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St. Ann Area Experiences?
Hi, all. New member recently settled in STL and looking to purchase my first investment property this spring. I'm looking at house hacking a residential multifamily thus far and most of the hits I've gotten in my price... View more
REI Friendly local bank in STL
I'm looking to establish a relationship and open accounts with a local Saint Louis bank. Does anyone have a recommendation? I currently only bank with USAA.
What's included in your insurance policy?
Hello St. Louis property investors! I'm seeking insurance for a 6-unit property in St. Louis City. What do you make sure your insurance policy covers? Is there anything unique to St. Louis that should be included on my... View more
Looking for local investors
Is anyone looking for another person to talk real estate to, or need an accountability partner? Id like to find an investor around St. Charles/St. Louis that is looking for another friend basically! I don’t have many... View more
St Louis property past sale prices.
im trying to find comps and determine ARV of properties in st Louis but every site im looking at (Zillow, realty, truila) has removed all prices of past sold houses. anyone else running into this or have any idea why... View more
Local banks/lenders offering Portfolio Loans in St. Louis?
Hello,  I am new to investing in St.Louis and looking for a local bank or lender who does portfolio loans. Looking to buy several buy&hold single and multifamily properties this year. Any advice and recommendations... View more
Rental market St. Charles county
Hi! My husband and I are preparing to find our first REI on hopefully a single family home in St Charles county, Missouri. We have educated ourselves on the process but are trying to feel out the market to see if we... View more
St Louis single family home Insurance agent
Hi All. Im looking to start inventing in St Louis and am currently shopping around for insurance to find out what I can expect to pay on a single family home. Do you have any recommendation for an insurance broker or... View more
Agent and Lender Recommendations
Hello all, I am looking to purchase my first (house hacking) property in the next few months and am in need of recommendations for an investor friendly agent and lender. As of now, I'm looking for a SFH in the... View more
Looking for St Louis, MO Contractors
I have been looking for contractors that are not overly priced on craigslist and by other means to no avail. I was wondering if anyone could give me some recommendations.
Looking for Your REI friendly CPA - Metro East Saint Louis
Those of you that live in/around the Saint Louis area, can you refer your CPA/Tax pro to me?  I have sold 2 homes this year so I need some capital gains tax strategy for 2021 on top of some advice on how to structure... View more
Leaking basement on a historic duplex in St. Louis
Hello! I'm hoping some of my fellow St. Louis investors with experience with older multi-family properties in the city might have some thoughts for me. I'm under contract on a duplex in the city (near Soulard) that was... View more
STL City Property Auction
I went to the previous property auction from the city and I was astounded at the amount of people there.  I know there is a large amount of due diligence needed for these properties due to possible liens.  It looked... View more
First Multifamily tips for starting out
Closing on my first multifamily next week and plan to ultimately increase rents to market rates as they are well below right now.  All units are occupied and all are on month to month terms.  There are a few tenants... View more
Investing in Spanish Lake (St Louis, MO)?
I am looking at a property that makes sense with numbers although I am running into some folks that say it is a bad area. Does anyone else have experience investing in that area and how did it go?
Multifamily costs estimate
Hi. I am looking for Small Multifamily In STL. Need some help help with what should I use as estimate for utilities. What is usually paid by the owner and what is usually paid by the tenant? And what is the average... View more
Commercial Lender Recommendation
Looking to go into commercial properties next year.... want to buy 16, 20 or 30 units. Any recommendation on commercial lenders to talk too?  Also any advice of what things to think about going from residential to... View more
Insurance help for rental in South City
I'm under contract on a multifamily in South City and currently looking at insurance options.  The first few quotes I got were a lot higher than I expected.  With most of the buildings in that area being 100 years old,... View more
University City, Missouri Rental Properties
I've been investing for quite some time usually buy and hold and some rehabs but have never invested in University City. I've been looking at some houses near 170 and olive. I was wondering if anyone can share some of... View more
NNN lease broker in St Louis area
Hi BP Community! Looking for a triple net lease property broker in the St Louis area. I have an investor partner looking to do a 1031 exchange into something, and I think a NNN lease would work well for his purposes. I... View more
First Property Under Contract in St. Louis!
My partner @Eran Linker  and I will be in St. Louis 10/20 - 10/21 and are looking to network with some real estate agents (realtor), real estate investors, and contractors.  We would like to meet up with anyone who has... View more
Contractor scaring me with contractor’s’ lien
Hey all, I hired this contractor to do some balcony work on my property. I paid him 50% of the final price as agreed in our contract for the completion of 50% of the work.  However, it turns out the work was of low... View more