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Santa Fe, New Mexico Networking
Hi I don't know if there are any other RE Investors in the Santa Fe area, but I'm looking to start or join a networking group. I am still new to Real Estate Investing and want to meet people in the area. If there are... View more
Recommendation for Property MGMT Company in Santa Fe, NM
Hi BP community, I could really use some advice from locals in the Santa Fe real estate investing community. My folks have lost all of their 2020 renters for their vacation rental property in Santa Fe. They are walking... View more
Looking for Santa Fe, NM buyers agents, wholesalers.
Trying to buy a flip worthy property in Santa Fe from 500 miles away.  I don't want to make the eight hour drive every time something comes on the market that has potential.  Need eyes and ears on the ground.  Any... View more
Broker who deals with distressed properties
Hello BP!My name is Jeff, and I am a recent Santa Fe transplant. I moved here about a month ago from Colorado.I'm interested in purchasing my first property in Santa Fe. I want to owner-occupy a multi-unit property... View more
HUD Fair Market Rents for Santa Fe vs. Albuquerque
If you rent to tenants under the Housing Choice Voucher program, formerly called Section 8, which I recommend, the rent you can charge is limited to what the Dept. of Housing and Urban development list in their annual... View more
Can we revive this forum?
Santa Fe is an interesting place to invest. Let's discuss it here or on the new BP New Mexico Real Estate Mastermind Forum on, I have been looking for... View more