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Need tough flooring Beaverton ranch rental
Newly vacant after 5 year tenant destroyed nice carpet. Disillusioned with LVP reading about how if you don't sweep everyday dust grinds away finish and wrecks the surface. Could go cheap carpet or a more commercial... View more
Wholesaling In Vancouver/Portland Area
Hello BP!My name is Robbie, I'm a new real estate investor looking to get started in wholesaling in the Vancouver/Portland area. Also, I've recently passed my real estate exam and am a licensed realtor in the state of... View more
The future of Portland's real estate market
Hi BP-Portland. I'm curious about opinions here on the future of Portland's real estate market and if there are any leading indicators you're looking at.I think it'd be hard to deny Portland has had a tough year with... View more
Rent by the room, Portland OR
I will be looking to buy a 3br single family home in Portland, Oregon within the next few months. I am drawn to the idea of minimizing my housing expenses through house hacking and understand multifamily homes such as... View more
New Investor in Portland
Hi all - my name is Brian Armstrong, I am a new real estate investor in the Portland area as the title states. I just wanted to introduce myself and start detailing the steps I am taking to get started. A brief... View more
Portland Oregon Formica countertop solutions
Does anyone have a cheap solution to ugly Formica countertop in a rental property in Portland Oregon. Either new modern laminate or other suggestions welcome. 
Best flooring for sound deadening between floors?
Considering Core-Tec for a up and down plex with sound traveling problems. Cork backed and expensive. Any better ideas? Should I lay 1/4 inch plywood under it also but think might be overkill.  Tenants are ready to... View more
1031-endangered? Retroactive? Maybe next year, maybe now?
Is there any chance a 1031 repeal could be retroactive with the Biden regime? TAX! the wealthy is the chant that is getting louder. In Portland, Oregon Ted and Joe are of like minds.
Astoria Oregon Monthly Real Estate Meetup
At 6:00 pm on the first Thursday of every month we have been sharing resources, knowledge and encouraging people to win at investing in real estate. We network, have round table discussions, as well as provide small... View more
Real Estate Broker License Test Prep Course
Hi everyone, I am not sure if this is the right place to ask this question, but I am looking for recommendations on the best (and most affordable) test prep course to take from an agency-approved real estate school. My... View more
Old electric Jenn-Air replacement
Rental with original1980 or so electric Jenn-Air range. Renter just moved and now looking at replacing tired old range. Problem is replacement over $2k and then need updated electrical circuit and replumb exhaust, plus... View more
Investing on Oregon coast
We are looking at Lincoln City and/or Rockaway beaches for a possible month to month rental to absorb some money from a 1031. Anyone have experience in these rental markets?
Furnace out in Portland, OR-cold rental
Gas furnace out and need warm tenants. Best way to keep warm temporary. Bought an oil filled register type and a Lasko heater for them. Furnace guys are busy now. Thinking of having a baseboard wired in. Any thoughts?
Basement Conversion Layout Feedback - Portland
Hello everyone, I'm turning my unfinished basement into a second unit and would like everyone's opinion on the lay out if possible.  My floor joists are 8 feet tall and currently it has 4 support 5x5's in the center... View more
Portfolio or Private Lender in Portland Metro
I am newer to REI (I've done a couple of live in flips but nothing more). Very serious about buying my first true flip. I’ll have plenty of cash to put a 25% down payment plus cover rehab costs, but I am in search of a... View more
Real estate newbie looking at the Portland area
Hey Portland real estate crew! I'm a real estate newbie who is considering getting into real estate investing as an additional stream of income. COVID made me realize that no job is 100% secure and I'd like to have... View more
Contractor in Portland OR?
I am looking for a contractor that knows how to work on older vintage homes....  my 1910 cutey was having a kitchen/bath reno done and the contractor doing the work did a terrible job/ didnt finish  and so now I am... View more
Portland Residential Infill Project (RIP)
Hi Everyone,We own a duplex in NE Portland. We are planning to convert the unfinished basement into a third unit. Our lot is zoned R2.5. Our understanding is that the Residential Infill Project (RIP) will make this... View more
Wholesaling in Portland, OR Area?
Hello everyone,I am new to the industry - currently have one SF rental and my goal is to Wholesale for capital. I am getting better at reaching potential sellers (still not great at it) but am having a hard time... View more
Finding Positive Cashflow Units in Portalnd Area
Greetings Members, TL;DR: I am trying to locate SFR units that may positively cash flow in and around PDX with maximum offering price of $325000. Is it even realistic given the fact that prices have soared within the... View more
Portland, ORE restricting rent increases till 3/31
I saw on the Oregonian that Portland is now mandating landlords to pay relocating fees if we raise rent from now until 3/31/2021 and tenants can not afford the new rental rate.  Tenants must provide a written statement... View more
Landlord Law Attorney Portland OR?
I am looking for an Attorney that I can talk to regarding the new rent increase laws.  I need someone who is up to date on all the changes happening.  Any suggestions? 
BRRR and flipping in portland metro area
Hi all, I'm new to real estate investment but I'm excited to get started. I have one rental so far, and soon the home I'm living in now will become my second. I'm interested in trying my hand at a few things, like... View more
Airbnb cleaning service
Hi there, I know there's a lot of talk about Portland REI and Airbnb. I've been searching for Airbnb cleaning services, and it seems like it's hard to find reliable options.I'm planning to launch my own cleaning... View more