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Ice Storm Damage in Oklahoma City
Hello all, I got a letter (haven't seen it yet, tenant received it) supposedly from the electric company wishing to charge me $5000 for their having to do electric repair. This sounds extremely fishy to me. Anyone... View more
New to rental homes, best way to find local connections
Hello! I'm a new real estate investor, I ordered 5 books from this site on real estate investing and the in and outs of it. As far as searching, what's the best way to find a real estate agent and other members of... View more
What do you think of the El Reno, OK Area?
Hello BP, Looking at two properties on one lot near El Reno High School (Zip 73036).  How is the area for rentals?  Crime?  How the vacancies rates?  What is the tenant profile there?  How would you classify the... View more
DOD SkillBridge Program (Military Internship)
Good afternoon all,The forum rules specifically prohibit seeking mentors or Internships. Does anyone else have experience with the DOD SkillBridge program and know of an appropriate way to reach out to someone on... View more
Looking to buy a Multi-family in the OKC area to House Hack
I am currently looking to buy my first home and I would like to purchase a small multifamily to house hack. What areas around OKC should I look for? What are good investing areas around the OKC area?
Apartment Complex OKC
Hello, I am an OOS investor based in CA and am interested in 20 to 30 plex apartment units in OKC.  How is the rental market in OKC? I have some apartments I would like to discuss with any property managers Thank you.
Is OOS investment in Lawton a good idea
First time OOS  investor.I see alot of properties for sale on Roofstock in Lawton. Does anyone have opinions about investing in buy and hold rentals in Lawton
Best places to invest in OKC: ARV - $100k-150k?
Hi OKC BP'ers!I'm currently located in KC, but considering a move to OKC and/or investing in the market. Ideally, I would like to BRRRR, but could also purchase with traditional (25% down) financing. Prefer 3/2,... View more
OKC BRRRRs OOS investor
Looking to get into BRRRRs. Has anyone worked successfully from OOS with a team in OKC? Are there solid B neighborhoods to invest in? 
Eviction lawyers in OKC
Realizing there's a ban on evictions through the end of the year for certain scenarios, anybody having luck doing evictions right now?  Who's your go-to lawyer?  Have two problematic tenants that I'd like to get out... View more
Recommended roofers in OKC
All, Any roofer recommendations?  Have a property in Moore that got pretty severe hail damage, and need a few estimates from reliable contractors. Thanks in advance.
Section 8 in Midwest City, Del City, OK
Hello, I have been looking online at properties in the OKC suburbs, specifically Del City and Midwest City. Does anyone here own section 8 rentals in those towns? I am looking for more information about section 8... View more
Newbie looking for learning resources
I'm a 20 year old college student who just started learning about real estate this year. So far I've read The House Hacking Strategy by Craig Curelop and that brought me to bigger pockets and their real estate... View more
Moore OK fix and flip
Hello alli'm a new investori would like to invest in moore and norman oklahomawhich neighborhoods are the best for fix and flip?thank you very much
Syndication Lawyer in Oklahoma
Hey all, I'm looking to raise money from non-accredited investors who are friends and family. I'm looking for a lawyer in Oklahoma who has experience with SEC law and helping with setting up a syndication/raising money... View more
Whey are there so many houses for sale in Edmond?
Hi folks, this is my first post in BP. I have been browsing the forum for a while. I'm considering buying a rental property in Edmond. My strategy is buy and hold for long term. It appears to me Edmond has a loooot of... View more
New to Shawnee, OK looking to connect and get some local advice!
Hello All! We recently moved to Shawnee, OK. In our previous state my husband and I bought and held or flipped 7 properties. Would like to start getting involved here in the greater OKC Metro, I'd love to know who's... View more
SFR in South OKC/Moore area
Hello, I am looking to invest in real estate in Oklahoma and would like to ask for some thoughts/feedback on a particular area. The home I am currently considering is in South Oklahoma City, bordering Moore. It is on... View more
Rental Turnover Experience
For the landlords out there, curious about your guys' tenant turnover experience. What's the timeline typically looked like for you guys to do the basic make ready/turnover preparation after a tenant leaves and prior... View more
$1.78 gas and the Oklahoma City Rental Market
Many are very excited by the historically low gas prices here in okc.  I have not seen these prices in many many years.  While it is great for our pocketbook right now it will most likely be very painful in the coming... View more
Looking for a great FHA 4-plex lender!
Hi guys! I'm looking for a lender who isn't afraid of owner occ FHA loans where projected rents (75%, I know) are used as qualifying income. Someone who is savvy, creative, and responsive. Pleeeease send me your... View more