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This forum is for real estate investors and professionals who are interested in networking and talking about the Eugene, Oregon real estate market.

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Do you own rentals in Eugene, OR? I have a tenant looking ...
Thomas Subias Last post by Thomas Subias, about 13 hours ago
Thomas Subias Thomas Subias 3 about 13 hours Jump to last post
Real Estate Developers?
Ronald Starusnak Last post by Ronald Starusnak, 9 days ago
Ronald Starusnak Ronald Starusnak 8 9 days Jump to last post
Made my first offer this weekend
Todd Romero Last post by Todd Romero, about 1 month ago
Todd Romero Todd Romero 2 about 1 month Jump to last post
Rental property for additional income
Alderine Pollard Last post by Alderine Pollard, about 2 months ago
Alderine Pollard Alderine Pollard 2 about 2 months Jump to last post
Looking for 2-4 Unit Properties in the Eugene, OR area.
Jocelyn Correa Wing Last post by Jocelyn Correa Wing, 10 months ago
Jocelyn Correa Wing Jocelyn Correa Wing 6 10 months Jump to last post
​Looking to get started investing in Eugene.
Anthony Burroff Last post by Anthony Burroff, 10 months ago
Anthony Burroff Anthony Burroff 14 10 months Jump to last post
Looking for an owner financed property
Jacob Wathen Last post by Jacob Wathen, about 1 year ago
Jacob Wathen Jacob Wathen 4 about 1 year Jump to last post
Online Auctions
Laureen Youngblood Last post by Laureen Youngblood, over 2 years ago
Laureen Youngblood Laureen Youngblood 0 over 2 years Jump to last post
Recommendation on Eugene, OR realtor
Michael Cary Last post by Michael Cary, over 2 years ago
Michael Cary Michael Cary 7 over 2 years Jump to last post

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