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Military -> Moving to...House Hacking in Albuquerque
Good Evening Everyone!My name is Nate and I am eager to hit the ground running because I need a place to live!Brief background:  17 years in the Air Force and Moving/PCSing to Albuquerque. I am married, but due to... View more
Albuquerque: Should we invest during COVID?
My husband and I are interested in buying our first rental property (single family home < 300k) in ABQ, but live out of state. We have family that live in ABQ that can help us. We'd love some opinions on any of the... View more
Looking to Network: Albuquerque
Hi all, I’m a local investor here in Albuquerque, interested in all aspects of real estate investing. I’m currently focused on wholesaling, but I’m looking to venture into other strategies when I feel that I’ve fully... View more
Need Lawyer in Albuquerque, NM
Can any investors in Albuquerque point me to a reasonable, well rounded, and responsible handyman? Just asking before I try Craigslist, I'm worried that I'll be unable to vet applicants well, and I haven't been here... View more
Multifamily Investing in ABQ
Hey All,I'm hoping to chat with some investors or brokers specializing in multifamily buildings in Albuquerque. I'm also hoping to hear from anyone with experience doing buy and hold in the Southeast. Thanks!
Financing Approved Hotel to multifamily conversion?
I am in contract on a hotel property in ABQ, in the Huning Castle area. Looking for lenders who will lend on purchase and renovation. The property is currently operated as a hotel however it is already zoned for... View more
Refinancing options for multi-family property in Albuquerque
I'd appreciate some feedback from those investing in Albuquerque around refinancing a mutli-family property where I'm finishing up the rehab.  Do you have to wait the full 6 months of seasoning before moving on a... View more
Water/Sewer and other costs for Multifamily in ABQ?
Anyone local want to share what their 2b/1ba run on water bills?  Also, are there any hidden costs or taxes one should be aware of when investing in Albuquerque?The reason I ask is in Phoenix the city imposes a %2 per... View more
East Albuquerque general contractor search
HiI’m a general contractor and flipper in Tucson AZ and my wife and I are looking at a potential deal in the tijeras New Mexico area. I don’t have any local Albuquerque contacts so I’m reaching out for general... View more
Successful BRRRR Albuquerque?
Who has done a successful 2+ unit BRRR in ABQ? Please bestow some knowledge/experience, I would love to hear your insight. What lender did you use for the Refi? What type of rehab did you do? What were some of your... View more
Albuquerque Neighborhood Zipcode Guide
Hi Friends!BP has been so helpful in my own Real Estate Journey so I want to give back by talking about my home town, Albuquerque! I'm going to break it down by zip code.Albuquerque vacancy rates hover at 7%. Job... View more
Adding Value in ABQ Multifamily?
While conducting research for the ABQ  C/B-  multifamily market I have found that most of the units are outdated. (Old Tile Flooring, Outdated Wooden Cabinets, Old White Appliances, Outdated Bathrooms, etc)I see a... View more
Albuquerque Market - Why are prices increasing?
I've been investing in the Albuquerque area for almost 3 years. In the last year, I've noticed that home prices are increasing more rapidly. While this isn't going to deter me from investing, I'd like to know if I need... View more
Deposits-Can I charge for my labor vs paying a company?
Just curious what laws are in N.M. relating to security deposits.  Basically I just want to know if I need to do a repair or clean up and I get a few quotes for what needs to be done but I do it myself can I deduct my... View more
Adding Value in ABQ Multifamily? Multifamily Operating Expenses?
Hey BP Family.  I am new to the ABQ area I am looking to network with property owners in the area. I am visiting the city 1/24-1/27. Lets talk! What size MF asset do you own? What is your typical operating expense... View more
Cash Out Refinance with highest LTV
I have 2 sfr on one lot in Farmington, NM and am considering doing a cash out refi. I would like the highest LTV I can getdoes anyone have a recommendation?
Is it easy to do the paperwork to sell land through owner finance
I was wondering if it is easy to sell land in New Mexico, by using owner financing to sell the land?Is it easy to just copy paperwork from county, or easy to do all the necessary paperwork to legally sell land through... View more
Anyone here familiar with the Albuquerque market / ABQ?
Hello BP - ABQ chapter ;-)I'm a small real estate investor and interested in exploring the Albuquerque market a bit. Would welcome replies and intros from anyone who lives there and/or invest. Would be happy to talk to... View more
New Investor team looking to grow and connect
Hey Alb/RR area! Thought Id introduce myself to this areas local RE group. I am a small business owner and now RE investor. Beginning with wholesaling and moving forward from there. While new to the field, not new to... View more
Looking for Property Managers and Turnkey Providers
Hi Everyone,Hope Everyone is having a great day. I am currently invested in Atlanta, Birmingham and Dallas markets. I am looking for PM and TKP in Albuquerque market.Please let me know if you can recommend... View more
Albuquerque - Dealing with Solar already on a property questions
Greetings All...I am curious if anyone has experience with Solar Contracts. The back story is that I have an off-market lead for a rental gone wrong that they want to sell quickly and easily. The mother (an older lady)... View more
Beginner Investor Wants Some Direction
I have 100k to invest, and I'm not sure whether to take on a partner to begin flipping, or to find a house on my own and start from scratch. I don't have a team yet, though I'm tight with a realtor, who's been helpful... View more
Bidding on an Auction website
Need advice for a property that is listed on an auction website. The property is in Roswell NM. This is the only forum in NM that I know of. The current bid is $111,000. In RESS the comparables are around 160k. It is 3... View more