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Documents you have to provide to your tenants in Philadelphia
Hello all,I see a lot of questions here on BP forums about rentals in Philadelphia and landlord-tenant rules. I put a list of links together for new investors to use and see what you need to rent a property in... View more
Why Do You Invest in Philadelphia? (Testimonial Request!)
BiggerPockets! I'm working on building a landing page for the city of Philadelphia. Would anyone be willing to share why you choose to invest in the city? What makes your city so wonderful?
203k loan provider help!
Hey BP, Does anyone have a recommendation for a 203k loan provider in the Philadelphia area? I found a house that looks like it needs some work in order to qualify for fha financing so I am thinking I will need to get... View more
Any reco’s for a trusted Contractor Philadelphia Fishtown area
Hi All, I have a couple of rental properties in the Fishtown area of Philly that are a bit dated. Your typical Fishtown row homes. I just had tenants move out so thought it would be a perfect time to do a little... View more
Eviction in Montgomery County, PA during COVID
Hello all,Posting for the first time after lurking for awhile.I've been looking to purchase a new primary residence for myself in Montgomery County, PA and I'm considering bidding on a property in a Sheriff Sale.I'd... View more
Best Philly neighborhoods for rentals at 100-150K
Hey all- Once I wrap up a couple major projects in my current live-in flip I'll be in the market to buy a second rental property in Philly. I plan on tapping into my 50k HELOC for the down payment, although I would... View more
Property management companies
Hey, I’m a new investor and looking for property management companies who are currently in and around Philadelphia. Also, looking for hard money lenders in the area. Any recommendations for new investor like me?
Investing in Philly / surrounding suburbs
Hi all - I am looking for guidance from investors/residents in the Philly market and surrounding suburbs. I am looking to get started with a house hack and have cash for additional investments. I'm from NJ/NY but the... View more
Philadelphia Zoning Question
Hey All,Need some help,I bought my first house about 2 months ago hoping to make it a triplex. Being a newbie I thought that the zoning was Rm-1 because that's what the contract said. Of course right after I purchased... View more
Philadelphia PHA (Section 8) Fair Market Rent Determination
I have no experience with the Philadelphia housing choice voucher (section 8) program. But I have done some research. I'm considering partnering with this program for a possible next investment and have come across... View more
First time investor looking for B class neighborhoods in Philly
Hello! I am a new investor living in DC and planning on buying my first rental property this year. I am weighing my options and it seems like a B class neighborhood is a solid way to start on my investment journey. To... View more
I've been working with a lot of out of state and newbie investors for the Philly market. They are experts in numbers and know what they want. However, they've struggled with understanding about the areas and where to... View more
Philadelphia Market Update, December 2020
Hi all. Time for new Bright report on the market condition. December 2020 Housing Market Update: The Philadelphia Metro rebounded from COVID-19 lockdowns in 2020, as buyer demand and record-low interest rates pushed... View more
Heloc owner occ triplex
Hey guys. I'm currently house hacking a triplex in Philadelphia, PA. I'm curious to see if I can get an owner occ HELOC up to 95%. Prices have gone up quite a bit with rates so I'm trying to see what's out there. Does... View more
Calling anybody/everybody from Philadelphia!!
Hey All,Happy belated new year and happy holidays.I've created similar forums in the past, so if we've connected, feel free to ignore (or send to anybody this applies to. :))I'm looking to connect with investors who... View more
Capital and maintenance reserves for condos
If buying a condo for rental, how much would you reduce, if at all, capital and maintenance expenditure reserve in you calculations? Anything else to consider when buying a condo to rent out?
Starting an REIA for Philly investors!!
Hello BP Philadelphia!My name is Brett Stander, I am a young and aspiring real estate investor in the Philly area. I was thinking that a good idea for us stuck at home during this would be to meet up over zoom with... View more
Ft Washington House Hack - RE Agent / Mortgage Broker Recs
Hi All,I'm starting the process to try to find a house hack within ~40 minutes of the Fort Washington area. I'm looking for an investor-friendly real estate agent with experience selling/buying 2-4 units, that covers... View more
CPA Recommendations in Philadelphia Area
Hey BP, I just bought my first rental property in Philadelphia this year and am currently shopping around for a CPA.  I'm looking for help with the tax prep and for someone to provide any type of a strategic plan for... View more
BRRRR in Philadelphia, your thoughts?
Hi guys, Hope everyone is staying safe and warm. What are your thoughts on the BRRRR strategy near the Philadelphia area or suburbs? Been thinking about taking a mini-road trip to PA to check out some distressed... View more
Philadelphia Use Permits Limit
HiCan a property have multiple active use permits in place or is only the latest one in force?For example, I am looking at a CMX-3 property that has a current grandfathered use permit for a single fam. However, I would... View more
Rental property on the Border of Dickinson Narrows and Pennsport
Looking at a buying a multifam rental property on the border of Dickinson Narrows and Pennsport, just north of Dickinson Square park. Any thoughts on that area (positive or negative)?thank you
Any recommendations on RE tax adviser/accountant??
Looking for a new tax adviser/accountant as we just invested in our first property and want to make sure we're capitalizing on RE tax advantages...thanks!