO - Oct 27th - 28th. We're hoping to meet up with some rockstar agents, PM's, and investors. Looking for buy and hold, CASH FLOW, SFH or Multi 2-4, C or B... View more
Looking for GC for rent ready rehab
KC, I am looking for General Contractors to rehab a 3 bed, 2 bath single family home I recently purchased in Independence MO 64052. I am looking to BRRRR the property. Thanks
OOS travel physical therapist looking for KCMO contacts
Hello BP! I am a travel physical therapist and I would like to long-distance-invest in the Kansas City, MO area for my first investment property. I would like to network with rockstar real estate agents, lenders, and... View more
Seeking advice before investing
Hello BP KC Community!I am preparing to move to KC this month for a new position with my corporate job and I will soon need to make some decisions if I want to get into real estate investing. If you could please take a... View more
Newbie OOS investor to Kansas City
Hey all, My name is Evan. I'm 28 and I live in San Francisco, California. Due to high prices in the Bay Area, I’ve decided to try OOS investing. I’ve set my eyes on Kansas City because I’ve heard that it’s a good place... View more
Closing Costs on Portfolio of SFH
Does anyone know how to estimate closing costs on a portfolio of single-family rentals? I am evaluating a deal in Kansas City where I will purchase multiple single-family homes in a package. If closing costs for one... View more
Do Housing Authority of KCMO vouchers work in Independence?
Hello all!If a tenant has a housing choice voucher (Section 8) from the Housing Authority of Kansas City, Missouri, do they have to use that voucher on a property inside the KCMO city limits, or does it also work... View more
Engineer in Kansas City
I just received an inspection report for a home I have under contract in Kansas City and there were some potential problems identified with the foundation.  I spoke with a friend who is a structural engineer and he... View more
Kansas City Rehab Costs
Does anyone on here have a good idea of how to estimate full home rehab costs in Kansas City, MO these days?  I recently purchased a few single-family homes in the area and now I am looking to take on my first BRRRR.... View more
Rough Estimates of Insurance for SFR in 64130?
Hi BP,I am currently analyzing properties for an owner looking to sell off his entire portfolio. As I run the numbers on these properties, I was wondering if there are any investors here that could give me an of what... View more
Investor-friendly Mortgage pro/lender in Kansas city for turnkey
Hi All!I'm a newbie and am taking steps toward acquiring my first residential rental property. Since I live abroad outside the US, I'm planning on starting off by buying a single family home in the Kansas City, MO... View more
Property Manager Recommendation!
Hi, I’ve used Voepel Property Management and DJ Hannah Property Management In KC MO. I’m hoping to find someone that’s seasoned and a little type A on maintenance. Any recommendations would be great. Thanks!