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Looking to Network in Toledo!
Hello! My name is Andrew and I'm an out of state investor.  I'm looking to get into the Toledo market, focusing specifically on duplexes.  I live in Fort Worth and I am looking to make connections with other investors... View more
ARIES Information Incorrect
Hello!I’m using a property management company for my rental property, and they recently put the listing on the market. I noticed the square footage listed was significantly lower than what was stated in my appraisal... View more
Rental Time On Market
Hi all,I put my first rental property on the market last week after spending the past 1.5 months rehabbing.I’m curious what everyone has seen as the average time a rental spends on the market before finding a tenant?... View more
Bowling Green Student Housing
Anyone on here have experience with investing in student housing (multiplexes) in Bowling Green?  Interested in the pro's and con's from someone who has at least dabbled in this arena.  
State of Ohio Assistance with Rent
Gov. DeWine announced Ohio is offering $50M in rent assistance to lower income tenants who are behind or unable to pay rent this past Friday. View more
Interested in SFH in Sylvania or Old Orchard
I'm an OOS rookie REI that was born/raised on West Toledo. Interested in investing a little extra $$$ on the front end with the hope of getting higher quality tenants and fewer maintenance headaches. Anyone have... View more
Networking - Northwest Ohio, Southeast Michigan
Hello everyone,I am looking to network with more investors near the Toledo (Northwest Ohio/Southeast Michigan) market! Please write about yourself below!Thanks,Stephen
Toledo Ohio Rental Investing
I'm looking to invest in the Toledo market, specifically 43608.  I plan on dipping my toe in first with a $25K-$45K rental at 30% down. If things work out, I will increase my investment in 2021. My strategy is buy and... View more
Toledo Area Rents - A Neighborhoods
I would very much appreciate help in understanding the current rental ranges one could expect in the A+ to B+ areas in and around Toledo. I have in mind a 3/2 SFR or a 2/2 apartment in a small multi-unit in any of... View more
Toledo Lead Paint Law...Halted for the THIRD Time latest and greatest on the Toledo Lead Ordinance. The 2019... View more
Water, Sewer, Garbage in Toledo - Who is responsible?
I have a simple question; I tried googling for it but was unsuccessful. Who typically pays for the water, sewer, and garbage in Toledo? Is it the landlord or the tenant? If it's not dictated by law, who typically pays... View more
Investing game plan 70 units in Toledo
Hi All,I have a very ambitious goal to buy 70 cash flowing single family homes in Toledo in the next three years. Looking to make $150/month per unit. The problem is: I only have 30k down, which would get me a maximum... View more
Crime in Toledo and Surrounding Suburbs
I am researching whether to invest in Toledo based on a recent BP article I read about the city. One of the first things I have noticed is the city of Toledo itself has a lot of properties that look abandoned. These... View more
Home Inspector and OOS
Can I get a recommendation for a home inspector for the Toledo area, especially one that has experience working with out of state investors? Thank you!
Investor's Real Estate in Toledo, OH
My wife and I are looking at investing in Toledo, Ohio. After visiting, we have a positive impression of the city, plus with the cash flow potential and the affordable prices, it seems like a great place to... View more
Can I sell a "public nuisance" property in Toledo?
I am hoping to find an answer from someone who has experience with a property in this situation.  The home is located in Toledo, is owned free and clear, is vacant, and owner lives out of state. The home is/was being... View more
Property Insurance in Class C areas
I've been running the numbers on various properties in Toledo just to get a feel for different scenarios. When I get insurance quotes in lower income areas around Toledo, rates seem to go through the roof! I'm talking... View more
Toledo Ohio Investing
Hello All, I would like to invest back near my hometown of Perrysburg, Ohio within the next 3-5 years. Probably in Toledo and surrounding cities like Sylvania, Holland, Maumee, etc. Are these good areas for renting? Or... View more
LaPlante's response to COVID-19, collecting rent during crisis
Click to link to our latest email to Owners & TenantsHey BP, happy April...if your weeks have been like mine then I'm sure you have had little time for organized responses and even less for productive posts on... View more
Investing in Guayaquil, Ecuador
Hi everyone, I am new to real estate, trying to find my way in rental properties applying de Brrrr method in my city (Guayaquil) but I don't know anyone with experience in my area. If anyone have some experience that... View more
Lucas County (Toledo) property tax reductions more difficult
PIN, The Property Investor's Network ( hosted Anita Lopez at the March 2020 meeting. This was the about the fifth time I have enjoyed Anita's annual updates on the status of Lucas County and... View more
First Blueprints, Commercial upgrade for a 600 am 6 meter service
Fancy!Plan 2600 Amp Service UpgradeI wanted to share a BP first for me...some investors who avoid city inspections and permits, not me! I had a fire in an apartment unit and part of the evaluation from the City of... View more
General Contractor Recommendations
I am looking for some really good general contractor recommendations that are used to working with investors, do good work, have reasonable rates, finish on time and budget, and don't require babysitting to keep the... View more
Multi-family investing Toledo Ohio
I purchased my first property at the end of last year a single family in the Washington local area, rehabbed it ,refinanced , and now I'm looking to repeat.  Using only this strategy I'm only working with about 50,000... View more
New member from Toledo, OH
High Bigger Pockets! I'm a new investor in Toledo, OH. I currently have two properties in the Old West End (one of which is a duplex that we live in), and manage a third for out-of-state friends.Starting to get more... View more