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Moving to Omaha in 4 Months
Hello Everyone! I am on track to graduate from the University of Nebraska-Kearney with a Construction Management degree in May. I have accepted a job offer with a general contractor and will be making W-2 income. I was... View more
Advice for someone investing in Real Estate in their early 20's?
Hello everyone! I am fairly new to BP and Real Estate. I live in Omaha Nebraska. I am 22 years old, recently graduated from UNO where I studied Business Admin with a concentration in Real Estate. I have been working... View more
Omaha Real Estate Agent
Good morning,I am looking at a few homes here in Omaha and I need a new real estate agent. The one I used on my other purchases wasn't working out for me. Does anyone have recommendations? 
Plumber Recomendation Omaha, NE
Hello everyone, I've been having a terrible time finding a plumber for a few different jobs. I started by seeking quotes for replacing two water heaters, got 3 quotes around $750-$1000 apart from each other, and tried... View more
Part-time job relating to RE to tackle down student loans debt
Hey Everyone,My wife and I are looking to eliminate our student's loan debts before investing in Real Estate. I am looking into getting a part-time job but I would like to grow my knowledge in real estate at the same... View more
House Hacking from Another State
Hi. I am starting to look for my first house hack and am a little nervous on pulling the trigger while living in a different state. I work for Kiewit out of Omaha but am currently supporting a project in Arizona. I... View more
Profitability in the Downtown/Midtown areas
Hello Omaha Investors,I have recently been looking into investing in rental properties in the Omaha market in areas around downtown and midtown. When I do the math on potential opportunities, almost every property I... View more
Real Estate Agent in Omaha, NE
Hello! My name is Drew. I haven't posted on here much in the past year. I started buying and selling mobile homes in March of 2019. I did about 6 deals last year. I enjoyed it but I am also looking to connect with a... View more
Air bnb manager needed in Omaha, NE
Hey BP family, I am closing on a duplex at the end of December and one of the units is currently an air bnb. I negotiated the furniture and resources to stay with this unit so it's time to get some contacts in the... View more
Should We Raise Rents to Cover Inspection Costs?
For those that don't know, the city of Omaha recently passed a rental registration and inspection ordinance that starts January 1, 2020. All rental properties in the city will have to be registered within 90 days. I am... View more
Omaha Novice Investor
Hello BP. I have been lurking on the forums for years while I get out of debt and save my money. That's done and I'm ready to invest in Omaha or Lincoln BRRR SFH properties. I have one property under contract (close... View more
Investor-wholesale guestimate on a remote property
Hey All, I am hoping for some local feedback on something.. I have a friend with a property needing some work in Omaha 68111 zip. They are trying to sell on the mls for clearly too much.  Its a 1br/1ba/1car garage and... View more
Omaha Neighborhoods recommendations
My wife and I have been looking into Omaha as our first US market to invest in (we're from Canada).  Would love to hear any recommendations on neighborhoods to checkout/avoid and how the market is in general.
Looking to make connections in Omaha, NE
Hey All,We are hoping to expand my network in Omaha, NE. We've already joined the local REIA but want to make additional connections. Hit us up via phone, email, or let's grab coffee.Thanks!
Elkhorn Real Estate Tax Valuations
Wanted to reach out to those who may own personal or investment properties in Elkhorn, NE to discuss the rising tax valuations, and options (if any) to fight them after unsuccessfully protesting them.   Last year, my... View more
Fall: Seeking Military VA Loan & Listings for 2-4 unit property
I'm moving to Omaha this fall for the military. I am looking to use my VA Loan to find a 2-4 unit building as an investment to live in. About me: I have been investing for 10+ years, have a degree in Real Estate, have... View more
Fall: Seeking Military VA Loan & Listings for 2-4 unit property
I'm moving to Omaha this fall for the military. I am looking to use my VA Loan to find a 2-4 unit building as an investment to live in.About me: I have been investing for 10+ years, have a degree in Real Estate, have a... View more
Would You Invest in St. Louis or Omaha?
Hello BP,I am looking at switching jobs in the near future and right now it looks like it might be between 2 jobs, one would be near Saint Louis MO and the other near Omaha NE. Since I ultimately want to make real... View more
Property managers in Omaha
Hello all,I'm active duty Air Force but likely separating at the end of the year and moving back home (woohoo!) and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions in the way of property management companies. My biggest... View more
Lawn Care Recommendations for Omaha
Hi, I am currently researching some lawn care companies in Omaha and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for companies they like. I am mainly talking about an average sized yard for a 1200 square foot 3 bed... View more
Property Tax Protest
It is almost tax protest season in Nebraska and I will be protesting the tax assessment on at least one of my properties in Omaha that has gone up by nearly 28% over last year.  Would anyone like to share their... View more
Home Warranty
Any suggestions for home warranty companies in the Omaha area. I know Service One is probably the big hitter, just looking for some other options. This is to go along with the sale of a flip.
Appraisal Costs/Recommendations in Omaha, NE
Hey BP Omaha, I am a new investor that is interested in buying and holding in single family homes and multifamily properties. As we are about to close on our first deal, I was wondering if you guys could tell me what a... View more